What Online Bookie Software Can Do

What Online Bookie Software Can Do

Our online bookie software has more to offer our bookies than ever. While there are plenty of other options for bookie software available on the internet, we aim to give our customers as much as possible. When we were putting our software together, we wanted to offer our bookies as much as possible. That meant taking the best of what was out there and then putting our spin on it to make it even better. In this blog, we’ll go over what our bookie software can do for you. Then, we’ll show you how you can get started with it.

Before Online Bookie Software

Being a bookie didn’t always use to be so convenient. In fact, it used to be the kind of job that was extremely difficult to fold into your life. For example, if you tried being a bookie before the rise of bookie software, then you may remember how a majority of bookies had to work out of a bar. It was a public place, your players knew where to meet you, and the games were always on. For people who didn’t like to sit around bars (or who just didn’t want to) it could be difficult to get a bookie business going. That’s to say nothing of tracking down players, running credit or debit cards, and all of the other ways that software has revolutionized being a bookie.

Today, software makes it so much easier on bookies of all kinds. When we designed our software, we wanted to make it so that as many different people could use it as possible. That means that we had to design software that appealed to the experienced bookies, the ones that were around in the 90s, 80s and before. Bookies who had successfully navigated working out of a bar or anywhere else were people that we wanted to be able to connect to with our software. The goal of our Sports Per Head software was to give them a platform that they could use how they wanted to. They already knew how to be bookies; we wanted to give them software that made it easier for them.

That being said, the experienced, expert pro bookies were not the only people that we wanted to appeal to with our software. On top of that, we wanted to be able to reach out to those who were just beginning their journeys as bookies, too. We wanted to be able to bring in those who were just getting started with being a bookie, who had perhaps always dreamed about it, but were looking for something to motivate them to get up and do it. There are people who could be great, highly successful bookies that might not have had an opportunity in the past; whether it was due to their schedule, or having kids, or just not being in an area that had a bar/somewhere to be a bookie out of. Our software can appeal to them, too.

What Online Bookie Software Can Do

Customizable Software

With our software, you can make your sportsbook what you want it to be. You can truly make it “yours.” What that means is that you can make it look how you want, work how you want, and so much more. One of the big advantages to using our software is that you can create your own lines. That way, you aren’t tied to what a few folks say in Vegas every day; you can make it what you want. This enables you to have your sportsbook appeal to more people than you might be able to otherwise.

For example, many of our customers use their sportsbook in an area where there are very popular teams. As of this writing, the NBA season is going very strong. Perhaps you’re a bookie in the Bay Area, looking for a way to capitalize on all of the Warriors fans. You don’t have to stick with the lines that come out of Vegas; you can make them what you want to bring in more Warriors fans. That way, you can expand your book to bring in players who might not be available to you otherwise.

By that same token, you don’t have to change your lines for just the local team. Use your own knowledge. We find that so many of the most successful bookies with our software are folks that just really know sports. So, when you know what the line is, or rather, what it should be, you can customize it to be what you want. That means that instead of having to listen to a line from someone far away whom you’ve never met, you can trust your own, gut instincts. When you can make the lines your own, you can make a site that will appeal to the players you want to have.

More than Sportsbook Software

In building our software, we wanted software that would appeal to as many people as possible. Obviously, with sportsbook software, that means having as many different sports as possible. We have weekly packages available on all sports. You’ll notice we didn’t say “some sports” or “plenty of sports,” but rather “all sports.” That means that you can get all of the sports your players are craving. The biggest games, sure we have them – but we also have the lesser known games, too. That’s where you can really bring out the people who love the teams, who bet with their heart in addition to their head. That’s what separates our sportsbook software from the others.

By that same token, we want to give our players more than just sports, too. After all, when you can bring in people to your bookie software that aren’t interested in sports, it’s an additional revenue stream for you. You can make even more money and expand your base out that much further. So, you’ll find that you can bring in the player who’s been winning his NFL fantasy league for years as well as the lady who only wants to play her favorite casino games. You can get the college guy who follows his Yankees day in and day out all summer (and fall) long as well as the retired dad who just wants to be able to bet on the horses without leaving his house. By offering more than just sports, you’ll be offering so many people what they really want.

Optimized Software

The world of bookie software is competitive. There are so many options out there. If you’ve tried some of the others, then you now that some of them can be, well… slow. You (or your players) may open them up to use them, only to find that they don’t really open up. Instead, they open up half way, and even then, taking seemingly forever to do so. Or perhaps you’ve tried opening them on mobile phone or tablet, where they can be sized weirdly or flat out impossible to use. That doesn’t happen with Sports Per Head.

Instead, we’ve made our platforms mobile optimized. That means that they open easily and completely. You don’t have to worry that your players will find them slow to load (if they load at all). They work on any mobile device, too. So your players can open them on their tablet, smart phone or anything else. That way, your players can play wherever they are, which can only expand your reach even further.

This all may sound like a lot (and it is) but it’s easy to get started with. At our site, you’ll notice there’s a form in the upper right. Just fill that out, and then pick a website, logins and… well, you’re ready to go. The process is that simple. If you have any other questions about getting started with Sports Per Head, call us at (888) 684-9666.