sportsbook betting for MLB

Useful Guide to Sportsbook Betting for MLB

The Major League Baseball (MLB) is originally slated to open its season on March 26, 2020. However, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it was rescheduled to reopen on July 30th of this year. Baseball fans and bettors have waited 4 months to see their favorite teams and athletes play once more in the open field. It has been a long time and bettors old and new can use a useful guide to sportsbook betting for MLB.

Baseball is a moneyline sport that is totally different from football and basketball. Both the latter involve bets that are based on point spreads. Moneyline, on the other hand, means choosing the team who wins the game and not who covers it.

Sportsbook Betting for MLB: Reading the Game Odds

When making an online sportsbook bet , a moneyline bet entails you to pick a team that will undeniably win the match. When you see a positive (+) sign before the numbers, it means that it’s an underdog. A negative (-) sign before the numbers indicates that a team is a favorite. For example, Boston Red Sox -200 and Chicago White Sox +170. 

Another thing that you need to consider is the odds style. American odds is most commonly used in sportsbook betting for MLB. However, you can also use Decimal or Fractional.


The runline pertains to MLB’s version of the point spread. Prior to starting of the game, a team is provided the advantage of 1.5 runs to establish a more even betting arena. You’ll find that the number of runs scored is usually set at 1.5. It’s because this game is mainly low-scoring. For example:

Chicago Cubs -1.5

New York Mets +1.5

This means that the Cubs have to win by 2 or more runs to cover the run line. Mets, on the other hand, have to definitely win the game. They should not lose by more than 1 run. It’s up to you if you want to make this sportsbook betting for MLB. 

sportsbook betting for MLB


As a sports bettor, you have to identify both teams’ combined runs. You need to know if it’s more or less than the number the oddsmaker had set. If you believe that it’s going to be 8 or more, you will take the “over.” If in case, it’s 7 or less, you will get the “under.”

Bookmakers keep in mind ballparks and possible weather when setting the totals. This also includes the capability of both team’s bats as well as the weak points of the pitching players. This is one of the sportsbook betting for MLB that bettors love as well.


Prop bets for short enable players to bet on very particular instances, usually during playoffs. These are bets on a specific player or team achievements that might not exactly influence the result of the game. These include the following:

  • The number of RBIs player A will have
  • The number of bases player B will steal
  • The number of home runs player C will get
  • The number of strikeouts will pitcher D will make

You can check for live odds on your chosen online sportsbook for making an in-play bet. Odds become available for runs, appearances, and the base a batter will get on. It also includes how many times a pitcher will record strikeouts. 


Futures bets are wagers placed on an event or season that is fulfilled in the future. Hence, as the name implies and not on the same day the bet was placed. It does not have the customary point spreads that bettors usually make. 

The usual types of future bets are always those who will win the titles of different sporting leagues. The National Football League’s Superbowl and the English Premier League crown are some examples that frequently attract massive wagers from bettors all over the world. 


In the course of the regular season, teams take some time to find their cadence. Young players get to play, new managers learn the ins and outs, and veterans can have slow starts. Additionally, starting pitchers don’t provide over 3 quality innings. All of these can jeopardize the score and your betting strategy. This is where the first five innings steps in.

In a sportsbook term, it is known as F5. It’s similar to moneyline bet but betting involves only the first five innings of the game. To make this bet, you have to handicap starting pitchers and also look at how they perform for five innings. Making F5 sports betting for MLB is less risky. It’s because you don’t need to make allowances for the whole pitching staff, only the starters. 

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