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Type of Sports Bet Part 2: Understanding bets

If you’re not convinced with the first part of the different type of sports bet yet, here is the second part which will give you a more comprehensive detail. Lots of people even those who are already in sports betting typically believes that betting is limited to just making bets who is going to win in the match. This is not true, for there are other types of sports bet that gives you flexibility on betting. Look at this final list of the sports bets types which you can use in your online betting or even in real-life. The ones that you didn’t find on the first part are all listed here so you can choose which one is better in a particular gambling platform and game.


Sports Bet: Teasers

A teaser is a type of sports betting which contains a group of totals or straight bets combined into one. It’s a bit similar to parlay except that the line which a bettor placed a wager against for each individual wager is moved to in favor of him in a matter of number points. For instance, if there’s a regular line of -10, the bettor has 6-point teaser which the -4 will be placed in the line. In order to be proclaimed as a winner, the bettor in this type of sports bet should win all of the individual parts. Teasers are for basketball and football only and are not applicable to baseball and hockey. There are also subtypes of teaser such as teasers payoffs, ties win teasers, ties reduce teasers, and ties lose teaser.

Progressive Teasers

The progressive teaser is a type of sports betting which works in a way similar to a regular teaser. It makes a little difference in a way that in every incorrect selection, there is a consolation payout. Furthermore, in this type of sports bet, the bettor has only one side or total for selection. The ties belong to incorrect selections in a progressive teaser. The available selections of side to a total, side to a side, or total to a total, for a similar game, are not permitted in a progressive teaser. This type of sports bet is not available for phone wagering platform, but for only with the use of Sportsbook software. Once the bettor had a minimum amount of correct selections for his payout, those additional correct selections will increase the payout odds.


System Bet

Lucky 15’s, Yankee, and Trixie’s are considered as system bet. System bet is a type of sports bet with a full coverage for it does not only run accumulators from the selections but as well as the other bets. On the other hand, system bet is a way better type of sports betting than straight accumulators. It is because the bettor won’t need to get something back. Even if all selections failed to win, the punters still throw bigger stakes at this type of sports bet compared to accumulators. For instance, Lucky 15 is a system bet with four selections along with all doubles, trebles, four singles and an accumulator. The same thing applies to Canadian with five selections, Yankees with 4 selections and Trixie’s with three selections.


Prop Bets

Prop bet is a type of sports bet which bettors call as the catch-all. Prop bets is otherwise known as proposition bets wherein the bets that the bettor can make and win on things happen during games that are outside of picking a winner. This type of sports bet is for baseball and football for it totally depends on how many strikeouts a pitcher will be about the throw. Moreover, it depends on whether or not a player on particular games will move over or under a specific number of catches. Another thing is that when the coin is tossed at the beginning of the game but showed no favorable results. In online sports betting using a Sportsbook software, the bettor has an endless number of prop bets to choose.


MultiChance Teasers

MultiChance teaser is almost similar to a progressive teaser. The only difference for this type of sports bet relies on the payouts. The payouts for multichannel teaser do not intend to increase even if the bettor happens to get a correct selection. The winner in multichance teaser will only be announced once a bettor reached the minimum amount of correct selections. However, the winnings may fall differently in some rules for in this type of sports bet, it will not be easily credited to an account until all selections have been made. When all of the selections have been concluded, that’s the only time that the plays will be credited. This type of sports bet is available only on the internet and not for phone wagering.


If-Bets (Win Only)

If-Bets (Win Only) is a type of sports bet which features a chain of wagers. A bettor can only carry the chain of wagers associated with the if-bets to the next bet, if and only he wins the initial part of the selection. A fixed amount should be placed by a bettor in his wager on the first selection. Meanwhile, a fixed amount can be placed for a new selection, until it reached the payout amount of a subsequent wager. However, if the initial wager of the bettor loses or then pushes, the remaining wagers will have no subsequent action. The opposite will happen if the initial wager wins. The bettor can reach up to 15 selections in just one If-Bet.



TotalsThis type of sports betting is easy to manage. If a bettor placed a bet on totals, then he is betting in two instances. The first one is if the total points in the game will be higher than the posted or if the total point scored during the game is lower than the posted total. Total bets are otherwise known as over/under bets is a type of sports betting that earned popularity over the years. Totals allow the bettor to bet on how a specific game will proceed even without picking a winner. For instance, the Sportsbook software might offer the bettor to go for a bet over or under in a situation wherein the total points scored in a game by both teams. Totals are the type of sports bet accurately for basketball, football, and baseball.




Progressive Pleasers

A progressive pleaser is a type of sports bet which works the same way as a pleaser. The only difference it makes is that a consolation payout will be charged for any incorrect selections. However, once a bettor had a minimum amount of correct selections, this would subject him for a payout. The good thing is, each additional correct selections he can make in a game, increase the payout odds. Progressive pleaser is the type of sports bet which is available only on the platform of internet betting thru a Sportsbook software and a bookie. A bettor can select, one side or total, while other types of progressive pleasers’ selections are not permitted like the total to a total, side to a side, and side to a total.



Open-teasers is a type of sports bet which is available on the internet only. The bet is made possible when a bettor fills out open spots of his teaser. However, this can be also done at a later time and leave pending, thus no selections would be loose. The open spots can be filled whether one by one or all at once. In this type of sports bet, there is no expiration of deadline for the open teasers, but preferable that there are no losing selections on the bet, the spots of the teasers will be left active. Apart from open-teasers, other types of sports bets have open spots available for bettors to choose from such as in the pleasers, regular teasers, multichance teasers, progressive teasers, progressive parlays, multichance pleasers, progressive pleasers and multichance parlays. However, the bookie has the right to remove any open spots or disable it at any time.


MultiChance Pleasers

Multichance pleaser is a type of sports bet that looks similar with progressive pleaser. In multichance pleaser, a bettor can still win even if there are incorrect selections, the only disadvantage is that the his payouts will not increase even if he had correct selections. A bettor of this type of sports bet will win if he reached the minimum amount of correct selections from either only with one side or total selections. Consequently, the winnings of the bettor will not be credited unless all of the selections he made finally have results. Multichance pleaser is only available on the internet, particularly in a Sportsbook software where a bookie manages the bets.