the price per head service

Price Per Head Service to Help You Make a Prolific Online Business

The Price Per Head service at Sports Per Head can only take less than five minutes to set up. We only offer exceptional PPH sportsbook platform that will make you an expert online bookie with a robust presence online to boost your profit.  

Perfect for Online Bookies without Infrastructure 

Our excellent platform is ideal for online bookies with clients but lacks infrastructure. You can book any action in sports. It is an inclusive site that gives you a perfect solution where you publish odds on any sporting events each day. 

Is Price Per Head Service an Outsourcing Service? 

It could be classified as an outsourcing type. Our platform will give you the technological resources to boost your online booking business. 

But what kind of service you can get? When you use our platform, you will get the necessary reports. Then, you will have trained staff who will take care of your clients. 

Our online bookie software is a favorite of online bookies. We believe that online bookies should keep most of their profits since you did all the hard work. We do not take any part of your profit.

What we do is to charge you a flat-rate fee. We charge that fee for each active player on your site per week. This will prevent paying players who are not playing for that week. We will take a small fee according to the number of players’ playing. You will keep what you win as we want you to be successful. 

The fee that we charge you for using our platform is insignificant compared to how much you pay your own agents. Plus, we take your business’ safety to another level. We constantly monitor your site for any vulnerabilities. In that way, we can make sure that all information on your site is secure from any unauthorized access. 

the price per head service

Expand Your Business 

Gone are the days when you had limited options as a local bookie. These days, our pay per head service lets you add poker, casino, and other sports and games. And every action here is automated. You also do not need more hours to spend just to run your online bookie. 

Everything here is automated so you don’t need to spend 40 hours of your time checking figures. You don’t have to search for the final scores manually. The real-time reports we provide will give you information on how you are doing when it comes to your earnings. You can also track your players’ earnings. 

With our PPH service, there is no need to keep dozens of checkbooks. All you have to do is simply tap or press a few buttons to look at those updated reports.

The Trusted PPH Service

Sports Per Head has been around for years. We offer our clients more options in helping them grow their online bookie business. If you are not sure whether our price per head service is the right platform for you, we offer a trial period that can last for a week. To avail, please call (888) 684-9666.