The Pph Services in the Online Betting Industry Propels Bookmakers' Growth

The Pph Services in the Online Betting Industry Propels Bookmakers’ Growth

Before the inception of the pph services in the online betting industry, placement of bets are through betting stations and traditional bookmakers (pencil and paper manual listing). Then came wagers placed through telephone calls that somehow sped up the process. The latest innovation of the online betting business is the employment of the pph services in the online betting industry.


The pph services in the online betting industry revolutionized the wagering system into a massive commercial entity. Bookmakers have the benefit to increase the number of punters through the incentives provided by the pph suppliers. Betting companies provide the bookies with the tools they need to work with convenience and efficiency towards the growth and development of their online betting business.


Pph Services in the Online Betting Industry Provided by Wagering Companies


The online services propelled by the pay per head software proved effective and is a significant factor for the success of bookmakers and program providers. Better services are now available to grow and expand the venture for added profits to bookies. The following services help odds masters deliver efficient facilities to his group of punters:


Systems Automation

The pph services in the online betting industry will expand the business through the automation of the wagering system. One of the improved services to bookies is the accounting and inventory section of the online business. All entries of online players find its way to the account of bookies under their groups. The setup makes the operation manageable and convenient for the bookmakers and the punters as well.


A Personal Bookie Website

A sportsbook supplier provides its bookmakers with a free website that is customizable for his convenience. sportsbook companies have in-house graphic designers and software engineers who can construct and design your bookie website at no extra cost. Odds masters want to have their own customized betting site to get the feel of how they operate their online business.


Pay per Head Betting Menu

The modern pph services in the online betting industry have different types of betting. There are the common types of wagering and new types at the onset of the internet involvement with cloud gambling.


Fixed Odds Betting

This type of sports wagering is betting against the odds offered by the bookies. There are three types of odds offered by the bookmakers namely the decimal odds, fractional odds, and the money line odds. The positive and the negative figures are the two options in the money line odds. There is also the even-odd figures where paired bets are on the same footing. Money line odds refer to the actual outcome of the sport without considering any point spreads.  


In Play Betting

This type of betting brought to the bookie website heightened the thrill and excitement to the gamblers. The feature is one of the latest additions to the pph services in the online betting industry. Bookmakers and punters prefer sportsbooks that have the live betting feature. Betting platforms that do not have this feature are inferior with those sportsbooks that have the in-play wagering attribute.


Bet offerings pop out from the start to the end of the game called the props. Bettors have continuous action calling on the props offered throughout the event. A punter that can predict momentum swings can gain much in his wagering activity. By having the access to look at the game unfolding before the player gives them the advantage to win over the bookie.


Exchange Betting

The marketplace for bookies and punters to bet on a team takes place in an exchange betting. Both sides of the bet can either choose to back or lay. An individual who predicts on a winning team may opt to bet on the team he chose to back on it. The bookie who offers the wager will be laying on the option. The betting parties will agree on the amount and odds on the wager.


Sports Spread Betting

A sports bettor has another option to wager on one of the betting selections. The offer is for punters to choose on a team that will win over a number of points ahead of the losing team. The point difference between their final score is the spread. The betting option can work in combination with other betting lines.


Daily Fantasy Sports Betting

Daily fantasy sports is a type of online event where players build up a virtual animated team composed of professional athletes in a fantasy league. The teams, its players controlled by the respective individual players, compete with other teams. Punters following on these events place their bets on the fantasy teams they are rooting for.


Pari-Mutuel Betting

Pari-Mutuel comes from the French word Pari-Mutuel. The betting system places all the bets of the same type in a pool. The gamblers get heir winning bets divided from the winning bet after the deduction of taxes and the juice.

The Pph Services in the Online Betting Industry Propels Bookmakers' Growth

E-Sports Betting

The E-sports betting industry is approximately valued at $900 million and continuously rising in the market; it became a pillar in the gambling arena where players are crazy over the category.


E-sports started out as LAN party video games played among friends that grew to become what it is right now, a full-fledged industry with patrons from all over the world. There is money to be made is tournaments of E-sports that bettors track down of the games they are betting for. Competitions in games like CS: GO and DOTA are the mainstays of the contests.


Some games in the E-sports industry are :


  • StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm
  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
  • Dota 2
  • Rocket League
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Overwatch
  • Heroes of the Storm
  • Hearthstone: Heroes of WarCraft


Several wagering sites are now operating online where punters can choose their odds and place their bets similar to betting with football or baseball in a sportsbook. The booming e-sports is attracting more players, punters and investors ushering a broad horizon for the betting sector in this field.


Bet Placements by Phone

Phone betting services will be available to punters when a bookie has a pay per head sportsbook in his wagering business. Some conventional betting sites are still depending on the ever-reliable telephone to receive and record wagers. Although it is easier and cheaper to take bets over the internet, old-school gamblers prefer the landline than most punters using the modern way to bet.


Sportsbook technical Support

sportsbook companies have efficient technical support for its clients. The state of the art technology applied through pph services in the online betting industry propels bookie websites to increase its punters. The number of your punters will increase when your technical support takes care of website glitches even before they happen.


The pph services in the online betting industry boosted betting site productivity and increased bookie income. The facilities give bookmakers enough space to operate on the recruitment of punters to play on the bookie website.  The automated features allow odds masters to accommodate hundreds of punters without sacrificing quality of service.


Our company has the latest information on the teams and players in the database. The data can help punters in their choices for team to place their bets. Our site is available 24/7/365 for punters from anywhere in the world.


Sports per head has services for bookmakers in their online wagering business. Punters enjoy the bookie’s website with the facilities the sportsbook provides for unhampered betting pleasure.


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