The Pay per Head Software Most Effective Tool for Business Growth

The Pay per Head Software: Most Effective Tool for Business Growth

The introduction of the pay per head software to the gambling industry ushered the increase of punters and the enhancement of wagering sites through the internet. Bet placements had never been convenient with the support of modern technology and software development. Gambling professionals agree that the most effective way to grow the betting business is to operate online. Bookmakers are all sold out of the action that way to make it to the gambling industry is through the pay per head software.


Program and Hardware Application for Pay per Head Software


Pay per Head Software

The program behind the pay per head software is essential to the operations of the online betting business. The program automates all transactions passing through the pph software. IDSca delivers the essential services to propel pph software bookies to make good in their online betting business. IDSca covers all the aspects to provide its bookmakers with an effective pay per head software. The betting program comes for free. The wagering company will provide betting avenues in the form of sportsbooks, online casinos, and horse track racing.


Today, thousands of odds masters are using the pay per head software. The most significant reason is that they do not have to spend much money to build one. Working with pph software provider is like having your own business that is at par with other established betting companies.


If you want to put up your own betting entity, big financial capital should be available for the project. A betting platform should have state of the art equipment (which are all too expensive), a sports wagering program, qualified technical support team, and a professional staff to handle the affairs of your online betting business. Starting bookmakers do not have enough money to finance the requirements of a wagering venture on the internet.


Working with pay per head software provider allows you to have access to the following features to operate the bookie website.


Access to the Betting Site

Punters will need passcodes to gain access to the betting platform their bookmakers recommend for them. Odds masters will be providing his players with personal identification numbers they will use to log in at the betting sites. The setup is part of the software development for security clearance.



The bookmaker’s transactions will automatically be on record under his account. The documentation is one of the menial tasks that the pph software take away from the bookies. An odds master can ask for reports regarding his online betting business to determine if is earning or losing money from it.

The Pay per Head Software Most Effective Tool for Business Growth1


One of the programs developed or customized by the pay per head software developers is the user- friendly dashboard. This section of the pph program should be simple yet effective for the online players. The front end solutions should not be confusing to punters; they want to enjoy their wagering pleasure. Complicated menus for gamblers will have them leaving your website for another convenient betting platform.  


Reports Generation

At the back-end office solutions, bookmakers can access necessary reports to monitor the status of their online betting business. Bookies can download automated data to base their decisions on betting line adjustments and wager offerings to balance both sides of the betting arena.


The reports will indicate which business tool the bookmaker is going to use. Bookies will be needing the data to make adjustments to stay positive with their financial figures.


Call Center Reception

With the pay per head software provider, bookies will have access to the trained call center agents that will be receiving phone calls, answering the chat room, responding to emails, and assisting punters on your behalf. With the huge task taken off their shoulders, bookmakers can focus on the recruitment of new and old players to his fold and use the pph software.


Sports Betting

Gamblers like to wager on sports outcome especially when they know how to play around the tricks on sports betting. The significant sporting events across the globe include basketball, football, hockey, soccer, golf, tennis, baseball, cycling, boxing, MMA, both in collegiate and the professional categories.


Live Betting

Live wagering is the latest innovation the pay per head software for the gambling industry. It is a sought after feature that punters love to experience when they are placing their bets on their favorite team or athlete. Putting up this service to the players cost a lot of money. Betting companies who do not have this attribute in their sites have no resources to put up the feature.


Live betting is what happens as the sports event unfolds before your eyes. What you see is what you get. The service avoids the tendency of fraudulent transactions from occurring over the betting site. In-game betting immerses the players to a higher level of thrill and excitement that they want to go for more.


Another great thing about live betting is it allows punters to bet even after the game started. Punters can wager along as the game progresses with pop up offerings. Another great thing about this feature is that a player can be able to root on momentum swings of the games. The moment gives the punter a chance to bet on their favored players.



Bookies and online players can enjoy betting on race track horse racing. Like any other betting entity, trust is important when you decide to wager on an online horse. Try to research on the trustworthiness and reliability of the betting site before making a deposit for your bets. The pay per head software is the avenue to find betting racebook in the market after the bookie chose it for his punters.


Online Casinos

Pay per head software can integrate online casinos to its services and featured products. Check if the internet casinos comply with the random number generator property for higher payback percentages. Available table games include Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps, Roulette, Slot Machines, Sic Bo, Pai Gow, Keno, Bingo among other table games.


Pay per head Hardware


Hardware technology complements the pay per head software. The efficiency of the hardware is important to avoid system crashes that often occur when the equipment is inferior in quality. Denial of Services attack will not happen if the hardware is adequate. Sports per head betting software is using the top hardware technology so as not to hamper betting operations of the bookmakers online betting business.


Sports per Head knows that a successful online wagering operation depends on the hardware technology a betting site uses. SPH has a team of software developers and competent technical support group that could detect computer glitches before it even happens. Our goal is to deliver betting experience to our online players and we are serious about it.


The SPH betting platform invested for the advancement of its technological features to assure our clients that system failures do not happen and the network infrastructure operates smoothly. We have our own customized equipment that interfaces with multiple hardware providing system back-ups.  


The hardware powering the SPH betting platform can accommodate up to 500 times of the expected traffic on our website. A bottleneck influx of data is far from happening when a server capacity is sufficient for online traffic. Customers get their responses immediately because of the number of Content Distribution Network (CDN) in data centers strategically located across the world.


The betting network should be online every minute so our bookies and punters can gain access to the pay per head software anytime. The setup is possible with the multiple internet service providers that Sports per Head employs that covers all locations across the globe.


Visit our website at and learn more about what we have in store for you. Take our pay per head software for a spin. Call us now at 1-888-864-9666.