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The Next Five Top Live Dealer Games in Online Casinos

The well-known pandemic brought a few misfortunes to many individuals who are inclined to physical sports. However, this widespread opened the door for more opportunities to online casinos. Due to the cancellation or suspension of certain outdoor events, many bettors began to shift their attention to online casinos and its live dealer games.

Online Casinos Live Dealer Games

The following live dealer games are some of the most played casino games that many gamblers gained interest in.

Wheel Games

Wheel games are usually a game of chance wherein a live host is needed in order to spin a vertical wheel. The objective of this game is to guess which number or color will the wheel stop on. However, it depends on the layout and content of the wheel variation.

One of the most famous wheel games is the Wheel of Fortune. The live dealer version of this game comprises 19 spaces on the wheel wherein each space is numbered from 1 to 18 with the last space containing a symbol. The spaces on the wheel contain one of three colors as well. Once the player places his wager on a color or number, the host spins the wheel. The player wins when the wheel stops on the number or color he placed a bet on.

Live Dream Catcher is a casino game quite similar to Live Wheel of Fortune, however, the game contains some differences and  bonus multipliers. Unlike the Wheel of Fortune, the wheel in Dream Catcher contains various numbers at different frequencies: 1, 2, 5 ,10, 20, and 40. Just like the Wheel of Fortune, the host waits for the wagers to be placed before spinning the wheel. 

Dice Games

Dice games are one of the popular gambling activities that many individuals usually enjoy playing. Just like the usual experience in land-based casinos, live dealer dice games have an actual dealer who will roll the dice for you. Live dealer dice games are more preferable than online dice games because the latter only only requires you to click a button to roll the dice.

Craps can be too complex if you do not know how to play it. Live dealer craps are similar to the standard ones being played in the casinos. The only difference between the two is that there is a presence of a dealer who is the shooter for the players in online craps.

In the game of Live Dice Duel, a live dealer is considered to be a roller in the game. Dice Duel comprises two dice with different colors. A bet is placed on either which color dye will win or it will be a tie. Wagers can be placed on specific numbers on each die as well. The dice are rolled by the dealer and the one that shows the higher value indicates the winner of the game.

live dealer games


Gamblers are given the opportunity to choose their entry fee and between 75-, 8-, and 90- bingo games once they make the decision to participate in Live Dealer Bingo

The game of Live Caller Bingo features an on-screen caller who announces the number of the ball that comes out of the tumbler. This is to inform online players if ever they have the same number. The game is mostly similar to the standard bingo game. Wherein you try to complete a full line of the card. The only difference is that the Live Caller bingo has an additional element wherein a live caller announces the numbers online.


Live Dealer Lottery widens more opportunities to various players. They did this in order to enjoy all the offerings that the television would present. The game is similar to the usual lottery wherein players can choose several numbers and attempt to match them with the balls that are picked out. In the Live Dealer Lottery, a live dealer picks the ball.

In some cases, live dealers in lottery games allow side bets to be placed by players. Take an example, you are able to place a bet on the sum of the numbers that have been picked out or how many odd or even numbers have been drawn.

One example of a Live Dealer Lottery game is the Live Lucky 5. This version contains 36 balls being cycled in a see-through container. One of four colors are marked on the balls and each color is represented by nine balls. Each ball is numbered from 1 to 36 and the players can place a bet on what number and color will be drawn. The balls are randomly drawn once the wagers have been placed and the ball that gets picked indicates the winner.

Another version is called the Live Lucky 6, however, this version contains some different features. 60 balls are used in the game of Live Lucky 6, all numbered zero through nine. Half of the balls are colored in red while the other half is blue. The sum of the red balls is 138 and the blue is 132. The players are allowed to place their wagers on the color or sum of the balls. Once the players placed their bets, six balls will be chosen.


Standard way of playing is by entering the amount you desire before pulling the lever or clicking the spin button. In live dealer casinos, the dealers do it for you. The players can decide on which slot machine to play. They are allowed to instruct the dealer how you want the game to be played. You can tell the dealer when to spin or how much money to place in the slot.

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