New betting option

The New Betting Option in Sportsbooks

The world is currently facing a global pandemic known as the coronavirus, which affected multiple businesses, scheduled events, and the lives of everyone stranded during the lockdown period. The international crisis caused several negative impacts to all industries including the gambling industry. New betting option spawned in the wake of the lockdowns.

The gambling industry encountered multiple difficulties ever since the crisis started. Many sports events and game seasons were either postponed or cancelled all over the world when government officials announced the lockdowns. This caused a sense of void in the betting activities of both players and bettors who used to participate in these kinds of events.

Since major sports leagues temporarily restricted players and bettors into their facilities, this decreased a lot of betting options. The situation in Vegas is something you should look up since the town is almost deserted ever since entering casinos were called off. 

The result of these occurrences enabled the pay per head industry and the sports gambling world to come up with an offer that can allow people to continue their betting desires. Although major sports games are postponed, a degenerate gambler still needs his fix to continue placing his daily bets. 

Sports Per Head Stood Fast During the Lockdown Period

Companies like filled in the void gamblers’ lives and added some creativity in their offers. They offer a wide variety of alternative betting markets, which motivates gamblers to continue placing their betting desires despite the disruption of the pandemic.

Various betting options are already offered by Sports per Head. This would include stock market prices, bitcoin, and ether prices, daily weather predictions, bleacher report Madden 20 GOAT tournament. Also table tennis, e-sports, Taiwan basketball, Russian Hockey, Belarus Soccer, Darts, Amateur Golf, NFL Draft props. It also includes Korean Baseball Organization, virtual casino, horse racing among other options in the betting industry. These are far from similar compared to the traditional sports. Sports where people usually bet on but it is a lot better than not getting any offers at all.

New betting option

The New Betting Option During the Pandemic 

Sports Per Head established video games for people to place their wagers on the full game. In addition, Sports Per Head will offer a special tab in the account of every player labeled as SIM. They can not only place a bet on games but that can also watch the live stream of every game. They can watch it directly from their personal devices.

The difference between real live games and live streaming games are undoubtedly evident. Nothing is incomparable to the feeling and experience of watching it in person. However, the NBA 2K20 video game is almost as similar to the ones you normally watch in a real game. The graphics of the video game are lifelike and the commentary and players are all based on the real thing. One of the greatest features of this platform is that you do not encounter commercials. You do not need to spend three hours watching a basketball game filled with useless timeouts when you can immediately get the real thing with NBA2K20.

Betting on a SIM Game in Sportsbooks

Let’s move on to the gambling side of this kind of platform. Placing your wagers on a SIM game can only last for 65 up to 70 minutes. This is only about a third of the time for a standard in-person NBA game. This would only mean that grading and immediate gratification on wagers are faster. It is because games in this kind of category are faster to complete. In addition, the winning bets of the game will be updated right away after the game ends. This is so players receive additional funds into their bank account for them to bet on the next game on the board. 

On another note, the format Sports Per Head will be running for the NBA2K20 SIM betting where the traditional NBA season last ended on the 11th of March. Last April 13, the SIM season started on their websites. The site will include the scheduled format of the end every regular NBA season. This means that the event last April 13th, IDSca enabled NBA schedule games on March 11th to start placing wagers in the morning and spread out throughout the day so that it will be easier for gamblers. The gamblers can bet and watch games consecutively once they have already placed a wager first thing in the morning. Sports Per Head will attain the SIM game matchups. On April 14th for the upcoming scheduled NBA games that are said to take place on the 12th of March and so forth for every day until playoffs come.

Sports Per Head will cover the new betting option in their sportsbooks. With their respective odds and props for the gamblers’ convenience. Visit our site at or call us at (888) 684-9666.