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The Growing Universe of Electronic Sports Betting

Electronic sports or commonly known as Esports is a form of competition using individual or  multiplayer video games. This popular organized event is participated by various professional players all across the globe. This makes it one of the sports wherein bettors place their serious wagers on. Esports enthusiasts are vastly growing every year, as well as the betting industry. Which the majority of the individuals are involved in. It has been anticipated by experts in the field of electronic sports betting industry that the total market value would reach $13 billion by 2020. That is a big difference from the value of $5.5 billion made three years ago. 

Despite being one of the most exciting activities in the gaming industry, many still prefer to bet on actual sports. The market value of esports betting has increased immensely after physical sports were suspended due to coronavirus. This online betting platform became an option for bettors who still want to pursue their betting desires, making it an online betting. Esports events are placed on hold as they were issued by the government to undergo quarantine protocols. 

Betting on esports and sports have immensely become a popular that is enjoyed by millions of individuals across the world. While both forms are different in terms of the gameplay, esports and traditional sports bettings both have striking similarities. 

Similarities of Sports and Electronic Sports Betting

Many bettors make a career out of both electronic sports betting and actual sports betting. These two platforms of online betting do not have much of a difference despite what the general opinion of other people assert. Before we distinguish the differences between the two, let us tackle their similarities.

  • Availability of Statistics

This is one of the most dominant factors in the betting industry that determines the amount of certainty you can possibly have in a match. In-depth statistics are featured in some websites such as Liquipedia that can be an advantage to your betting schemes. Liquipedia contains in-depth statistics that are easy to navigate. They also feature links to other prominent websites that specialize in certain esport titles. However, aside from Liquipedia, detailed statistics are sometimes difficult to find. Some websites only feature basic statistics such as the end result, half-time result, and the individual or team statistics. You can only depend on your luck with this information.

Esports and physical sports both feature excellent statistics that showcase useful information for bettors. However, esports are much more organized than conventional sports, having an advantage with third-party websites.

  • Numerous Betting Sites

Esports and traditional sports are quite similar in terms of betting sites. Before esports grew popular in today’s world, bettors had to find betting sites specifically for the said sport. The esports betting industry has advanced over the past few years as many individuals have gained interests in the sport. Nowadays, both are now featured in the world of online betting, resulting in a vast increase in the market. Aside from a great value in the market, these significant sites cover some of the biggest events in the whole world that many enthusiasts look forward to. 

  • Familiarity of Betting Options

Apart from betting sites, betting options on both platforms have distinct similarities. Both esports and traditional sports feature nearly identical betting options. Typical bets such as match-winner, handicap, and exact score are all betting options present on both forms. In terms of props, we are talking about another case. However, props rely on a specific esport or sport.

electronic sports betting

Differences of Sports and Esports Wagering

Acknowledging the similarities between esports and traditional sports have made their differences become more clear. Despite being structured similarly, each form has a distinct feature that makes it different from one another. 

  • Probability of Fatigue and Injuries

Unlike esports, sports are prone to hefty injuries and immense fatigue due to physical demands especially in top-tier conferences. Tight schedules, training sessions, and aggressive gameplay are all difficult to handle at the same time, making them the culprits behind  bad performances. Such injuries are rare in the field of esports. However, psychological fatigue is a common issue among players that comes in the form of jet-lag or excessive training. Keeping track of these factors can give you a great advantage in the betting industry.

  • Inconsistency in Niche

One of the crucial factors of a specific niche is volatility and integrity. Both of these aspects are distinct in the perspective of sports and esports. Many individuals are aware of the scheduling of events, promotions and relegation of candidates in the form of traditional sports. In these kinds of events, big surprises can happen such as the team with higher expectations, which team is expected to lose and which team is the unexpected winner in the competition. However, these occurrences are frequent that they do not pose a threat to sports betting enthusiasts. 

Esports, on the other hand, involves more chaos. Surprises are quite common in the field, especially when there is a lot going on at the same time. Just like in conventional sports, the system does not threaten esports bettors but it just makes the situation more exciting yet more complicated at the same time.

  • Absolute Digitality

In esports, everything is operated digitally that prevents such faulty external variables to affect the outcome of both the game and your wager. Such variables would include weather conditions, which are vital for outdoor sports and mistakes that are done by referees. This system is highly beneficial to both the players and the bettors, as no human factor can affect the outcome. This is one of the factors that esports bettors highly appreciate. They appreciate it because it is a much cleaner experience without the faulty variables that humans can cause. In addition, conventional sports such as soccer are making good progress in entering the world of digitalization for featuring the VAR (video assistant referee) system in their notable events. 

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