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The Best Sportsbook for the NBA Restart

In March 2020, the new strain of coronavirus (COVID-19) was officially declared a pandemic.  Since then, the 2019-20 season of the NBA was forced into suspension.  The Board of Governors overseeing the NBA held a meeting last June 4 and a comeback plan for the 2019-20 season was seemingly approved.  The remainder of the season will encompass 22 teams from all over the country, and are set to resume play on July 30, 2020.  Known as one of the best sportsbook covering the NBA, Sports Per Head is offering quality sportsbook services and odds for bookmakers and gamblers once the lockdown has been lifted.

A comprehensive plan to resume the NBA is finalized and the tentative date for the relaunch of the tournaments is on July 30 of this year.  In line with this, the NBA, together with the National Basketball Players Association, has put the format into full deliberation.  Taken into account are: safety and health protocols, venue for the event, promotion of social justice and unified efforts to oppose systemic racism.

Best Sportsbook: Highlights of the NBA Restart

As mentioned earlier, the competition will kick off this coming July 30 and is expected to conclude on the 13th of October.  The highlights for the season are as follows:

  •   August 17, 2020 – first round
  •   August 31, 2020 – conference semifinals
  •   September 15, 2020 – conference finals
  •   September 30, 2020 – NBA finals

      Eastern Conference                                                 Western Conference 

  • Milwaukee Bucks                            Los Angeles Lakers            New Orleans Pelicans
  • Toronto Raptors                              LA Clippers                         Sacramento Kings
  • Boston Celtics                                 Denver Nuggets                  San Antonio Spurs
  • Miami Heat                                       Utah Jazz                            Phoenix Suns
  • Indiana Pacers                                Oklahoma City Thunder
  • Philadelphia 76ers                           Houston Rockets
  • Brooklyn Nets                                  Dallas Mavericks
  • Orlando Magic                                 Memphis Grizzlies
  • Washington Wizards                       Portland Trail Blazers

Games Seeding

Before the playoffs start, each team must play the eight remaining competitions.  These games were chosen from each team’s outstanding matchups from the regular season

The NBA, in collaboration with Disney, have come to an agreement to hold the games at the Field House and VISA Athletic Center of the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.  The venue for the games is a complex located in the Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando, Florida. 

Unfortunately, the events will have no live audience nor available tickets as a strict adherence to the safety measures established for COVID-19.

Medical Protocols for the NBA restart

To ensure the safe return of the NBA season, its people have been working closely with public health experts, infectious disease specialists and even with the government.  Their main goal is to establish a program that would minimize and mitigate the risk of transmission of the disease.  This includes conducting a testing protocol for its players, along with the other people involved, and following various safety measures.

Playoff Seeding

The seven teams with the best marks in the conferences can secure a spot in the playoffs.  Winning percentages are to be used as tiebreakers in place for the seeds.  The team on the No. 8 seed is highly likely to participate in the games.

The format will remain the same.  The playoffs can advance in the conventional way, which is the conferenced-based type, once the playoff field of 16 teams is fixed.  The first round will feature the best of the seven, proceeding to the conference semifinals afterwards, followed by the conference finals then ultimately, The Finals.

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NBA Draft Lottery

The Draft Lottery for the NBA is on August 25, 2020.  The eight teams not participating in the comeback, together with the six others not qualified for the playoffs will comprise the 14 lottery teams.  Each team will be drafted in the lottery, and will be appointed with odds on the grounds of their performance since March 11th.

The draft among the 16 playoff teams will be based on their regular-season games and as well as seeding games.  This will be done in an inverse order of their combined records.  The deadline for the early entry will be set on August 17. While the withdrawal for the entries will be on October 6.  That being said, the NBA Draft will take place on October 16, 2020.

Team Strategies for the NBA Comeback

High positions obtained in the first part of the season especially for teams like the Toronto Raptors, the Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, Milwaukee Bucks, Denver Nuggets and LA Clippers, is likely.  However, this only means that they should work hard as ever to ensure those positions.

Odds and ends
  • The Lakers

The Lakers delivered the highest surge (18th toughest among 22 teams at 0.471) in the cumulative winning percentage of their opponents since the games were postponed.  They are followed by the Heat at 14th (toughest to 2nd), then by the Raptors (7th to 1st), and by the Blazers (16th to 5th).

  • The Wizards

The Wizards appear to be the team with a low cumulative opponent winning percentage at 0.578 (10th toughest) compared to their remaining games on March 11 (1st, at 0. 583).  As the new schedule was finalized, the Grizzlies, Mavs and Nets are gaining favors from it.

With the nearing resume of the NBA season, certain teams are tightly managing their current structures.  More so as they settle the pecking order over the two-week span to conclude the regular season.

Among the 22 teams, home court advantage no longer plays a role. Whereas seeding numbers continue to be a crucial factor in the process.

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