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Teams in the National Basketball Association scout for the best players they could lure to their teams with the best offers their respective management could muster. NBA smart betting bookies will keep by heart the knowledge they obtained of the strengths and weaknesses each and individual player possesses. The information they have will allow them to bet smartly. Setting aside the fondness they have for the team in action to win their bets.

Bettors need information to decide which teams to place their wagers on. Punters base their decisions on data provided in choosing a team to place their wagers. Statistics and injury reports play the major role when opting for the winning team.

Injuries and Illnesses

For example, a game will have the Philadelphia 76ers play against the Boston Celtics at TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts per schedule. Data from the IDsca betting site show that Center Joel Embiid  is out of commission with a recurring knee soreness and PG Ben Simmons (set to return at least April 12, 2020) has a back problem. Philadelphia is limping on court with these power players on the sidelines. Also, the Celtics have PG Marcus Smart out with an illness and will be back at least April 15, 2020, but it’s bench players are deeper than the 76ers.

Another example would be a match between the Brooklyn Nets and the Minnesota Timberwolves. Every NBA fan knows how the Brooklyn Nets took pains in acquiring priced star players like SF Kevin Durant and PG Kyrie Irving for their team. Yet, the pair are out due to their respective injuries with Durant on a torn right Achilles tendon and tested positive with the COVID-19 virus. While Irving underwent an arthroscopic surgery on his right shoulder. Irving played only 4 games on the season while Durant did not.

Meanwhile, Minnesota has their star player Center Karl Anthony Towns with a fractured wrist. Town did play for several games and the suspension of play could expedite his recovery. Another key player of the team is SF Kelan Martin (left ankle sprain) is out indefinitely.

Bettors could assess that even though two star players of Brooklyn are out of commission. Their bench compensated for their absences and got them at 7th spot in the Eastern Conference. There is PG Spencer Dinwiddie stepping up as the highest point maker of the team followed by SF Caris LeVert helping the team win matches. However, Minnesota is left out of the playoff quest at 15th place in the West and is at the verge of elimination in the season.

NBA Smart Betting: Team and Player Statistics

The matchup data show that Philadelphia is 21rst in offense and 6th in defense while Boston is 11th in offense and 2nd in defense in the League. Both teams are in the Eastern Conference and play in the Atlantic Division. The 76ers play poorly on the road at 10-24 while the Celtics are 23-9 at home. Based on this information, the bettors‘ analysis will be leaning on the Boston Celtics as the favorite to run over the 76ers.

The second example depicts that the priced star players, out on injuries, have their backs covered by the team with other players stepping up in their absence. The Nets won their last 3 games over the San Antonio Spurs (139-120). Chicago Bulls (110-107), both played at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, and against the Los Angeles Lakers (104-102) at the Staples Center in downtown LA, California.

Brooklyn’s SG Spencer Dinwiddie took the lead in their advance for a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. Dinwiddie’s teammates worked even harder to reach the present 7th cloud where they are in the League. Nets Center Jarrett Allen, SG Joe Harris and the rest of the bench are pitching in to complement the starters rally on their own.

NBA smart betting

Home Court Advantage

Punters would consider the home court advantage as one of the beneficial factors in a game. If both squads are evenly matched, the home team will have a +3 advantage at home. Teams playing in front of the home crowd will have the odds in favor of them with the cheers and jeers of the supporting mob rooting for the home favorites. Team’s waiting for their opponents at home will be well rested while visiting teams will have to travel to meet the home team. Exhaustion is also a factor to consider on the NBA Smart Betting action.

Team and Individual Problems Affecting Performances

Seasoned NBA bettors can gather information if a team is having problems with their players. Personal problems often occur outside of the playing formation. Team play is essential in winning a match. A player with excellent skills can carry the other four players on court. But in the long run, he cannot do it by himself. The star player needs the help of the others to win the contest. Some players entangle with the law that restricts their performance. Others deal with prohibitive substances or performance enhancing drugs that violate NBA policy. These are just some problems NBA players encounter that affect their performances on court.

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