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Teaser Betting On The Top Pay Per Head Sportsbook

In simpler terms, teaser betting is the same as parlay betting with the use of altered points spread. Football uses 6 points as its modification standard. Let’s say you like 3 bets this week: Patriots -7.5, Bills +1.5, and Chiefs +6.5. Best thing to do is to make a three team 6 points teaser bet of Seahawks -1.5, Packers +7.5, Chiefs +11.5. It is a better choice than going with a straight bet or a parlay. All three teams must cover to win the bet. If the three teams win, the site will award you 1.8 to 1. That is what teaser betting on the top pay per head sportsbook will give you.

Top Pay Per Head Sportsbook: Regular Teaser Odds

These odds are not always the same in online betting websites. When betting on teasers at 6 points you would want the following figures. two teams at -110 up, three teams at +180 or up, or four teams +300 up.

Some sites would make it difficult for you to find good value teasing.This means that every site has Cowboys -8.5 /Patriots +8.5, 5 Dimes might have the line listed as Cowboys -9.5 +105 / Patriots +9.5 -125. The pricing +105, -125 etc. has nothing to do with teasers, because it’s possible to tease each side 6 points while getting the same payout while the two sides are -110. 

Lines are listed this way teasing +8.5 to +15.5, is not as much as teasing -8.5 to -2.5. We will talk about that later. Sports per head will surely help you if you want to be an expert with the teaser strategy; always keep in mind that +100 on two team six point teasers is not what it seems. Beginners should always be aware of this.

Other ways teaser odds can deceive you: A site will offer you +100 on 2-team 6-points teasers. By doing some quick research Sports Betting sites will give you these companies a C+, which is fairly low.

A lot of unknown bookmakers will entice you with huge payouts. Do not fall victim to this scam because a sportsbook can give any payout rate they want, because they do not want to pay the winners.

top pay per head sportsbook

Teaser Rules for Pushes

Pushes are the same for each site. If you have a leg that loses, then a teaser bet grade is considered a loss. A push and willing all bets will result in a parlay. 

A three team teaser results in a push, push, and win is considered a two team teaser. In another situation where there are no losses but only one win, then all bets are refunded.  (example: 2 Teamer with push/win = bets will be refunded).

The Golden Key to Teaser Betting

When betting 3 team teasers at +180,  the win rate needed would be 70.95%. Is it really best to bet straight against a spread or a teaser? let’s analyze things for a bit. Deciding to bet straight to a reduced juice sportsbook such as 5dimes, we’d pay -105. Coming up with the required break even rate at -105, we use the risk divided by return formula again. Wagering $105 will get you $205 ($105 wagered, and $100 won), which makes it 105/205=0.5122, to come up with 51.22%. If you compare the break even rate at 70.95% and the 51.22% straight bets with low vig will give you 19.73%.

Expert bettors who understand the concept of teasers will surely use this as an advantage.Don’t worry if you don’t understand because you will learn in time. Determining what is better between a teaser and a straight you will need to determine if those additional 6 points will improve the win probability by 19.73% or not.

Actually most teasers are considered sucker bets,  it is very unlikely that 6 points will increase the win probability 19.73%. You can do this by cross keying numbers. In the NFL, the most common margins of victory in order are 3, 7, 10, 6, 14, 4, 1, 17, 13 and 2. Basic strategy teasers have historically been +EV.

Basic Strategy Teasers

A book written by Stanford Wong Sharp Sports Betting, published in 2001 first introduced “Basic Strategy Teasers”. Wong uses push charts to illustrate that teasing +1.5 to +2.5 underdogs and -7.5 to -8.5 favorites can give you income when having the right teaser odds. 

In both teasers, moving the spread by six points let’s you get a win that could have been a loss: four out of six most likely margins of victory includes the first two (3, 7, 6 and 4). Nineteen years after the chapter of Sharp Sports Betting was written, teaser legs were winning at greater than the required 70.95% clip.

Making blind teaser bets my -3 to +3 ties win, or when analyzing while capping the market. Making bets 30 minutes before an NFL game is suggested. Within the given timeframe, most professional gamblers would consider this as the best way to determine a game’s true probability

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