superior price per head

Superior Price Per Head Software to Make Bookmaking Easy

Are you trying to run an independent sportsbook? If you are, then you need a superior price per head software to help you manage your business. Online sports betting is a complicated process. For that reason, many successful bookies are choosing an outside service like to supply the appropriate sports betting solution. 

We offer a flat, low rate fee for every active wagering customer. The rest of your profit? It is yours to keep. 

Our package is comprehensive enough to help you become a successful private bookie. With the use of our PPH, you can process all online transactions related to your business. 

Price Per Head Software That Addresses Bookmaking Issues 

Being a private bookie will cause you to encounter a lot of issues. But do not fear. Our PPH service will be fast and easy to access. Reports are delivered to you every day. You can easily expand the service to meet your clients’ needs. It is also diverse enough to let you add more betting options. 

Those benefits are crucial to the success of your business. With our PPH, you can easily level the playing field against those commercial online sportsbooks. You can avoid losing your business as you can easily satisfy your players’ betting needs. Our software will let you decide what will go on the board. 

To get rid of any unwanted negative exposure, you need to implement sharp lines at the beginning. Our software also comes with features that let you move your own lines and change the board to gain better control of the action. 

There is an edit feature that lets you move the lines across the board. Then, with the limits feature, you can change the betting limits on every account. In that way, you can add some features per player. 

superior price per head

Hand Pick Customers 

You can choose your customer base. With our PPH service, you can design your betting board. Consider expanding it so that your players are satisfied. 

With a player history report, you can track each player’s betting habits and traits. Using the said report, you can build the perfect betting board for your business. 

Marketing Tool 

You also require a PPH that allows you to build your board and use it as a marketing tool. Your customers know what they want to wager. To satisfy them, make sure to offer them the betting options that they did not expect.

With the right PPH, you can focus on how to get new players. Our price per head service will do the rest. In that way, you do not need to take calls at midnight or do the reports each day. Our software will do all of these things for you and you will receive the reports in real-time. 

We are here to help you succeed as a pirate bookie. With our reliable PPH software, you know what is happening with your players. 

If you want to know more about our superior price per head software, make sure that you contact us for a free demo: (888) 684-9666.