Starting Pay per Head

Starting Pay per Head

At first glance, starting your own pay per head site can seem like a daunting task. After all, you’ve seen what a sportsbook can be. Doesn’t it look like a lot of work? Getting all of that started on your own can seem almost overwhelming. We’re here to tell you that it isn’t. In fact, getting started with online bookie software has never been easier. We’ve made it simple to start a successful online sportsbook that offers your players everything they would need (while offering you big profits). In this blog, we’ll go over how the starting process works, as well as what our sportsbook offers you right from the jump.

Pay Per Head Sportsbook Beginnings

Imagine starting a sportsbook before the internet. For some of you, you won’t have to imagine it as you lived it. You had to have a literal book (or some kind of ledger) that you could keep track of the games, lines and all of your players’ bets on. You had to be able to hold onto their money (or at least keep track of it). Then, you had to watch all of the games/follow everything closely. And then, after all of that, you had to pay everyone out. That’s a rough business. That’s not easy to do. With the rise of the internet and Sports Per Head tech, we’ve made it so that anyone who wants to get started can do so without having to worry about any of that.

When we created our business, we knew what we wanted to do: make things easier on bookies. We didn’t want bookies to have to go through all of the problems (and more) listed in the paragraph above. We wanted to make a site where anyone who wanted to run their own sportsbook could, and could do so successfully. That’s what we’ve been able to make with Sports Per Head. We give you as much or as little support as you need to run your book how you see fit.

Sports Per Head Sign Up

The sign up to our site is literally the easiest part. It’s so short; it may have taken you longer to read to this part of the blog. In fact, it’s the exact opposite of the process listed just a few paragraphs ago. The first thing you have to do is fill out our online form. This is not difficult. This is not one of those complicated online forms, asking all kinds of trick questions that require precise mathematics. Indeed, it’s not even a long form, taking up a quarter of a page at best. All you have to do is fill out your name, email and phone number.

From there, you’ll be taken to a page where you have some decisions to make. You’ll pick your website, how you want it to look. Then, you’ll make your logins. That’s it. You’ll be ready to start earning. Indeed, it has three steps listed on our site but really it’s just two. That’s how easy it is to get started with our online sportsbook. You don’t have to worry about clearing some kind of testing, or going through some kind of vetting, or anything like that – we’re ready when you are to start your sportsbook journey.

Starting Pay per Head1

Online Sportsbook Support

Of course, the main thing we want is to see our bookies successful. That’s why we made a site that could be utilized by true pros who’ve been doing it for decades while offering enough to help those who are just starting out to get off of their feet. So, when you come to our online sportsbook, you’ll see all of the different features available that can help bookies of all skill levels. Some of them can help the true experts as well as the players who are just starting out.

A great example of this is the line for each game. In your sportsbook, you’ll find the most common, accepted line for the game. This will be the one that you would probably find in any given newspaper. This is the line your players can bet. It’s the one they’ll be most familiar with, for sure. So, even if you don’t know that much about football, you can still take bets on a game where one time is favored by seven points, and so forth. That’s one of the best things about our sportsbook; anyone can use it.

By that same token, you aren’t limited to that line. Should you know a lot about football, or perhaps you know a lot about your players, you might want to change the line. We give you the power to do so. Perhaps you have a lot of players that are fans of one particular team, so you want to give them a line that would entice them to bet more than they otherwise might. That said, maybe you do a lot of analysis on your own, and just know that you can come up with a better line than what the accepted one is. Our sportsbook gives you the power to do that.

Indeed, one of the main purposes of our sportsbook is to give bookies as much as possible. One other way that we do that is through 24/7 customer support. That means that you or your players can get the help they need at any time, day or night. To be clear, this isn’t something that you, the bookie will have to run. You won’t have to worry about answering phones or anything like that. You’ll be able to get the customer service help that you need whenever it’s necessary. It’s one more way that we can make your sportsbook to stand out from the pack.

To be clear, think of what a seismic leap forward that is from the bookie in the bar. When there’s one guy running a sportsbook on a ledger, there’s no customer service. there’s no 24/7 help. We’re able to offer our bookies and their players more than anyone has ever been able to before. On top of that, we’re able to provide a mobile optimized site, as well.

A Site Anyone can Use

Betting online used to be a very drab affair. Someone would sit at their laptop or their desktop and press a button. They were tethered to that location, and they had to wait seemingly forever (even with a good internet connection) for the site to load. We realized that sports bettors deserve so much more than that. So, we made Sports Per Head truly mobile optimized. That means that our site will load quickly on any kind of mobile device. Smartphones, tablets, anything – if it can load websites, our site can load quickly on it.

This is a true game changer when it comes to sports betting. Now, your players can bet the games they want whenever they want to bet them from. They can be on the road, far from home, far from a traditional computer, really, and able to bet on the biggest games. This means that you can get more players than ever before. A person can be on their phone, come across your site, and decide to put a bet down on a whim. You can draw in players like never before.

We understand that not everyone may be ready to start with an online sportsbook right now. We get that. That’s why we made our free trial so all-encompassing. Instead of just showing you a few features our site has, you can use them all during your free trial. Really. From the moment you sign up, you’ll have access to everything. You’ll have that access for a long period of time, too. To start the process, give us a call at (888) 684-9666 or head to our site.