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Sportsbook Scams : How agent spot

Sportsbook scams are predators who prey on weak price per head agents. The sportsbook scammers are smart and equipped with tactics, marketing and bonuses to lure people into their trap. They are using the agents to entice players or bettors to sign up. So, the more recruits, the more money they can get from the players. These sportsbook scams will do everything using their power to squeeze every single cent from punters and agents and won’t pay them back.

The sports betting industry has lots of scammers, thus, you better prepare for them.

Sportsbook Scams Hints

1. Invalid Licenses

The first thing which wise price per head agents do to spot a sportsbook scam is through checking licenses. Scam sportsbooks often operate against local laws or have invalid licenses. Checking the license of a book will let you know where’s it’s licensed to operate, and to see if it really operating. There are times which a sportsbook business will show an expired license which is sometimes a result of their deviant business practices in their home country. Using the expired license, the sportsbook scammers can still take down the written information and even the seal that is associated with licensing. Because of it, they can still lure bettor and price per head agents that they are regulated and operating under the law. Thus, to make sure, you should double check the license from releasing authorities to make sure it’s still valid and updated.


2. Excessive Bonuses

Excessive bonuses are very attractive to bettors and price per head agents. However, you should know that it is also one among the tactics of sportsbook scams to hook price per head agents. Mostly, price per head agents wants to earn more, and if a sportsbook offers excessive bonuses, they see a bigger opportunity of earning. Sportsbook scammers will create attractive offerings while at the same time add requirements to make it profitable for them. To avoid falling from excessive bonuses, you should know and analyze how bonuses work. Price per head agents should be extra careful in three ways:

  1. If you think a sportsbook needs the bonus to do any business.
  2. If you think the requirements don’t protect the bettors and agents from giving out free money.
  3. If you think the incentive is out of character, sudden, excessive, and too good to be true.

sportsbook scams

3. Faulty Business Model

This one will make it a little difficult for inexperienced price per head agents for they will have a hard time figuring it out. Price per head agents should know that different books cater to a different type of player. Players and agents must know how to dissect a sportsbook business plan to tell that it’s a successful company. Most of the time, a sportsbook which offers excessive bonuses never make it over the long haul. A player should only win at just under 53% in order to make a profit. However, if there’s excessive bonus along with that, the sportsbook cannot survive and may soon close. Seek for a sportsbook that has the SMART qualities and looks good to be true. Keep this question in mind, “If people are not losing and paying in, then what will they pay with your winnings?”


4. Fancy Website

Sometimes it’s a little obvious that sportsbook scams have shiny websites with attractive backends. This will make it easy for price per head agents to see if a sportsbook is a scam or not. For instance, JazzSports, a scam website with slow pay or no pays at all. The sportsbook company is using excessive bonuses, brilliant offers, and fancy websites that make people fall from their trap. So, if you want to be among the wise price per head agents, you should not look for fancy websites and banners, instead, do your own research on such a sportsbook company you wish to acquire services. Find out who operates it, its licenses, and check for people’s reviews to have the idea of its legitimacy.


5. Website Downtime

Some price per head agents and bettors get scammed by a sportsbook via website downtime which is often blamed on Denial of Service (DoS) attack. DoS attack is indeed a valid excuse for sometimes it really happens. However, price per head agents should also keep in mind that DoS attack is at the same time used by sportsbook scammers as an excuse. The scammers would tell that the sportsbook is offline even if it’s not. This especially happens if a sportsbook is totally dependent on bonuses as its marketing tool. There are times which excuses such as “We are upgrading our servers,” “The site has been hacked,” and more, are all tactics to slow down payout or non-payout at all. Price per head agents should take note that, “Delaying payment is not good for business.”


6. Abrupt Marketing Changes

Wise price per head agents keep an eye on what’s going on beneath the company’s surface. Marketing changes may fall for two reasons; it can either represent company’s improved efforts or utter desperation. Price per head agents should think twice if a sportsbook company’s solicitor asked questions like, “When can we expect your deposit?” There’s a desperation in their voices, plus you become doubtful and there are also unfounded rumours. These are enough for bettors and price per head agents to question if their funds were safe with that company. More so, the kind of push which telemarketers attribute seems like there is no business etiquette and it’s a commission-type earning. Remember that if things are really working in a business, that business will only make planned minor changes and not quickly changes on the marketing and ideals.


7. Changes in Management

The consistent changing of management personnel is another red flag for price per head agents in the bookie business. Do not invest your money in a sportsbook company unless you are a hundred percent sure that everything is going to work out. Whether it’s a new or old management, the product is always risky to the bettors. Its critical for price per head agents if a sportsbook company keeps on changing the management. It’s only the name would be the same, but there would be new rules and regulations,.

Aside from the management, stakeholders can also do the same part. If the management and stakeholders of a sportsbook are kept on changing, you should get your feet out.


8. Retroactive Terms and Conditions

Sportsbook scammers always make it sure that everything favours them, so, they keep on changing the terms and conditions over the bettors and price per head agents. In case the bettors or price per head agents complain, the scammers would point out to the terms they have reversed. Price per head agents should not subscribe in a sportsbook especially when it is known with retroactive terms and conditions that only favours the sportsbook scammers. You can check for reviews on a particular sportsbook which you want to acquire. If that sportsbook has reviews of changing terms and conditions, then you should keep your bookie business away.


9. Slow Pay or No Pay At All

This is the worst case in the bookie business which price per head agents should be very careful. If a sportsbook company has previous records of not paying its players, don’t take any guts to get involved in it, it’s a total scam. More so, if a sportsbook slows down payment or takes weeks or months before they pay, it’s another red flag. You can either go for it or think several times before getting into that sportsbook.

Only Use the Trusted Sports per head Provider

If you are doubtful in a certain sportsbook, why would you take the risk? There are hundreds of legit sportsbook companies out there which you can still choose and that includes sports  per head sportsbook.