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Sports Betting on the NBA Trades, Draft Picks, and Free Agency Contracts

The NBA has become more exciting than ever with its NBA Trades, draft picks, and free agency contracts. Free agents will start talks with teams interested to acquire their services and lay down contract terms and coverages. Hoopsters free of contract obligations will start signing agreements with their chosen teams. Sensational sports betting will draw punters from the transactions that will transpire on July 6, 2019  when players sign their contracts with their new ball clubs. Other free agents will opt to stay with their teams considering maximum salary scale and a secure future in their basketball careers. With Sports per Head’s PPH Software at your hand, you will never go wrong.

PF Anthony Davis to Play with Lebron James

The most controversial movement in the NBA is former New Orleans PF Anthony Davis transferring to the Los Angeles Lakers to play with SF Lebron James. Davis paid the association $50,000 when his agent, Rich Paul, openly expressed their demands for a trade last January. Paul further reiterated that his ward will not accept a $240 million contract extension that the Pelicans management will offer. The action was a violation of the NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement disallowing palyers or their representatives in making public trade demands. 

Davis and the Pelicans are now moving on after both parties got the better of the trade. Davis is now with the Los Angeles Lakers in exchange for PG Loprenzo Ball, SF James Ingram, PG Josh Hart, and three first round picks that included the number four draft pick as part of the revised package. In addition, the lakers will also be sending PF Moritz Wagner, SF Isaac Bonga, SG Jemerrio Jones, and a 2022 second round pick to the Washington Wizards. In return, the Wizards will cough up $1.1 million to the New Orleans Pelicans as part of the Anthony Davis package.

A Royal Move

The former Pelicans Power Forward even waived his $4 million trade kicker that gave Los Angeles Lakers $32 million in salary cap space, enabling its management to sign in Davis with a maximum free agent trade transaction. Another deal with Davis was internally done when King James gave up his number 23 jersey, so Davis can continue wearing the number which he wears from the start of his career.

Sports Betting with the Trade Scenes will have Punters Changing their Strategies 

The last season saw the Lakers estimated to win only at 42.4% and had a 54% chance to reach the playoff rounds. The projection for Los Angeles is at 8th seed with a 1.6 % chance to win the Conference title and 0.4% opportunity to grab the NBA Championship Ring.

But with Anthony Davis on the lineup, the Lakers has now a prediction of winning 50.6 wins with a 96.9% chance to reach the playoffs, will be the third seed, and has a 15.3% opportunity to grab the Western Conference title. The chance to win the NBA Championchip rose to 6.4%.

The AD and Lebron combination sums it impact at +8.2 in the number of games that the team will win, +42.9% chance to reach the playoffs, ranking at the quarterfina playoff rounds is +5, a +13.7% raise to win the conference, and a +6% chance to be the NBA Champs.

Here are some sports betting options for gamblers to discern when they start placing their bets when Anthony Davis shares the floor with Lebron James.

sports betting

Points per Game

At 26 years of age, Anthony Davis made records on the points he delivered per game in the over and under sports betting option. The last season could have been his third year in a row delivering his output of over 26.5 points per game in the over/under card if it was not for the sanction limiting his polaying time in the second half of the game. 

Scoring analysts see why Davis scoring output will dip in the under option when paired with James at the Los Angeles Lakers ball club. For instance, PG Dwayne Wade was scoring an average of 26.5 points per game before Lebron took advantage of Wade’s skill set. Dwayne, never reached a 25.5 point production during James tandem with him. The same trend happened when Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love shared the courts with James. The brow may try to reach a 27 ppg output but could be a long reach with James on the floor with him.

Rebounds per Game

Davis expects his scoring output to drop but will stay very productive with his supporting players building up around him. He will be on the starting five of the line up where Center Javale McGee pulled down 7.5 rebounds in 22 minutes on court, Sports Betting option is listed at 11.5 over/under in rebounds for AD. Davis also topped the last three years in rebounds, despite the limited time he underwent last season. 

Sports Betting experts still opt for the under in terms of rebounding output for Davis. LA is a fast paced team with Lebron James doing a good job in rebounding himself. Kyle Kuzma, one of the big guys of the team is a pretty much agressive pounder of the boards. With the rest of the big guys that will be surrrounding Davis, he will have a tough time reaching his top rebounding average at 11.5 rpg. 

Sports Betting on PG Lonzo Ball at The New Orleans Pelicans

One of the players sent to the Pelicans roster in exchange for Anthony Davis is Lorenzo Ball from the Los Angeles Lakers. Ball was a star player at the LA Lakers camp and his father said that LA will never win a title again after the trade of his son to the Pelicans. But we will know when the next season tips off on October 22, 2019. Punters will have their chance on sports betting if Ball will perform better at the other camp.

Points per Game

The betting option is listed at a low 11 ppg on an over / under option. Ball underperformed while he was with the Lakers and did not fare well in points production. Sports betting analysts predict that if built up around Ball’s skills, the former LA Lakers point guard might just have the chance to perform better in delivering the points the Pelicans need. 

With Ball playing on a new team on a first year sports, betting gamblers opt for an under in the points per game area. Lonzo will need more than 11 points to satisfy the trade and on what the Pelicans gambled to release their seasoned power forward.

Assists per Game

Sports betting will have the number of assists per game in their props option. Ball is a good passer but Lebron James threw shade to his passing skill that was 7.5 in his first year and 5.4 in year two with the Lakers. His assist betting option in the over and under category is at 6 apg. 

The betting props are examples of what punters will expect between this trade as well as with other players in the League. Sports per Head Sportsbooks will have these sports betting options in their bookie websites. Follow our sports betting platform by paying a visit at or call us at (866) 684-9666