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No matter how good a site is, any pay per head site lives and dies with the quality of its pay per head services. If those are lacking, nothing is going to work right. By that same token, if those services are great, then the site will work out well for everyone. The players will be able to bet on the games they want to play, and the bookies will be able to make the kind of money they want to make. Before we started Sports Per Head, we went around and looked at all of the other pay per head sites. We build our site to offer the most and services anywhere.

Pay Per Head Services Explained

For pay per head services, they have to be as well as the easiest to use. If you have , most thought-out services in the world, they aren’t going to be worth much if they’re hard to use. Buggy sites that lag or don’t load properly on mobile devices are worthless; no better than a poorly designed site. That’s just one reason we focused so much on making Sports Per Head a site that’s fully optimized for any kind of tablet or mobile device. Your players will be able to open your site no matter where they are or what kind of device they’re on. It will run smoothly and be easy to use.

That’s critically important. One of the most important pay per head services is just having a site that is up when the players want to be on it. If you’ve been around pay per head sites for any length of time, you might have noticed than many of them have frequent (and frustrating) downtimes. Maybe they’re down during the big game; maybe they’re down for maintenance at 2 AM – but, regardless of when they’re down, that’s time that their bookies aren’t making money. We’ve found a way around that: just don’t have downtime. That may sound impossible, but it’s true.

While we can’t say that our sites are never down, they are up 99.99% percent of time, on average. That means that they’re actually up and running smoothly more than 99.99% percent of the time. So, whenever your players want to get a bet down, they’ll be able to. It might not seem like a big deal to not have your site running at 4 AM Thursday morning, but that could be the difference that makes someone a player on your site for the rest of their life. When players find a site they like, with great pay per head services, they tend to stay there. That’s the kind of platform we’ve built for our bookies.

To make ours platform for bookies, we’ve put in many features that separate us from other pay per head sportsbook providers. You can find everything you’ll need here to take your business to a higher level of revenue. We built Sports Per Head to be a site that is as responsive to the bookie that’s been doing this since Mazeroski hit that home run in Game 7 in 1960 as well as the young person who’s looking for the job that can change their life. Each of our features is built to work for those bookies and everyone in between.

Pay Per Head Services

Your Pay Per Head

One of the more unique services we offer is our “automatic watch report.” What it allows our bookies to do is: they can see the entire agent site all at once. Why would a bookie want to do that? Well, it can give you a look at what the winners are doing. As you probably know, the players who keep winning probably aren’t doing that entirely by accident. When you see what the winners are doing, all at once, in one expansive view, it can allow you to run your book accordingly. You’ve heard the phrase “knowledge is power,” well that’s 100% true when it comes to being a bookie with your own online site.

Think of what an incredible leap forward that is from the old days of being a bookie. The bookies that used to have to keep a literal, physical book of their bets would’ve never dreamed of this kind of service before. With all of the behavior of the winners in front of you all at once, you’ll have all of the information you need to take your bookie business to the next level. When you can see all of the bets in front of you like that, it doesn’t look disorderly – you can see patterns. You can make connections. From there, you can make choices for your bookie site.

Two of our more popular services are the “Line Mover” and the “Bet Ticker.” They do exactly what they say they’ll do, but more importantly, they do so in real time. When the line moves, your site will be updated instantly. There’s no waiting around, there’s no “it’s loading,” or a tech person telling you “we’ll get to it, just waiting for the go ahead” – no, when the line moves, it’ll move on your site, as well. As we mentioned, we endeavor to make sure that you have the most information. When you and your players have more information, you can make better decisions.

Of course, if you want to manage your lines on your own, you can do that. If you’re a more experienced bookie, who has been doing this for a while – or, if you really want to change a line, we can enable our platform so that you can do it. It’s important to point out that even though we give our bookies all the support we can, it is still your site. When you sign with us, you’re in control of your site. You can move the lines. You pick the domain. You can do what you want to run your bookie site. At Sports Per Head, we take great pride in making sure our bookies have control.

Where Pay Per Head Bookies Go

The “Bet Ticker” lets you know when players make bets. You’ll be able to see it as soon as it happens. You can then judge that accordingly, based on how they’re betting and what’s happening. As you see what they’re doing, what they’re betting, you can make decisions off of that. Although, if you don’t want this level of manual operation, there are solutions for that, too. You can also choose to have us manage your sportsbook for you. We can keep track of it for you, if you’d like. One of our features we offer is that you can be as involved as you’d like with your sportsbook.

Of course, Sports Per Head is more than just an online sportsbook. In fact, it’s so much more than just sports. If you want to include an online casino or even a live dealer casino onto your site, you can do that, too.  Some people hear that we offer this service, and they think it’s going to be some pixilated video poker from 1982 or something. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our online casino and live dealer casino offer roulette, poker, blackjack and many more of the most popular casino games. You’ll be able to check this out in our free demo.

Top Online Bookie Software

In fact, our free demo includes all of our pay per head services. Some places offer a free trial, and then it only has a few services available. We don’t do that. We’re proud of our site, and want to show it off to prospective bookies. So, when you schedule a free trial with us (by calling us at (888)684-9666 or going through our website) we give you everything our site has to offer. That means the sportsbook, the online casino, and everything else.