Sports per Head Services

Sports per head understands that a Sportsbook must deliver online betting solution services to support the bookmakers working for the betting platform. The services rendered to the bookies will trickle down to the punters creating an atmosphere of trust and confidence between bettors and the betting site.


Sports per Head Services for Bookmakers


Bookmakers get services from Sports per Head allowing their online bookie business to grow with more profits.


Free Customized Website

Odds masters can request the software developers to design a website according to the management style of the bookie. The site architecture will bookmakers to operate his online website the way he wants it to run. The betting platform is free from the sportsbooks provider. The front end solutions automate all transactions under your online betting business.


Free Call Center Agents

Sports per Head provides bookies with call center agents for free. Traditional bookmakers could spend most of their time answering phone calls, emails, and dialogue boxes with customers and potential clients. The receptionist will be handling the task of responding to the queries.


Accounting and Inventory

The SPH Sportsbook takes off the laborious task of accounting and inventory from the bookies. With these workloads off the shoulders of the odds master, he can now focus on his player recruitment strategy.


Report Generations

A sportsbook that can support his bookmakers with reports regarding operations data will help both the betting company and bookmakers achieve financial growth. Alerts on the latest information will reach bookmakers and punters regarding local and international events.

Significant Tools to Manage your Online Betting Business


Bookmakers manage their betting sites to financial stability by implementing adjustments necessary for the business to thrive. Sports Per Head Sportsbook supply the bookies with the tools to conveniently use them for management purposes.


  1. Bet Alerts is for effectively managing hot games.
  2. Settle Alerts help bookmakers stay liquid and in the black.
  3. Weekly Balance Tracker monitors the daily and weekly betting activities of online players under your group.
  4. Using the Hold Percentage tool allows you to earn from your player wagering patterns. Analyzing data from this tool lets you offer more betting lines based on players betting activity.


These tools allow player and game management by grading wagers and setting bet limits.


Sports Per Head Services to Online Gamblers


Sports per Head Sportsbook issues Private Identity Numbers to bookies for assignment to his punters. The players will use the PIN codes to access entry to Sports per Head betting platform.


The Sportsbook offers a wide array of sporting events from the local and international tournaments held throughout the world. More options to the online gamblers with more options to the betting lines as well.


Bookmakers can offer the Sports per Head sportsbook to punters and present the platform as it is their own. Punters can access the site by using the unique codes provide to them by the bookies.  


Sports per Head offers its sportsbook to bookmakers at the least cost without any investment. It is too expensive for bookies to create a sportsbook and invest more money in its development and state of the art technology.


With the Sports per Head Sportsbook, a bookmaker can compete with the leading sportsbooks in the gambling industry.