Explore Our Pay Per Head Services on Sportsbook Management, Online Casino, and In-Live Game Betting


Sports Per Head has the widest range of sports in its pay per head sportsbook. From major league games, tournaments, preseason and regular seasons of NFL, NBA, and hockey – name it, they can all be found in our comprehensive sportsbook. If you are interested in NASCAR auto racing, cricket, tennis, and even college basketball games, you can be sure that we have these in the comprehensive list of sports we have made available for your players.

The betting options also include sides, totals, props, and future odds. Odds are updated regularly and the line feed is updated in real-time. Aside from price per head sportsbook management, bookies get to access a plethora of resources such as trends, news, tips, statistics, match up info which could be helpful in making sportsbook-related decisions. Our features are designed to give you the upper hand in such a competitive industry.


Truth be told — bookmarking is one of the most lucrative businesses and adding other services can boost your profit. Players in general love variety and this is why our Pay Per Head service also include the on-line casino. Table games such as blackjack, poker, card games, and other casino games such as roulette, keno, lotto, HI-LO, and scratch card games are available.

As we have platform and team of experts, you can be sure that our online casino has effects, toggles, and easy to navigate. As with the other price per head service we offer, players can also contact the customer service for questions. Bookies, on the other hand, have full control as to which add-ons to include as well as restrict any bet. Tutorials, How-to’s, and the general house rules can be found here as well.

Get inundated with lots of exciting rewards and bonuses. For sure, this is online casino you can ever offer to your players when availing our price per head service.


We take pride in providing a highly entertaining and engaging live dealer gaming experience to our clients. This special live casino makes use of top-quality video and crisp audio to maximize enjoyable gaming experience. Upon joining our live dealer games, you feel as though you are truly in the biggest casino in Vegas as you are treated like a real VIP. You will get to be welcomed by professional dealers and witness the game as it unfolds. There’s no other casino game can give you such experience. It certainly gives you that Vegas vibe but at your own home.

We have a complete and well-trained staff to assist you which includes dealers, inspectors, and even pit bosses. If you have any questions or if you require real time assistance, these individuals are readily available to serve you. So, what makes our casino looks so real and authentic? As we are committed to providing price per head service, we only make use of pay per head sportsbook and casino software. Moreover, the cards are similar to those used in Vegas.

To boost your experience, we also designed our live dealer gaming in such as the way you will be able to chat and interact with the dealers and the other players at your table. You do not have to worry about the game getting interrupted as we make use of a platform that allows speedy live streaming video with low latency. Are you ready to have some fun with a Live Blackjack, Roulette or Baccarat? Then, our platform is just a few clicks away.


There’s nothing more thrilling than knowing what’s going on during a game and being able to take part in betting. Sports Per Head now lets you be part of the action. You can place a bet on the score results, player props. Drive results, and game lines. So, if you are ready to watch your favorite team live and follow every move and results, sign up in our live in-game betting and win money.

This particular service is so fluid that your players can easily make straight bets plus he or she gets to choose the wager type as well. Another feature that makes this offering even more exciting is the inclusion of a scoreboard that is updated in real time and reflects a blow-by-blow information and statistics.

We provide a calendar which is updated regularly to give you an insight on the current and upcoming games or events. You can browse the list of live sports and simply click on it to participate. The list includes the name of the tournament, teams, specified time, and even the location. With such a comprehensive list, you will never run out of living games to bet on – from a major sporting tournament, college basketball, and even horse-racing – name it, you will certainly find an event you are interested in.

Note that registration is a must before you can enjoy any of these offerings. As with the other services offered here at Sports Per Head, we expect you to be at least 18 years of age to participate. To place a live bet, you need to access the ‘odds’ value then select the bet type plus the stake you wish to wager. As we have a reliable software and platform specially designed for sportsbook, online casino, live betting, the menu and the tools are guaranteed easy to navigate and explore. For sure, Sports Per Head is one of pay per services provider in the industry.


Your player may want to take a breather from sports betting or online casino. This means that you need to offer an alternate activity which they will truly enjoy and also lets them win some cash at the end. Yes – a race book is one of the most in-demand additions to any price per head bookie service.

Our service includes more than 130 dog and race tracks that are available all year round. The race book platform is designed to allow your players to be able to wager up until the beginning of the race. These races are graded right away once they have concluded. As our pay per head bookie partner, you have control over the choice of tracks you wish to make available to your players as well as the betting types to offer. Moreover, you can likewise set the minimum and maximum wager amounts and opt to play out of max track odds or full track odds. We make these choices possible so as to allow you apply strategies and boost your earning potential.

Mobile Gaming Interface

We understand that gamers these days prefer to wager from their mobile devices and we ensure that you have an interface to offer them that is completely mobile optimized. With our superior mobile interface, you get to encourage more players to wager using their smartphones. When you maximize accessibility, you also benefit from higher earnings.

As the bookmaker, you can easily access the back-end of the platform when you log into any mobile devices. By doing so, you will get a clearer view of the changes and activities of your players as they happen. Yes, see all the figures in real time whether you are in front of your PC or on the go using your mobile phone.

Stay Competitive with Price Per Head Service

You need to have the ability to offer an extensive line of services and products if you wish to stay ahead of the pack. The PPH market is getting more competitive by the day and you should work on strengthening your brand presence and service line up to make a killing in this field. The most effective way to achieve this is by getting pay per head sportsbook service provider today.