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How to run a bookie operation and make money

Learning how to run a bookie operation takes hard work and determination. An individual whose goal is to make money doing what a bookmaker does should learn how the online and offline betting industry works. The path is not easy and you have to endure to succeed in this business.


Most bookies used to be avid gamblers in the betting industry. If you were not a gambler, you must have extensive knowledge on how to run a bookie operation. Or perhaps the extensive knowledge is useful with the aid of modern technology. Former punters are effective managers of running the bookie business than bookmakers who only rely on books and technology.


Advantages of former gamblers running a bookie operation


  • Former punters have the profound experience to do the job. Former bettors know what it feels like to bet and win (or lose) in sports, horse racing, and the casino tables. Ex-bettors can grasp what online players are going through when trying to hold on to their bets. Non-gamblers do not have this experience to boast about.
  • Former bettors have the proper connections on their early betting days. Being once a gambler means that you had your share of losing money. Now that you opt to become a bookie, you are more aware of the ups and downs of being in a situation the gambler was before. Some bookmakers could have given you the inspiration to become a bookie that you finally decided to become one.


  • Former gamblers have the emotional experience to persuade players to put down their bets for the advantage of the business. One of the tricks on how to run the bookie operation.


A bookmaker’s aim is to make money out of his bookie business. Gamblers lost money on their hay days before the transition to becoming a bookie. He knows better than to gamble when he is on business and not in the betting games anymore.


Here are some tips on how to run a bookie operation


  • “A bookie is now a business operator and not a gambler anymore.” This is the first basic rule that bookmakers should adhere to how to run a bookie operation.  A successful business thrives by the decision of bookmakers that lead the bookie operations. The bookmaker keeps bets in balance from both sides of the game. Receiving more bets from the favorite than the underdog will definitely ruin the business.


  • To keep things in balance, you may need the help of a technology to handle all transactions of the day on an hourly basis. The help of a pay per head software from a prominent betting company will suffice. In this premise, Sports per head is the right company to be with on this venture. The technology that the sportsbook software has will make your life easier lessening the daily workload as a bookmaker.


  • Knowing the punters of your group will help your business grow. Players referred by your relatives,  friends, and associates are good recruits for your bookie gambling website. Having a strong bond with your players is also helpful for your bookie business. There will be a few bad eggs from them but most likely you can manage the gamblers just fine. This is an important trait on how to run a bookie operation.


  • By aiming your sites on your players’ betting patterns, you can almost predict what their strengths and weaknesses are in sports and on casino tables. There are aspects for consideration when it comes to punters’ behavior.


Betting Patterns of online players


  • More and more online players love to use their mobile devices to put on their bets. Be aware of this change of pattern when bet placements come in through iPhones and tablets. A sports betting company should consider this mode of betting as this is the latest niche of gamblers that are gaining ground. They like to put their bets wherever they are and whenever they like.


  • Identify what sports your online players like to put their bets. An efficient sports betting company should have a wide array of sporting events for your online players to choose from. Sports like NFL (collegiate and professional), NBA, NFL, NSL, MLB, Boxing. Golf, Tennis, MMA, and other Major and International events.


  • Betting type is one of the metrics that bookmakers should consider the behavioral patterns of online players. Betting types such as props, over and under, futures, spreads among other types of bets will indicate wagering behavior from your bettors.


  • Do your players pay interest in horse track racing or the casino tables? These are the two attractive features that manifest the patterns of behavioral wagering. Take notice when the data on these events spike or plunge.


  • Request a report on the financial figure on the average wager. This could help you make important decisions on how to run a bookie operation.


  • Study your players if their betting patterns are pointing towards a conspiracy to win over your business. This could be harmful to your bookie operations.


  • Your pay per head software provider will help you identify and resolve the issues arising from these patterns. Choose the right pay per head betting site that can help you with these concerns.


  • Be aware of how much money is in your hands. Be ready to cover bets just in case. A bookie business is not always in the black. Sometimes you have to endure weeks of havoc before the wheel of fortune turns to your advantage. It is on this premise that payment of your winning players must be on time. The sports betting software will have a tally sheet for you to keep you in tabs with your accounts. If you cannot cover those payments, there is no excuse to be in the business.


  • For a most effective way on how to run a bookie operation, surround yourself with more experienced people. Individuals smarter than you will provide inputs that will help your business grow and expand in the process.


Important tasks of a bookie on how to run a bookie operation


With the online pay per head software provider doing wonders for your business, the bookie can now focus on the real task tailored on how to run a bookie operation.


  • Recruitment of online players is the key factor for growth and expansion. The more players you attract to your pay per head betting site, the more profits, and revenues for the business. Earning more money is achievable taking this route.


  • Providing services for your punters by assisting them on how to put their bets wisely is another role for the bookmaker. The pay per head software provider needs your expertise to provide services with a personal touch to your online players. Your punters will appreciate the show of concern that you give them.
  • Using the business tools that the pay per head service company provides will help you lead your business to a safer and more productive ground in the betting arena.


  • Keeping the players that you already have is very important for your business to grow. They have been with you and you should give them additional credit for staying loyal to your business. Unlike your new recruits, there betting patterns are already known and the bond is already forged between you and the existing gamblers of your group. Continue the excellent service you are providing for them so they may continue patronizing your business.


Bookmakers do not always attain the success they dream of for their business. The smart bookies are the ones who can live to another day with their well-organized system of receiving bets and paying off winners promptly. The rest they keep as their income after paying their dues to the pay per head sportsbook. Some get careless and lost all they have after the smoke clears. But one thing is for certain, follow the ways of a successful bookmaker by doing all the work he did and success will be following you wherever you may go.


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