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Price per head website: Online betting bookie’s tool for more profits and revenues

The online betting industry boosted its online presence when bookmakers started to have the involvement of operating a price per head website. The operation of bookies operating the pph websites came into fruition seven years after its infusion in sportsbook entities. The operation of the pph programs started in 2002 when the market overwhelmed betting sites with a gambling population of 8 million punters worldwide.

Sportsbook companies organized networks to accommodate the growing number of online gamblers by tapping odds masters to handle the traffic of online bettors. The latest studies available for the gambling market is as of 2015 with a 2018 projected growth.


The 2018 projected market growth of the online gambling industry

With sportsbook companies sprouting over the Internet, the number of price per head websites boomed with the multiplying of the gambling bases. The market value of Europe in the year 2015 was US$18.11 billion with a growth projection of US$24.75 billion in 2018; Asia and the Middle East had a US$11.67 billion market value last 2015 and the projection of its worth in 2018 is US$ $14.12 billion. The online gambling industry in the year 2015 was worth US$ 4.89 billion and projected to reach US$ 8.66 billion this year.

Overall, the worldwide gambling industry had a value of US$ 37.9 billion in the year 2015. The growth expectation in 2020 is US$ 59.79 billion. Online gambling market studies help large-scale gambling conglomerates place their investments on gambling machinery wisely. The price per head website demands grew with the online gambling arena boom. It is the forefront of sportsbooks in their investment on pph software and bookmakers doing business with the betting entities.


The cost of a price per head website

Price per head websites varies from company to company. Some rates are extremely low that it would not be feasible to operate the online betting business under normal conditions. Other sportsbooks charge the bookmaker starting at $10 per player for the duration of the week.

For instance, a bookie with 11 players in his group will have 8 gamblers using the price per head website for the week. The sportsbook company will be charging you $10 per player for the use of the pph software. The total payment at the end of the gambling week, that usually falls on a Monday, is $80. The cost is a small amount compared to the services and amenities you get from the online betting company.

An advantage of using the price per head website is that the online wagering entity will not be taking a portion of the profit you make from the business. The savings are very beneficial to the bookies. No rent, no utilities and payrolls, and no more late nights on the job. There is only money to make and the price per head website makes it all too easy.


Cheap pay per head websites

Price per head websites has running rates from $20 to as low as $3 per week. It does not mean that getting the lowest price is deal you will have. There will be consequences on your price per head website on a cheap transaction with the sportsbook company.

Cheap price per head websites means that they have to pay lesser or perhaps the least personnel they could find to work on a very low salary. Employees of a betting site with low salaries will affect their morale. Low morale of your employees will result in a poor working attitude that affects the quality of work. Low quality of work will cause poor delivery of services to customers. Poor delivery of services will prompt your punters to migrate to a better sportsbook company where they receive treatments fit for the money they spend on the online betting site.

The low rates of a cheap price per head website will not be sufficient to pay for the upkeep of the online business of the bookie and the sportsbook he is registered with online. Unless that the offered cheap rate is temporary, the online wagering business might survive for a week to a month. Another price per head website even offers their services for a three to six-month bonus free of charge. This may sound a jackpot deal for bookmakers but beware of the repercussions the transaction will bring.

Price per head website

Another untoward effect of cut-rate price per head websites is the option for inferior quality hardware used in the system. The sportsbook supporting the price per head website will be opting for low priced equipment to keep the financial balance in tow. The option, build the system with cheap hardware to compensate for the low rates charged at the price per head website.

Inexpensive price per head website rates will have an effect with the support for bookmakers. Take the free website, for instance, its construction will entail the services of expert web developers and programmers for customization. The sportsbook will again resort to cheap labor for the customized website architecture. Expect cheap professional labor to be inferior when they present the results of a cheap web design. Another unwarranted service to the lifeblood of the online betting business. The price per head website will be losing its punters with a lousy web design and architecture.

Price per head websites offering rock-bottom rates will pull your business down in the long run.

The domino effect of a low-priced price per head website will cascade to the last feature it touches. The total package of a cut-throat budget pph site will become inefficient. It won’t serve well to your goals and timelines for business growth and expansion. In short, you will be losing money as time progresses. Going cheap may not be a good decision as it turns out to be more expensive when your business starts losing money.


The right price per head websites will help you earn more profit

The wrong choice of a price per head website will spell disaster for your online betting business. Scammers over the internet are patiently waiting for their victims to rip them off of their hard-earned money. These one-night-stand con artists will show no mercy when they are out to prey on innocent bookies.

It is important that bookies should do an in-depth research on the betting outfit they are about to work with on the wagering industry. Bookmakers must do their homework and they have to do it right if they want to succeed in the business. Sportsperhead saw all these unfoldings through the solid years of experience in the field of sports booking.

There was a sportsbook company that after it established the betting venture, it folded up and left its clients in limbo. It was a disaster for the bookmakers who invested their time and effort in building their business on top of the price per head website provided by the Sportsbook. It was a fly-by-night entity that came after the money of the bookmakers and its group of gamblers.

Opting for a low-rate price per head is one of the wrong turns a bookmaker could take which will cause financial turmoil to his business. Cut-throat priced per head websites usually make mistakes on a betting line; this is one of the most common mistakes by erring pph sites, a result incompetent support staff do to your betting site due to low salary.

As a result of inferior quality software and hardware, punters will have problems accessing the site during peak hours of traffic. Common problems that occur during the bottleneck hours of bet placements are the system crashes.  

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