Price Per Head Scams You need to be aware of

Scams across the internet are prevalent, waiting for innocent victims that cross its path to unleash what it does, rip people of their hard-earned money. This scheming plot does not spare anyone, including gambling enthusiasts and bookmakers that fall prey to these price per head scams.


Identifying Price per head Scams


Bookmakers who are doing the trade for many years in the online betting industry can recognize a price per head scam a mile away when they see one. It is imperative that neophyte bookies should take heed in choosing a legitimate price per head betting software.


There price per head scam companies designed to take off with your money. Once you fall into this trap, say goodbye to your cash. Don’t let this be an expensive lesson learned. Survey for red flags before you jump into a legitimate PPH betting software.


Tips for bookmakers in spotting price per head scams betting software


  • Check for license validity. Price per head scam betting software often operates with unlawful licenses. This is the first thing you should check out as a sportsbook bookmaker. Other prices per head sportsbook scam would sometimes display an expired business license that is a practice in their local operations. In their area, a sportsbook program could still operate and make a run for it. Bookies need to double check operating licenses to be safe.


  • The business proposal does not add up. Beginners on bookmaking may have a hard time deciphering this scheme like lowering down its price per head rate that it cannot support the offers it is proposing to clients. A price per head scam will lure online players with cheap pay per head software affecting the quality of services it offers that eventually loses the business. Bookies know that excessive bonuses, for instance, could not sustain certain basic operations and would probably lose money for the company.


  • A too extravagant website that depletes the purpose of price per head betting software. It would sometimes be very evident that all a fancy website wants is to lure innocent online players and bookmaking beginners and make money out of them. Beware of flashy and glittering websites, they could be a site in disguise for a fast cash.  


  • A price per head scam tends to offer excessive bonuses. Seasoned bookmakers know that when bonuses are overly offered on their betting sites will cause the business to fall. In order for an online betting business to earn, a player must win in under 53 percent of how much he bets. More than this limit, care of excessive bonuses, there will be a tendency for the software betting software to fold.


  • When a software company’s marketing approach suddenly changes, take note that it would only be due to an improvement of its site or in desperation for a cash deposit. Try to ask questions about this site’s reputation and what is going on behind the abrupt turn of events. A price per head scam would push you to make the deposit as soon as possible; you can hear the sound of desperation when they insist that you make your deposit immediately.   


  • Rumors of a price per scam website are worth investigating when you are into online sportsbook betting. Don’t get caught with your pants down when the scheming site catches you unaware and that they already ran off with your money.


  • Denial of Service (DOS) attacks often used as alibis for a website operation loss of service is a sign of a price per head scam. Although the DOS attacks do exist and cause downtimes to sports betting sites, sportsbook scammers also use this reason for their scheming operations. The price per head scam entity would tell their poor clients that their servers are offline, an upgrade in is progress, or a hacker penetrated their firewall. Oftentimes occur when the time for payouts of winnings. The delay of payments is a sign that the wagering site you have is no good. Stay away from it.


  • Management total takeover by another set of managers is a sign that the site you have is a price per head scam. New managers will only wash their hands of the scam you experienced from the previous management. Change of management would mean different rules and regulations that will be inconvenient for the bettors. Be wary of this occurrences.


Now that you know how to identify price per head scams, the next step to take you further is on how to determine if the betting software is the right one for you.


Determining the right betting software


Price per head scams does not provide tools to equip your website. PPH betting software gives bookies management tools for his website. They even provide the bookmakers’ free customized programs so bookies can work the way they want to operate the website. This lessens the workload on the shoulders of the bookmakers.



Some of the business tools provided by betting programs


  1. Limit Overrides
  2. The layoff account business tool
  3. Line mover
  4. Settle Alert


These business tools allow betting programs to generate essential reports upon request by the bookmakers.

To lure a bookie into registering in a price per head scam, scheming sites offer all the stars in the sky to persuade you to use their betting software. Effective price per head wagering programs does not offer exorbitant claims just to get a sale of scheming promises. Unrealistic claims of hitting it rich are the tempting hints the schemers throw at unsuspecting victims online.


A wagering software that puts the welfare of bookmakers is not a pay per head scams. They understand bookies are into business and they are there to help the bookie do well in their chosen line of work. All pay per head betting software extends all the help it can to increase the profits and revenues for the bookmaking business.


betting software has up to date features that allow bookmakers smooth operations that are convenient for online bettors of the group. Members of the bookie’s group will also enjoy the services of the betting program when they decide to play with the wagering program.


At the betting site, bookmakers have the opportunity to build their bookie website the way they want it to be through a customized betting software. is not a price per head scam as it follows all the requirements needed that take care of the bookies and his group. is the choice of Bookmakers and online players


pay per head serviceBe sure that your wagering software is not a price per head scam by using It is among in the sports booking software industry. You are safe and secure with the bets that you place on this site being the number one price per head wagering software voted by bookies online.


Price per head scam does not equip their sites with state of the art technology. have technology that protects the software from hacking and the online attacks occurring on the internet. Price per head scams that use the DOS attacks as one of the reasons for the downtime of their operations is being irresponsible. Top price per head betting software have access to technology that could thwart hackers and denial of service attacks. betting software delivers services that are among in the wagering programs. Price per head scams does not deliver pleasant betting experiences to its online players. It would rather run away with your money that to exert effort and spend the time to accommodate the needs of the bettors and their bookie.


You cannot get betting experience from price per head scam software. Effective sportsbook betting platforms like the have the tools to make bookies lead the pack from those struggling with the platforms they are using.


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