price per head online scams

Price Per Head Online Scams: Protect Your Hard-Earned Money

Online sports betting has been pronounced as a legitimate industry. The majority of sportsbooks are structured and efficient businesses. Players place bets either for pleasure or for making some money. However, don’t forget that there are several price per head online scams looking for opportunities to take advantage of both bookies and bettors. 

Typical Examples of Price Per Head Online Scams

These price per head scams are a form of betting or wagering disguised as legitimate investments. Most fraudsters or price per head betting sites don’t keep their promise. Bettors have no way of getting their money back which disappeared together with the scammer. Below are some of the common price per head scams:

  • Sports Financial Support

Scamsters aim at small business entrepreneurs, professionals, and others with funds to “finance.” Generally, this proposal is fostered as business opportunities or trade fair investments through the Internet. These kinds of price per head scams also contact people through volunteered phone calls or emails.

Most often than not, scammers use terms such as “sports betting,” “sports trading,” or “sports arbitrage.” They do this to mask their price per head scams as legitimate investments. Moreover, they utilize promotional materials such as glossy and stylish brochures. This also comes in the form of websites containing diagrams or brochures guaranteeing huge returns for little or no effort,   

  • Wagering Conspiracies

The swindler will attempt and sway you to become a member and sign up with a price per head company. However, there will always be a catch in price per head scams. You’ll have to pay a specific compulsory fee for joining and opening a sportsbook account. 

Another thing is, you’ll need to continuously place deposits for maintaining your account balance. The deceiver informs you that the funds will serve as placement wagers on behalf of the syndicate. You, along with the other “members” are assured of a percentage from the profits. Worse is, you have no idea you’re going to be price per head scams victim.

  • Computer Forecasting Bookie Software

Finaglers will try to sell you a bookie software program assuring precise forecasting of games and sports events outcome. They usually offer this on horse racing or team sports. You are guaranteed of profit or great returns following the program’s utilization. 

Horse racing software usually claims that forecasting depends on weather conditions. It’s also based on the draw, condition of the jockey, and the state of the horse. Likewise, they purport to track the money that professional bettors have placed.  

price per head online scams

Indications of Scams 

Scammers will do anything to get away with your money. You need to watchful and sensitive enough to know that you’re only getting scammed. Check out the following warning signs:

You are encouraged to invest in a high-income business.

Since a bookie business is a lucrative industry, many people will take advantage of novices. They will promise you massive returns as well as risk-free profits.

The sales pitch is backed by attractive promotional materials exhibiting exceptional returns.

They support it with technical terms or jargon when trying to sell their products or program. 

The people behind the price per head scams will persuade you to sign up right away.

Their reason is that there are only limited slots available. In addition, they will always call you to secure a software package or become their member.  

How to Protect Yourself from Price Per Head Scams?

In sports betting, the price per head scams are everywhere. You need to protect yourself, especially when you are a newbie bookie. Read on and know how to protect yourself from these scammers.

  • Hang up on people calling you trying to sell sports investment opportunities or forecasting bookie software.
  • Don’t allow anyone to persuade you in making decisions with regard to money or even investments. It’s recommended to get independent legal or monetary advice.
  • Watch out for any outstanding costs related to the system or program.
  • Make it a point that you know how to opt-out from the subscription service where you signed up. 
  • Perform an independent check for the said scheme or service being sold. Price per head online scams usually provides a postal address of a car park. In other words, they have no real office. 
  • Be careful of assertive and dexterous sales techniques. These are fast performance reports and graphs displaying high returns, for example.

Sign Up with Sports Per Head and Avoid PPH Scams

The latest breakthrough in technology allows bookies and bettors to enjoy the convenience of online sports betting. Bettors can place their bets even when at home or at work. Admit it or not, you’re worried if you have signed up with a scammer.

Sports Per Head is a price per head company and reliable software provider. They have the skill to deliver customized solutions whether you’re a seasoned bookie or a novice. Bettors will not experience any downtime or system slow down.

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