PPH Software The Most Dynamic Online solution for the Gambling Industry

PPH Software: The Most Dynamic Online solution for the Gambling Industry

Bookmakers looking for a reliable, trustworthy, convenient, and cost-effective tool to promote their online wagering business have now the solution, the pph software. Betting companies have these tools for bookies to help them achieve in growing and reaping more income for their online betting business.


How can a Pph Software Help Bookmakers


A pay per head software is a significant breakthrough for bookies all over the world. The solutions offer huge benefits that increase revenues for the online business.


Free Bookie Website

The pph software company will provide a free betting website to its bookies. Bookmakers can keep the given website or they can request the pph program supplier and its developers to customize their wagering site. The pph software provider gives an 800 number to the punters under its registered bookmaker who want to place their bets over the phone.


The front end solution of the bookie website should be plain and simple yet effective. Avoid complicated menus that could waste the time of your punters trying to comprehend the functions of buttons in your dashboard. Your players want to have a good time and are looking for betting experience.


Account Summary

When bookmakers have their own pph software, they can add players and track the punters’ weekly betting activities. Bookies can compute betting figures, view the betting page, and implement immediate action for the business to stay liquid. The pph software company provides the necessary business tools to bookies so they can manage their online betting venture and determine if they are earning or losing money. Bookies will be able to access their pph software accounts 24/7 any time of the day throughout the year.


Secured Betting Platform

Bet placements on pph software betting sites secure the punters of their personal data and money transfers. Trust can be one of the most important things to consider when choosing a pay per head software. Trusting the betting company with your money and personal data indicates that the security it delivers is excellent and is worth patronizing.


Besides the security to the punters’ money and personal data, pph software also has adequate security provided for the online betting infrastructure and the computer glitches it troubleshoots before they occur. Software engineers monitor the system computing status so the betting operations run unhampered. So much money is lost especially when the denial of services attacks happen. Players want their betting activities to go on smoothly or sportsbook entities will find them abandoning their platform to go to a better betting site.


Multilingual pph software receptionists

pph software company will provide its bookmakers with call center agents that consist of multilingual speaking receptionists. The benefits of having these agents will allow bookmakers to intensify their recruitment strategy to non-English speaking countries like China, Russia, Japan, and among other nationalities who speak in their native tongues.


Professional Account Managers

Bookmakers have professional account managers that offer free helpful advice for the enhancement of management skills of their online betting business. The dedicated account specialists monitor the bookmakers’ accounts and alert the bookies. The executives give them tips on how to use the online wagering business tools and make adjustments to keep the betting balance in control.


Betting lines for the bookie Website

The pph software will offer sharp betting lines to balance the wager placement from both sides of the games. The action is a way to assure bookies of a sure income on every wagering engagement. The offers can lure punters to place their bets on games especially on the live betting attribute of the pph software.

Pph Software Services for Online Players


The advantages will keep the bookie website busy accepting wagers which are beneficial to the odds masters to increase their income. The punters will also have their pph software benefits with the services they enjoy when paying on the betting platform like the Sports per Head Sportsbook.


A 1-800 Number

The Sports per head sportsbook will have 1-800 number available for punters to call anytime for their betting activities. The SPH pay per head software call center agents will be staffing the communication lines 24/7 for any relevant calls from the online players.


Customer Support

Our wagering system will be providing 24/7 customer support to whatever issues the online players have regarding their wagers on the bookie website. A player can be sure that he is getting the customer support he wants if the pph bookie can accommodate him even on unholy hours in the event that he needs the bookie’s help. A troubled online player can get a service even in the middle of the night is an indication of an excellent customer service.


One of ways to find out if the pph software has customer support is the ease of access to the customer support hotline. pph software has call center agents ready to answer your phone call, emails, and chat messages.


The Sportsbook

A wide array of sporting events are available to the punters. Sports per head have a wide array of local and international sporting events for online players to place their bets on. Major sports tournaments involve basketball, American football, baseball, hockey, soccer, volleyball, tennis, boxing, MMA, cricket, in college and professional levels among other sports competitions where gamblers like to wager.


Complementing these competitions are the betting lines offered by the pph software. There are plenty of betting options for punters to bet on the games. Punters can place their bets with the assurance that the Sports per head betting sites are safe and secure.


The pph software provider delivers vital information for the online players. The punters can base their options for their bet placements. Data will include injury lists, schedule of games, team or athlete fatigue, team disposition, personal problems, playing conditions, and other concerns that will affect team performance during a game.


Some punters are knowledgeable to notice these aspects of teams and players that they can predict the outcome of the game and win their wagers in the process. Bookies can counter these disadvantages by offering betting odds that may be too good to ignore.


The Online Casino

Online players would prefer to play the table games on the same pph software if it is available on the betting platform. If a player had enough of the sportsbook, he may switch his gambling activity to the casino table games without withdrawing his deposit. The table games include Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat, Roulette, Pai Gow, Sic Bo, Craps, Bingo, and other exciting games.


The Horsebook

For online gamblers who love to play the racetrack horses, Sports per Head provides the avenue to bet on your favorite suds. There are greyhound races available for players who wish to place their bets to greyhounds. There are three major horse racing competitions in the US: The Kentucky Derby in Louisville, Kentucky, The Preakness Stakes in Baltimore, Maryland, and the Elmont Stakes in Elmont, Long Island, New York.


International Horse Track Races include the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France, the Royal Ascot in, Ascot, England, the Dubai World Cup in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the Grand National, Aintree, England, the Melbourne Cup in Melbourne, Australia among some global horseracing events.


Online Live Betting

The players placing their bets on a Sports per head pph software can enjoy exciting features like the live Betting. The feature adds more thrill and excitement to bettors involved with both sides of the game. It is expensive to install a live betting feature if you plan to put up a betting site. But with a pph software provided by a prominent betting company, a bookmaker can have that feature available in his bookie website.


Sports per head delivers these services and benefits to its bookies and online players. Visit our website at www.sportsperhead.com to learn more about what our pph software can do for you. Please call us now at 1-888-84-9666 and avail of our free trial.