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PPH Service Serving Up Games

“… But did you bet it?” That’s the line folks have been saying to each other after games pretty much since the beginning of sports. Sure, you may have predicted who would win, and maybe you even guessed correctly by how much. But, to show that you really believed in it, did you bet it? That’s where the bookie business comes from, after all. Today, for a bookie to be able to get everything out of their business, they have to have an online bookie site that they can trust. That’s what our PPH service can be.

PPH service

Sports Per Head PPH Service

We’ve done everything in our power to make the best, most comprehensive online sportsbook in the world. Of course, none of that matters if it lacks games for players to bet on. All of our infrastructure, all of our tech support, it’s all built upon a strong foundation of having the most games. By having such a selection of games to choose from, we allow our bookies to offer their players more of what they want. More baseball, more football, more basketball, college and professional – and so much more.

Every month on our site, there are more than 3200 live games. We get to that 3200 number through a variety of ways. In the fall, it’s through football: college, pro and more. It also includes all of the pennant chase and baseball playoff games. In the winter, we add hockey and basketball to the mix. Then, when the spring comes back around, baseball, March Madness and the playoffs of basketball and hockey take center stage.

Even in the month of July, a month known for having fewer sports in North American than other months, we make sure to hit that 3200 number. You can find all of the baseball games at our site, from the American League and the National League. You could find MLS games as well, as well as a host of other sports that other pay per head sites may not have. We take great pride in the diverse selection that we can offer our players.

Track Your Earnings Easier

Our pay per head site is designed to keep track of all of the sports information for you: the games, the lines, your players betting, and so much more. We want to make the job of being a bookie easier. You shouldn’t have to spend all of your time writing your players’ bets down, or listing out all of your costs, bets and more. That’s time that you could spend devising the lines for the next batch of games, or just doing anything that you want.

One more way that we’re able to help make our bookies’ lives easier is through keeping track of their earnings. At our site, it’s just a click of a button. That’s all you have to do to keep real-time reports of your earnings. Gone are the days of you having to keep your own spreadsheet, filling everything out meticulously. Instead, with just a couple clicks, you can see exactly how you’re doing.

This goes back a bit, too. That way, you can see how your business looks long term and short term. You’ll be able to analyze trends in your earnings easier since it will be all right there in front of you. With more information to study, you’ll be able to make better decisions as to what you want to do with your bookie business. This kind of earnings tracking eliminates the guesswork, the assuming, and even the worry. With all of the information in front of you, you’ll be well-equipped to figure out what’s next.

Support for One and All

On even the best-designed pay per head site, players are going to have questions. It’s just the nature of the industry. Even the most experienced sports bettor on the best-designed pay per head site is going to have a few questions they want to be cleared up. In the old days, this would’ve meant that they would have to call you. You, the bookie would have to take their question. Hopefully, it would be one you could answer. In some cases, some pay per head sites had a “contact form” where players could send in a question. This isn’t exactly optimal, as many of these questions needed to be answered before a given game.

Here at Sports Per Head, we’ve developed a solution for all of these issues: quality technical support. When your players have a question, they’ll be able to call a phone number and get an answer. Specifically, they’ll be able to get an answer from our knowledgeable, experienced staff. We don’t throw around words like “knowledgeable” and “experienced” lightly. No, these are true professionals backed with plenty of real world experience.

Stand on Spotlight

So, when one of your players asks them a question, our staff won’t have to rife through a large binder or search online for an answer. Instead, they’ll be able to answer them quickly, comprehensive and in real-time. This may seem like a small thing, but we’ve found that it’s invaluable when it comes to retaining players. The competition for online sports bettors is fierce. With so many different pay per head sites out there, it can be difficult to stand out.

When your players come to our site, they’ll find that they can reach a smart, friendly staff at basically any time. That can go a long way towards building the kind of trust that makes a one-time gambler into a constant, consistent player. Better still, this isn’t some “add on” service. You don’t have to get a “Sports Per Head” super membership or something like that just to unlock the tech support. When you sign up with our site, you’ll be given access to this staff to help you and your players.

Beyond Sports

There are so many people online who want to bet on sports. They’re just waiting for your site to reach them where they are. Of course, you can use Sports Per Head to reach people who aren’t just interested in sports, too. For example, we have horse racing and casino games, too. All of your players’ favorite casino games, the ones they’ve been playing forever, are available at our site. They can get all of the fun of the casino without having to leave their favorite chair. Instead of taking time away from their friends and family to hit up the casino, they can play casino games on their phones while sitting with their families. Sports Per Head offers great flexibility and freedom for bookies and players alike.

Everything we’ve said above applies to the horse racing as well. Horse racing can be an incredible amount of fun, watching it, betting on it and more. Unfortunately, while there are so many great horse racing tracks all over America (and beyond) not everyone has access to them. That’s where your online racebook from Sports Per Head can come in. You can offer your players a way to get all of the horse racing they want without having to drive hundreds of miles (if not more) to somewhere far away. They can have horse racing in the palm of their hand: all thanks to you.

Getting started with Sports Per Head can feel like a big decision, so we offer you as much as we can so as to allow you to make the best choice. Our free trial includes everything that we have to offer. From the moment you sign up, you’ll have access to the racebook, the live casino, the games and so much more. It’ll be all right there for you so that you can see how Sports Per Head fits into your life. Any questions? Call us at (888) 684-9666.