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NBA Playoffs Pay Per Head

Our playoffs pay per head service helps our bookies to make the money they want to make all year long. That includes every season. It lets them set the lines they want to set on the NFL games, from the regular season through the playoffs and all the way to the Super Bowl. We’re with you every day in the baseball season, from opening day through the Midsummer Classic through the Wild Card, Divisional Round, League Championship Series and finally the World Series. The same goes for hockey, from the first drop of the puck through the Stanley Cup Final. Of course, we’re always there for hoops. As of this writing, the NBA playoffs have just begun.

Playoffs Pay Per Head Service Advantages

We’ve been in the business for a long time. At Sports Per Head, we pride ourselves on helping bookies who are maybe just starting out to have a price per head service that they can be proud of. Sometimes, they will ask us a question like: “is it worth it to offer the playoffs? With so many fewer games, are the players really going to be there to bet the games?” The answer is a resounding “absolutely.” There are multiple reasons why.

The first and perhaps biggest reason for offering these games is increased visibility. These are the games that are on the major networks every night. During the regular season, there are all kinds of games on all the time. The casual fan, or the fan who lives in an area that maybe doesn’t have a team but loves the NBA, may not bet during this time. After all, there’s a lot out there, and it’s difficult to focus on just one thing.

However, that all goes away during the playoffs. Now, there’s basically one game on at a time. The best teams are playing each other literally every night. This is a casual fan’s dream. Now, the person who may have checked out during much of the regular season will be glued to the screen. So, they could very well be motivated to bet on these games and these players. The playoffs have been a way for our bookies to bring in casual players for years. To be clear, this phenomenon isn’t limited to just the NBA playoffs. We see it all the time with baseball and hockey, and it’s especially apparent during March Madness and the NBA playoffs.

Players Will Be with you All Season

We do understand the question posed a few paragraphs back, however. Sometimes, a bookie could lose a player who bets all season on a team that doesn’t qualify for the postseason. However, those players are kind of rare. Someone who lives and dies with a team that much may struggle to continue betting them as their season goes off the rails. That being said, many of our bookies tell us that their most die-hard fans, the ones who bet on a team all year long, even when that team’s eliminated, these players sometimes continue to bet on the games. This can hold true even when their favorite team is out of it.

The reason is that these people just love the game. Sure, they have their team that they’ve always loved, that they root for above everything, but they just love the sport. Maybe they’re gone for a day or two (or even a week or so) after their team is eliminated, but they’ll be back. The game is part of their lives, and indeed who they are. As their bookie, you’ll be the one who they keep turning to when it’s time to bet on the games.

Besides, “die-hard fans” can have multiple rooting interests. Maybe once their favorite team is eliminated, they start betting on a team they want to win who has a former star from their team now in a position to make a run at the championship. Perhaps they want to see the team that beat theirs make it all the way, so as to make their team’s loss more palatable. Or, alternately, the opposite is true: they want to see the team that eliminated theirs get taken out as quickly as possible. This also works for those who root for a team that never made the playoffs, as they could root for or against teams from their own division who had better records. The playoffs afford bookies the chance to get more players from more teams for more games.

playoffs pay per head

Letting People Bet Wherever

A big part of watching sports is watching them with other people. This is true all season long, but it can be especially true during the playoffs. Fans may go to parties or bars with other fans of the team. Alternately, the games could be on at places where there are fans from multiple teams rooting against each other. Sports Per Head allows bookies to take advantage of these dynamics in a way that wasn’t possible just a short period of time ago with our mobile optimization.

In the past, if a player wanted to bet on a game, they had to do it from their desktop or even their laptop. That meant that, if someone wanted to get back to their home or office to get a bet on, they sometimes had to choose between going to a party to watch the game or getting a bet down. That would work against bookies. However, with our new mobile optimization, your players can use your site no matter where they are. As long as they have an internet connection, they can get your site to load up quickly and easily.

So, instead of having to be somewhere else, they can get a bet down while at the big party. They can make a wager on the game while they’re at a bar. Indeed, with the right internet connection, they can do all of this while they’re in a rideshare, passenger seat, bus or anywhere else on their way to watch the game. We’ve had several people who were able to get a bet down while at the game itself, making their way to their seats. With mobile optimization, there’s a way to reach more players than ever before.

As we made our site to be as attractive and responsive as possible, that can be even better for your bookie business. See, other people could watch the folks betting on your site and think: “I should get in on that. That looks really great.” Then, your players can show those around them just how great your site is. In this way, your players become your advertisements. This can allow you to get more players in than ever.

In-Game Betting

Adding to this is our new functionality where you can get a bet down after the game has started. This is perfect for these massive watch parties, as the majority of the people there have probably never bet on a game in their lives. However, caught up in the moment, surrounded by tens or hundreds (or more) screaming fans around them, it could be just the thing to get them to bet on the games. When they do, you very well could be the beneficiary.

The NBA playoffs are perfect for our online bookies. It allows them to put the games their players want to play in front of them, while also being able to bring in more new players than ever before. If you’ve been looking for a reason to start your own online bookie site, this is the perfect time to do so. With our best in the industry free trial, you can try all of our functions out over the course of a week. That way, you can see if our site is right for you. Find out more by calling us at (888) 684-9666 or going to our site.