per head sportsbook

Manage your betting customers with a per head sportsbook program

When you start you own betting business, you want to have a payment management system that is secure and also offers you the best rates for your investment. Most bookies will eventually invest in pay per head sportsbook software, which has the flexibility to adapt to the demands of your customers, and will also give you the best security and betting options for your money. Most online betting companies start out small, only offering bets on one sport, such as baseball, and then gradually move towards offering more. With a pay-per-head program, you get the software you need to grow and keep your customers happy.

What makes Pay per head Sportsbook so good?

In most cases, if you run a betting company you will start with a software program which takes in bets for a certain number of members per month. If you start to grow you may exceed that number, and if your bets fall off during the slow season, you will be paying over the odds for a reduced number of bets. With Pay-per-head, you only get charged for the actual bets on your website, which means that you can flex to accept more bids from new players, or contract during the off season to save yourself money. You only pay the software company when you receive payments from bids, so you never have to find money that you don’t have, or pay a fixed monthly fee.

per head sportsbook

Adapt to the demands of your customers

Even if you have started off small by specializing in a particular type of sports betting, by the time you are investing in pay-per-head programs you will be receiving visits from a much wider group of customers. They may want you to be more flexible in the type of bets you accept, ranging from being just a basic sports betting website, like a bookies on Main Street, to customers looking for bookies running online casino and bingo bets and payments. Your ability to adapt to the demands of your customers means that you will be able to retain those customers, turning them into long-term payers that will see your profit income soar. You can start today to see your business taking off.

Take control of your betting website

When you invest in a Pay per head sportsbook program, you are saying that you support your business, and believe that you will need a reliable software system to control all the bets that are coming in. You want to be able to manage your bets, and oversee where customers are winning and losing, by looking up the results on your tablet or smartphone. You can do that in a business meeting, in the restaurant, or even enjoying a quiet night at home. Having the software from Sports Per Head to allow you to oversee all payments and bet categories will give you greater insight into your business, and how you can succeed in the betting industry. To obtain our software today, contact us online, or call 888-684-9666 now.