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Pay Per View Odds – Mayweather and McGregor Aftermath

The match between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor is the most lucrative game of all time, according to boxing enthusiasts. Pay per head bookmaker Paddy Power offered punters betting options amounting to a total of £250,000 three days before the slated fight. The pair squared off in the early hours last Sunday with Mayweather beating the MMA fighter McGregor. Floyd Mayweather taught the MMA fighter a lesson in boxing after slumping McGregor in the tenth round of the match. The MMA fighter’s switch from his MMA fighting mode to a spar in the arena of boxing gave the Irish pay per head bookie the confidence to cover the match with his betting offer and earned a €134,000 paycheck.

Floyd Mayweather’s final fight gave him another feather in his cap. The bout handed him his 50th victory against zero losses. He remains undefeated and gave his sparring partner a tribute for his courage in facing him in the ring. The Irish fighter showed his mettle by extending the fight to up to ten rounds. Pay per view bookmaker Power said that an offensive from the Irish fighter would have shaken his bank balance if McGregor triumphed over Mayweather. The promoters could end up with a net income of $700 and a $1 billion earning on the pay per view contracts.

Mayweather was more favorable than McGregor on the pay per view odds

The match between the famed pugilists went toe to toe from the first to the fourth rounds with the 29-year-old McGregor ahead on points. Mayweather found his groove in the fifth round hitting the Irishman with punishing body blows that weakened the fighter. The pay per head bookie covered the betting offer in favor of Mayweather stating that only one of them is a boxer and the venue and the rules that govern it is boxing. McGregor just switched to boxing from MMA, and it is not his cup of tea to fight a player who had been training in his sport all his life.

Online pay per head bookies consider the battle to be the richest, most famous and talked about match in history. Some people invested much on this event as spectators and shareholders with financial interests, but the other side of raking in money in the business is in the form of pay per head bets. The pay per head bookmakers were busy trying to figure out a way how they were going to make money with the match a week before it was scheduled. Pay per view Paddy Power already decided on the amount he was going to pay out in favor of Floyd Mayweather. The promoters of both parties expect to pocket in an estimated of $1 billion in the fight. While promoting parties got the lion share in this event, online pay per head bookies also made their revenues and profits  from their operations.


McGregor as the Dark horse

Between the two boxers, Mayweather was a preference  against McGregor to win over the Irishman. The American boxer came in at a -500 odd while the Irish fighter came in at +350. It was quite clear that the bettors were in favor of Mayweather and the odds were in for grabs. It is more logical that online pay per head bookies gave their emphasis more on the Mayweather pugilist. The Irish fighter was the underdog in the match, but it did not mean that the pay per head bookmakers would not be receiving bets in favor of McGregor. Other analysts and pay per view bookies speculated that more fans would be betting on McGregor to knock out Mayweather in the early rounds of the fight. Days before the fight saw McGregor’s odds jump to +700 to beat Mayweather.


Another fight brewing outside the ring

While the two boxers squared off at the T-Mobile, Las Vegas Arena, another battle was took place away from the boxing ring. Millions of people played the pay per head betting for the two fighters. Pay per head bookies were booting on Mayweather in the fight. If McGregor dished out Mayweather in their struggle, pay per view bookmakers would suffer the loss of millions in their business. Even before the fight, bettors in favor of McGregor had flooded pay per view bookie’s accounts with $100 bills in favor of the Irish fighter. Analysts said that even the surge of bets from the Mayweather bettors would not balance the sports books.


Pay per view bookmakers were up to their necks in covering for Mayweather

A pay per view bookie said that he tended to lose millions of dollars in the event McGregor knocked out Mayweather in the early rounds of the fight. Nick Bogdanovich of the William Hill pay per view bookmakers said that he needed a heart monitor when the bell rang in the first round of the match. Large bettors placed their money on Mayweather, but hundreds of small bettors played in more than the large wagers in favor of McGregor. The “regular Joes” put up small amounts to pay per head bookies, the total added up at William Hill at a ratio of 18 is to one in favor of McGregor. The move of the pay per head bookmakers saw how they distributed the odds proportionately to cover bets for Mayweather and McGregor.


Odds at 11-1 at the start favored Mayweather that rolled down to 5-1 before the fight

The result of the odds brought down from 11-1 to 5-1 did not stop small bets that added up in favor of McGregor. Supporters of the Irish fighter continued to line up in betting stations for a chance to win over the Mayweather bettors. The Mcgregor bettors hoped for a dark horse to give them a huge return for their money spent on bets. Pay per head bookie Jimmy Vaccaro

from the South Point Resort Bookmaker said that so many were betted on a player who stepped into the boxing ring for the first time to fight a 40-year-old veteran. Vaccaro was set to lose $400,000 in a Mcgregor victory, but a $100,000 bet balanced it off. The pay per head bookie had an $800,000 bet on Mayweather and could earn him $160,000 for a Mayweather triumph.


Large bets in favor of Mayweather

At the MGM Grand, a bet of $500,000 was on last Wednesday for Floyd Mayweather and another wager of $1 million rose up as early as last Thursday at William Hill pay per head bookmakers. These bets reduced some liabilities, but the entry of small bets in the sports books for McGregor kept filled it all up, said Jay Rood of the MGM Grand pay per head bookmakers. Rood added that his pay per head sports books took 6,700 bets for McGregor while only 300 placed their bets in favor of Mayweather. McGregor’s average bet was at $125 while Mayweather was at $4,000. McGregor’s victory spelled doom for MGM Grand pay per head bookies.

Pay per head bookies said that betting was active until last Friday but added that more wagers flowed in on Saturday and expected the final runs for bets to come in. Pay per head bookmakers saw Mayweather easily beat the first time boxing ring player. Bettors said that the pay per head bookies should place an enticing odd for bettors to fill in their betting slip in favor of McGregor to balance their sports books. Pay per view bookies made decent amounts in the Mayweather win.  A McGregor could have earned them big if the American boxer got a beating from the Irish fighter.

Pay per head bookie Johnny Avello of the Wynn Resort Bookmakers said that they were just balancing their sports book from wagers that came in. Lots of bettors were putting up to the odds of up to $125,000 for Mayweather’s victory, and pay per head bookmakers rode high on the bet for the American pugilist. Bettors like reminders of winning and having a nice return for their bets. That is what gets them into the sports books of pay per head bookies.