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Pay Per Service as the Pennant Race Heats Up

Many one-time events power our pay per service bookies. The Super Bowl is one of the biggest nights of the year every year. March Madness, the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament, provides basically a month’s worth of incredible opportunities. Some big events are so big they only occur once every four years, like the Olympics or World Cup. When you have an online sportsbook, you want to be able to give your players opportunity day in and day out. That’s why the MLB pennant chase is one of the best opportunities for you to do just that.

Pay Per Service Down the Stretch

As of this writing, it’s late July/early August. That means that the MLB season will be building towards the end of the regular season. The trade deadline is just about upon us: that means general managers will have to make important decisions: are you a good enough team to add pieces and contend for a championship? Or, is it not worth it to try and win the title this season? In the latter case, then the general manager will probably want to trade players with expiring contracts (or big ones) for prospects, in hopes of building for the future.

No matter which way teams choose, it provides an opportunity for our bookies. As Sports Per Head, we have so many hundreds of live events every month. Each of those is something that your players are going to want to bet on. You may not get every player for every event, but with so many options, you’re bound to bring in people who want to get a bet down on something. That’s what the pennant chase provides: options.

Pennant Chase: Contending Teams

People who root for the contending teams have something to root for every night. Indeed, in a tight pennant chase, everything can swing in the course of a few days, sometimes even in a night. A series between the teams in first and second place in August, four games in four days, can big an incredible event for our bookies. First, you’ll get all of the diehard fans of those teams. Then, you’ll get the people who are watching these games to see how they’ll shake out for their own team. Additionally, you could bring in folks who just love baseball, and want to see a series between two teams.

The powers that be in baseball know this, too. They know that as the pennant chase heats up, fans want to see the teams who are competing with each other directly go at it. that’s why the baseball schedule is often structured so that many of the late games in the regular season are between teams in the same division. Just about every sport tries to do this, but again, as baseball has so many games, it can seem like teams from the same division are playing every night. Each is a great opportunity for our bookies, as you can have people betting on these games, day after day.

Wild Card

In the last few years, “contending for the baseball playoffs” has meant more teams than ever. Adding a wild card round has opened up the possibility for more teams to compete for the postseason. In the past, a team had to win their division to get into the playoffs. If your team was in second place in a tough division but had a better record than everyone in the other division, they were just out of luck. With the wild card, a team that plays a great regular season but happens to be behind a team that’s been truly fantastic gets a real shot at the title.

Of course, who also gets “a real shot at the title” are our bookies. With more teams than ever in it, that means more fans of those teams than ever rooting for the games. When people are rooting for the games, that means that they’re probably going to want to get a bet down soon, too. With Sports Per Head, you’ll be able to offer them a truly exceptional online sportsbook experience. 

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Pennant Chase: Non-contending Teams

It’s natural to think, even for some of our experienced bookies, that the pennant chase can actually lead to you getting fewer players. After all, while some teams are contending, other teams have essentially given up. The teams that decided to play for next year trade off some of their best players, call up some minor leaguers and see what they can do for next year. Of course, they still have to play all of their games from this year, so you would assume that some of their fans would tune out and thus not want to bet them.

The operative word in the prior sentence was “some.” Sure, some of their fans, the more fair-weather ones, are going to turn away from the team. But, the ones that care, the true believers, they’ll keep watching. With Sports Per Head, you can bring in their bets, as well. on top of that, these teams that have been eliminated from post-season contention play the same schedules that we mentioned earlier.

So, they’ll be playing contending teams at some point. This is an opportunity to bring in the folks who aren’t just the true believers here. See, even a casual fan is going to want to see their team that’s had a difficult season take it to the guys who might play for the World Series in a few months. A game in September where one team is trying to solidify their playoff seeding and the other is playing spoiler can be a golden opportunity for our bookies. Of course, to say again, with baseball, that opportunity doesn’t just come once: it comes in the course of an entire series, three or four games.

Beyond Baseball

Of course, eventually, the pennant chase and the baseball regular season will end. Once the MLB playoffs get here, those are incredible opportunities for our bookies to bring in more people, too. But, many of our bookies aren’t into baseball, nor do they have players for it. That doesn’t mean, of course, that we have nothing to offer them at Sports Per Head. In fact, the opposite is true: while the pennant chase is going on, we have so many other wonderful betting opportunities.

The NFL preseason is just a few days away. Once that starts, then football is officially back. The early football games are just wonderful for bookies: everyone is watching and betting their favorite teams – a recipe for our bookies’ success. When we say “football,” we don’t just mean the pros. The college teams will be playing as well. As every game is so big, each game can feel like a true, actual playoff game. Those high stakes make for great games for our bookies.

You don’t even have to be into team sports to make money with our online sportsbook. For example, the horse racing book is one of our most popular options. Maybe your players don’t want to see anyone throw a ball; they want to see horses racing. We have racetracks from all over the country and elsewhere, so that no matter where your players are, they can get all of the horse racing action they need.

An Online Sportsbook for Every Season

There’s always a reason to get started with Sports Per Head. Today, it’s the pennant chase, tomorrow; it might be the NFL playoffs, NBA regular season, or anything else. There’s always something on the sports calendar to keep folks interested. With our industry-best free trial, there’s never a bad time to begin the next phase of your online bookie business. Start today by giving Sports Per Head a call at (888) 684-9666.