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Pay per player betting software

The present status of pay per player betting software has immensely developed into a high tech wagering site for bookmakers and online gamblers. Choose the right type of pay per player wagering software that you can work better with and convenience to your business.


Most pay per player betting programs are now operating in a paperless environment with online betting. You may take a slip as your receipt or proof of wagering. Although bookie stations are still in effect, it has come to a point that punters follow the digital trend in the gambling industry.


Even the mobile devices are now putting in more money for the pay per player online betting sites. In return, gambling operators give wagering accessibility with vivid resolutions downloadable to portable gadgets used for the online betting industry. The betting software provided by the pay per player bookmaking solutions company is safe and secure with built-in safety measures that thwart away hackers interested in ripping you off with your hard earned money.


Features to look for in a pay per player bookmaking solutions software


  • See to it that the uploaded betting software will allow you to bet on any online device. That would include the mobile gadgets that are now trending in placing your online bets. You will need a fast and reliable internet for this feature. Mobile devices let punters bet on their choice of pay per player betting software anywhere and anytime; a strong and reliable internet connection is what you need to accomplish the betting process.


  • The front end solution of a pay per head betting software should be attractive at first glance with clear and well-organized menus. The ease of navigation, when accessed by the online punters, is very important; complex and confusing operation of the system could result in your gamblers leaving your fold to seek for better and user-friendly sites. A user-friendly dashboard is what online punters need to guide them in their betting activities.


  • The back-end solution of pay per player bookmaking solution should ease and attend to the needs of the bookmaker. Records and documentation found in this section where report generation is also accessible. Bookies can tap the online website betting activity of the gamblers under his care. Oddsmakers can base important decisions and apply certain tools of the trade he needs to augment the operation of the business.


  • A significant feature in pay per player betting site is the live betting. The sought-after plus factor in a prominent pay per player betting program. Most gamblers prefer this type of online wagering. There are so many options and types of betting lines offered in the live bets.


  • The pay per player sportsbook software you are planning to join should have a huge array of sports for more betting options for your punters. The more options they have the more they would want to stay in a one stop one shop pay per player wagering site. The Casinos are also added attractions of the bookmaking solutions as gamblers love to play the online betting tables.


  • Horse track racing is a betting option that pays per player wagering site should provide to punters. The feature will spare bettors from the long queues in horse track betting stations. The online betting for horse track racing will allow online gamblers to bet from the comforts of their homes with clear live imagery delivered on their screens.   


  • Also, check if you have the satisfaction to experience the delivery of the live wagering coverage. Is it clear and audible and worth your while? There will also be popups offered on you monitors offering innovative proposals to place your bets. There is no delay in the action of the players or team’s performance you are rooting for in the in-game betting.The beautiful live coverage will bring in more punters to your group raising the profits and revenues of your business. pay per player betting site should have this feature installed in the wagering software.


  • The services offered in pay per player bookmaking solutions software should be prompt and immediate, or at least, the inquirer will have the response within the day. Most efficient pay per player betting sites has call center agents with the adept training of their roles as frontline participants in the wagering industry. Their role is to assist your punters in their needs so they may have gambling experience on your bookie website. They are available 24/7 whole year round.


Important Business tools for managing your pay per player bookmaking solutions business


Pay per player operators considers important business tools as part of their business.


• A settle alert is a business tool that protects the bookie’s financial flow. Its role is to control money matters of the betting site. The tool sends warnings and notices to bookmakers that the status of the settle limit is within reach. The business instrument is important as it safeguards the bookies and their online players.

• Another pay per player software business tool that will help bookmakers efficiently manage the business is the Player Activity Tool. This business instrument keeps track of the players betting activity. It monitors what they were doing, the frequency of their online betting participation in the betting site, and their betting capacity when they start to place their wagers. The information will let you know how your business is doing and will be the basis of important decisions to direct the path you are taking towards a successful bookie endeavor.

It is also a way if your punters have the satisfaction in the services offered by the pay per player betting software. Their experience with the online wagering company is essential for they are the direct participants for your business to grow. Without them, your business would slide down the drain and lose you the venture. The tool will help you decide what to do if you are aware of what your clients are going through.


• There is a tool that helps you recall important data that you already lost in transition with the activities going on in a busy pay per player betting site. It is the “forgotten reporting tool” that aids the bookmaker to look for information stored in the archives of your website.

All information needs to be in a safe storage facility where you can access them when the need arises. An update is in place of your clients’ database to keep the online bookie business up and about.  


• A tool used to efficiently operate a pay per player betting software is the hold percentage instrument. The tool allows bookmakers to view their hold percentage data and decide from the information rendered to efficiently manage the betting site and make more money.    


Growing your pay per player betting website by recruiting more online players


The pay per player betting software will take care of your administrative functions like Recording, documentation, inventories and report generations. While they take off this heavy load from your daily tasks, you can focus on what you need to be doing in the first place, recruitment of new punters.


  • One of the ways to attract new players to your fold is by having an attractive website. The attraction must be at first glance. First impressions last so they say. The presentation of your bookie website is an asset that new players would like to be in a bookmaking solution software.


  • Customer satisfaction is one of the results online players and bookmakers seek in a pay per players booking software. The services offered are essential to your clientele responses. If they like what they experience they will keep coming back with new gamblers in tow. The news of the great services in a pay per player betting site will just spread like wildfire. Sooner or later, new recruits, amateur and professional online gamblers alike will add to your roster of clients. This means more profits for the business.


  • Proposed features and services delivered as promised is a trait all customers appreciate in a pay per player online betting software. The wagering site must fulfill its promises to do what it promised or you will see an exodus of online players from your group and the site as a whole. An example of this is the prompt payout for players who won in their placement of bets. Immediately pay out what is due to a winning punter. The action is what makes gamblers come back to your pay per player betting program for more action.


  • Payment options are also important to the new recruits. They must have a number of payment options to place their bets or receive their payouts. Payment alternatives have preferred options than other facilities.


Payment options for online bookmaker ina pay per player bookmaking solution


  1. Credit Cards
  2. Debit Cards (Maestro, Visa, or Mastercard)
  3. E-Wallets
  4. Prepaid Cards
  5. Bank Transfers
  6. Wire transfers


Be wary of using these payment options to the pay per player betting sites. Always ensure the security and safety of your financial credentials not to fall into the wrong hands. is happy to serve and deliver your expectations with the most customer satisfying services in the betting industry. Visit our website and try our demo product to appreciate.