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Pay Per Head Sportsbook: What to Look For

A Pay per head sportsbook business is prolific. No wonder, you can find dozens of ads related to it. But not all PPH companies are trustworthy. Some of them will offer you a cheap price. Unfortunately, cheap is not always better. 

Finding the Right Pay Per Head Sportsbook

There are tons of benefits you can obtain when you use a pay per head service. But all of these benefits will be for naught if you use the wrong company. It could negatively affect your entire business. 

Sports Per Head has been in the industry for years. We have seen those fly by night operations. After operating for a few weeks, they packed up and left. Unfortunately, these companies affected many bookies who signed up with their services without conducting thorough research. 

Some bookmakers made desperate phone calls during the Super Bowl as they looked for a solution as their PPH service could not handle the deluge of traffic. 

This situation could also happen to you if you are not careful. It is especially true if you choose to hire a cheap PPH service. Always remember that in this industry, you always get what you pay for. 

Charging you with such a low fee will not allow them to hire competent employees who can handle your requests. 

When you choose a PPH, make sure that you opt for the premium ones, like Sports Per Head. We have competent line managers that will monitor your odds. Keep in mind that having the wrong line on a game will result in a disaster. 

And as mentioned earlier, if your PPH service cannot handle a surge in traffic, your business is doomed. That is, your players cannot place their bets online. 

If you wish to avoid these disasters, make sure that you only sign up for the right pay per head company. Choose a company that makes it convenient for you to run your online bookie and for players to place their bets. Plus, the company must have the right resources to help you handle your day to day operation. 

a pay per head sportsbook


It is one of the most vital things to consider when finding the right PPH. It must use data encryption, as well as state-of-the-art security technology. In this way, you and your clients’ financial data are protected. 

Sporting Events 

The best PPH can offer you a wide variety of global sporting events, and not just a few. You should pick a company that can give you access to casino gaming, online bingo, horse racing tracks, and several others. 

We pride ourselves on providing updated lines. We refresh them constantly so you can have direct access and control of the totals, actual sides, and money for a particular game. 

When you sign up for our PPH service, you can be sure that you get a 100% reliable system. You will not have to worry about server crash or experience unexpected downtime. 

If you wish to try our pay per head sportsbook, you may do so with our free week trial. Give us a call to find out how to get a demo: (888) 684-9666.