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Pay Per Head Sportsbook Services for 2019, 2020 and Beyond

Our pay per head sportsbook services offers you high caliber of quality sports betting all year long. In fact, we do that year after year after year. We’ve been providing these services for decades to our bookies, enabling them to offer their players the best sports betting for a long period of time. In the time we’ve been doing this, sports betting has changed quite a bit. What we’re able to do today with Sports Per Head would’ve felt like something out of a science fiction movie just a few years ago. Today, we can give you more than 3200 live games per month and counting.

pay per head sportsbook services

Pay Per Head Sportsbook Services: Summer

The keyword in the last sentence is “live” games. These aren’t games that are taped, or on some kind of tape delay. No, these are live games, that your players can get a real live bet down on. This way, you can offer your players more games than they’re liable to find elsewhere. If you think about it, 3200 live games per month translate to roughly more than 100 games per day on average. That’s a lot of opportunities for you to draw in new players and keep them.

Summer is a great month for playing sports, but not always for watching and betting on them. After all, this is the month in America where the only professional sports going on are baseball and soccer. While we can give you plenty of games for those, we also have tremendous horse racing options, too. this is the grand time for outdoor harness racing, which means that your players will be able to bet on these horse races no matter where they are.

Horse racing is a sport that has been associated with gambling since the very beginning, and many families have horse racing gambling traditions passed down through the generations. With our horse racing functionality, you’ll be able to offer something to bet on that can bring in more players than you might be able to get otherwise, people who may not have bet on the NFL but will bet on the horses.

The Games of Autumn

Autumn is where sports betting really picks up. NFL training camps start in July, which means that the preseason games take up a lot of oxygen in August. While many of these games are bet on by the true die-hard football fans, they’re becoming more and more popular. Even the casual fan now knows, for example, that the first and third games are the most important and popular. The first game is the first time for people to see football since the Super Bowl, so the excitement level is high.

By that same token, excitement is even higher for the third game, since that’s the one that most teams will play their starters in the most (often a half). The NFL preseason is like an appetizer before the main meal. Of course, people love appetizers, and with our sportsbook site, you’ll be able to offer them to your players.

Rabbit Season or Duck Season?

NFL preseason games, while great, are as low stakes as it gets. the exact opposite is true, however, of the August and September MLB games. Many of these games are as high stakes as it gets before the playoffs. The pennant chase in many divisions is going to go right down to the wire, which makes every game huge. For example, as of this writing, the last place team in the National League Central division is within five games of first place. That means that within the course of less than a week, the last place team could be in first, or any other team in the division could be. With a division that tight, it’s going to go down to the very end.

Of course, when something like that occurs, it makes the games bigger, more popular and more visible. That’s great for all of our bookies. Indeed, pennant chases are tremendous opportunities for our bookies to earn big bucks. Consider the NFL playoff games, while an enormous moneymaker, are only four weekends (or so) a year. There are over a double-digit number of games, but that’s it. They’re profitable, but finite and stretched out.

A pennant race, however, has multiple games a night in the summer, each with major ramifications on the race. Many players will bet on multiple games in a pennant race: on the team they want to win, and the other teams in other games that they want to lose. This doesn’t just happen on a few weekends, this can happen every night in August and September. Our bookies have been using pay per head sportsbook services since the beginning to get as much as possible out of our bookie sites.

The Winter is Coming

The World Series usually extends into November at this point, making it a part of the winter. Much of what we said above about the excitement of the “pennant chase” in baseball also applies to the playoff races in the NFL. With the limited 16 game structure of the NFL season, the importance of each game is magnified. So, by November, every single game can swing an entire division and even the playoff chase itself. of course, the NFL is America’s de facto national pastime at this point, so millions are glued to the screen every Sunday, Monday and even Thursday. By offering these games, you’ll be able to tap into perhaps the best betting market in the United States.

While the baseball season ends at the start of winter, two more seasons just get started: the NBA and NHL. People are going to be fired up for this new NBA season. With so much changing around the league during the free agency signing period, the league will have basically an entirely new landscape when the season starts. It will take a while for these essentially all-new teams (the Lakers, the Clippers, the Rockets, the Nets and more) to settle in. A smart bookie can reap the whirlwind on this, hitting the ground running on the new NBA season. With all of these games to offer, you can bring in players who are hype for the new NBA.

Senior Moneymakers

The NHL shouldn’t be an afterthought, either. The salary cap has lead to real parity, and more than a handful of teams can have a real, credible claim to the Stanley Cup this year. When the season starts, fans from all over are going to be excited to see how the league shakes out. We don’t just offer professional sports, however. College football and basketball are some of our most powerful moneymakers. College football teams, if they want to have a real shot at the number one ranking going into the playoff, basically have to be undefeated or have one loss at best. That makes every game so important.

Games of Spring

The NFL season culminates in January’s playoffs and February’s Super Bowl: betting experiences like no other. Those are the nights our bookies look forward to, year after year: when the entire world turns its eyes onto the games we’re offering. They are always, year in and year out, incredible opportunities to bring in players and keep them.

Just a month or so after the Super Bowl, another of the best betting opportunities comes around: March Madness. This is another one of those “once in a year” events. As you’ve seen in this blog, we walked you through almost a year of betting opportunities. These don’t just happen once every few years, everything we mentioned is annual. There’s always another opportunity to make more money, to bring in more players and to keep them. Start a free trial  for pay per head sportsbook services with us today by visiting our site or call (888) 684-9666.