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Pay Per Head Sports book Services: Freedom Meets Convenience

NFL training camps are underway. The pennant chase is heating up. The MLS season is in full swing. Soon, the NFL preseason will be here, then the college football season, and finally autumn will arrive with the beginning of the NFL regular season. These are great times for our bookies, as there’s something great to offer their players, night after night. More than just the games, however, what our pay per head sports book services offer players and bookies alike are freedom and convenience.

Pay Per Head Sportsbook Services Servers

You can’t have a car that runs without an engine. Sure, maybe it’ll move a bit on its own momentum if it’s already headed downhill or something, but a car can’t go far without an engine. A pay per head site is the same way: without servers, it can’t do much. When the servers are down, or otherwise not operating properly, then the site is going to be practically useless to players and bookies alike. That’s not good for anyone’s business.

The online marketplace is so competitive. That’s true whether you’re talking about shoes, shirts, pay per head sites or basically anything else. So, if a player is looking for somewhere to get a bet down on a game, and they come to your site, like what they see, and then click on it… only to find that it doesn’t load because the server is down, odds are you’ve lost that player for good. The reason for that is that the player has so many other options. They can quickly hop over to another site that is running properly and then get their bet down there. It’s highly unlikely that they would leave that site (the one that worked) to come back to yours a later time.

Stop Looking For, We’re It

That won’t happen with Sports Per Head. At our site, our servers are up more than 99% percent of the time. That means that basically no matter what, your players will be able to access your site. This gives our bookies greater freedom, and it certainly gives their players greater convenience. For example: how many times have you gone to a website late at night, only to find it doesn’t work? You might get some message like: “down for maintenance. Check back later.”

That doesn’t happen with Sports Per Head. Instead, your site is always up. That means that your players can get a bet down at a time that’s convenient to them. Maybe they’ve had a few drinks, are taking a cab ride home late at night, and then they see that the game is tomorrow. Then, they get a bet down quickly, while it’s fresh in their mind. We’ve had plenty of bookies tell us about players who woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, suddenly remembering that they had to get a bet down on the game. With our site, you’ll be able to bring in these players and more.

24/7 Service For You and Everyone

Another important group of people you’ll be able to get on your site with our servers: folks who work odd hours. Not everyone has a 9 to 5, five days a week job anymore. In fact, more than ever, folks are working side hustles, odd hours and the like. Someone who works the graveyard shift deserves to be able to get a bet down on the game, too. Instead of seeing some kind of maintenance message, they’ll be able to get a bet down when they want. That kind of convenience is often rewarded by players. If they’re able to get to your site one time, they’re more likely to be able to again.

By always having a site with servers that are up, our bookies have the opportunity to expand their player reach. We’ve mentioned getting the people who work the night shift or keep different hours, but you can go so much further than that. When your sportsbook is always online, you can get players clear on the other side of the world. You can get the people who go to work, check your sportsbook, get a bet down and go to bed… only to get the folks on the other side of the planet who are going through the entire process all over again. Through this, your sportsbook can always be drawing in players, and thus always be making you money.

pay per head sports book services

Mobile-Optimized Sportsbook

For many of us, when we were kids, late July and August was a time of: “let’s be outside as much as possible.” with the threat of school looming, it became important to spend as much time outside as we could. Knowing that we were going to have to spend the majority of the next nine months cooped up in a schoolroom is enough to make so many kids want to spend more time in the summer sun. Many of us still have this in our bones as adults: wanting to be in the sun for as long as possible before autumn comes. Sure, we don’t have to sit in a classroom anymore, but autumn and winter bring cold temperatures with them. Spending the last moments of summer at a beach makes a whole lot of sense.

New Chance For Online Sportsbooks

In the past, that could make this time a bit difficult on bookies with online sportsbooks. After all, the times when someone’s at the beach are times that they aren’t online to get a bet down. That’s why we made sure that our site had some of the top mobile optimization in the business. That way, your players don’t have to be sitting at their desktop or laptop to be able to bet. Instead, they can bet on their smartphones. They can bet on their tablets. So long as they have an internet connection, these mobile devices allow them to do just that: be mobile.

This opened up a whole new world for our bookies. Now, they can reach more people than ever before. This means that they can get the person who’s sitting at the beach or by the side of the pool, soaking in the last of the summer’s fading rays. They can also get the person who’s in line buying their back to school supplies, or who are buying new clothes for the coming colder months. No matter what kind of activity you’re involved in, if you have the internet, you can bet.

Wherever You Go, Whenever You Want

As we offer so many sports at our site that means that we can get people who are at the games, too. You can be at a football game that you’re betting on. You can even be at a baseball game and get a bet down on a football game (and vice versa). This freedom of movement has been great for our bookies as well as their players. This convenience makes it quicker than ever for our bookies’ online sportsbook to truly become a part of their players’ lives. As it loads so quickly and is so easy to use, our bookies’ players incorporate it into the rhythm of their lives. Have a free moment? Check the lines for tonight’s games. In line at the bank? Check the lines for tomorrow’s games. That’s how our bookies build a player base that lasts.

Sports Per Head for Bookies and Players Alike

Those are just a few of the ways that we cater to the modern, highly-knowledgeable and incredibly busy player. We know that the people who bet on sports online have a lot to do, so we made a service that they can use simply and easily whenever they want. To get started with our service, we have a one-week free trial that will allow you to test out all of our different features for yourself. All you have to do is go through our site or call (888) 684-9666.