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Pay Per Head Software with All of the Tools

In baseball, a top prospect is often referred to as a “five-tool player.” That means that the player has all five tools that a team could want: they have a great arm, they’re fast, they can hit for power, they can field, and so much more. As pay per head software, Sports Per Head has all of the tools, too. when you use our online bookie software, you can get everything that you’ll need to take your bookie business to the next level.  Moreover, we’re always looking for ways to make it better, too.

A Pay Per Head Software that Moves with the Games

the world of online sports betting changes constantly. It’s never static. It’s always in motion, going from one game to the next. So, we’ve designed Sports Per Head to be able to keep up with that. We always offer weekly packages for all of the games that are coming up that particular week. That way, you and your players will always be able to access the games that they want to play. When players are choosing between your online sportsbook and another, they won’t be able to say that the other one has more games to bet on than yours does.

This is true every time of year, too. We make sure to update these packages all of the time so that you can always offer your players the best. For example, as of this writing, it’s the middle of July. That means baseball is going to be the biggest sport in North America right now. The MLS may also be available in a few places, too. But, for the most part, that’s what’s going on in North America right at this moment. However, that’s all going to change very soon.

Preseason Games

In just a couple weeks (depending on when this blog goes up) the NFL will return. That means the preseason games will soon be here. Sure, they might not mean much to the starters, but they’ll mean quite a bit to the players who are just trying to make the team. Moreover, they’ll mean quite a bit to your players as well. After going so many months without pro football, these early preseason games take on an outsized importance. The first week of preseason games draws in all kinds of casual players.

Join The Betting Hunger Games

So, we make sure that our online sportsbook offers all of the games from that first week of the preseason. As these games draw massive ratings from fans from all walks of life, we make sure that they’re available on our online bookie software. These games will basically be on any television in any bar, gym or anywhere else. That means that casual fans could get drawn in, too. Sure, the person who only watches a few playoff games or might be a casual fan could be unaware that preseason football has even started yet.

But, when they see a game (even if it’s for a team that isn’t their own) on a TV in the background, they might want to get a bet down to join in the fun. When they do, you want to have an online bookie software platform that’s there to take their bet. That’s where Sports Per Head comes in.

pay per head software

The 2nd Preseason Game

There’s typically a television ratings drop-off from the first week of preseason football to the second. That first week, everyone who missed football tunes in to see the games again then gets back on with their summer. However, people still watch the games from the second week, too. In fact, if you have a great line on a game, you can get in more prospective players than you might have during week one. The people who watch the second week of preseason football tend to really know their football. So, if someone’s betting on one of these games, then they have quite an understanding and affinity for the game.

This is where one of our newest, most popular features comes in: making your own line. The people who are betting on the second preseason game know football so well; they’re probably shopping around to find a line that they want to bet. They’re probably more likely to not automatically take whatever the accepted; Vegas line is on the game.

Trust Sports Per Head Software

With Sports Per Head online bookie software, you can change your lines to whatever you want them to be. That means that you can change the lines to be something that fits your players. Many of our online bookies really know their sports. They can spot when the line from Vegas isn’t quite right. So, when you want to change your line to something that you believe in more (or that you believe will bring in more players) we make it simple and easy for you to do so.

This can be particularly advantageous during the preseason when the games are more predictable. Sure, you can make an educated guess about what the starters from one team are going to do against the starters from another team, as that’s what the entire regular season is basically. However, when it’s one team’s second-string versus another team’s third-string, there are more possible outcomes. That can make these games, a bit paradoxically, more exciting for people to bet on than regular season games might be. With increased unpredictability comes an increased possibility. That’s why we offer these games at our site, among other reasons.

The 3rd Preseason Game

You might think that ratings drop from the second preseason game to the third one, but that’s not always the case. Indeed, in many markets, far more people watch the third game than the second one, or sometimes even the first one. The reason for that is simple: for many teams, the third preseason game is the one that the starters are going to play the most in. it’s far enough away from the regular season that players who suffer minor injuries can have time to recover, but it’s also close enough to the regular season that players can get an appropriate tune-up for when the games start for real.

So, perhaps even more so than the first preseason game, this game can be a great opportunity for you to expand the players on your online sportsbook. As more people are watching these games (since they include players that even the casual fans will know by heart) you can expand your base. These games might even be a bit easier for you to wager on, too – you may have a better feel for how the starters are going to play, seeing as you’ve seen them in regular seasons in the past.

Don’t Lose Your Chance

That being said, the unpredictability of the first two preseason games will still be in effect in the second half. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen it in third preseason game: the starters of one team go out, play the starters of the other, beat them all over the field and take a commanding half time lead. Then, in the second half, the backups of both teams come out, and the backups of the team that has the lead end up frittering it away, losing it in the last few moments. As a bookie, these games provide an incredible opportunity.

Opportunities for Everyone

The fourth preseason game almost has no starters in it whatsoever, but it’s a game that has a lot of opportunities for players to make their case to make the team. Many backups make the team in the last preseason game. The knowledgeable fans, who may know who’s on the bubble and has to play hard vs. those that don’t, may want to bet these games. If you want to get online bookie software up and running before the preseason, call (888) 684-9666.