Pay Per Head Sites

Understanding the Ins and Outs of Pay Per Head Sites

For the novice bookies, finding Pay Per Head sites can be a painstaking task when the ins and outs of the PPH business are not fully understood. It is imperative to have that foundation if you wish to engage in the rapidly growing industry of sports betting and online betting. If you are interested to know about how to build such a lucrative business from scratch, learn more about what the industry offers, what tools you need, and the benefits of trusting a reputable price per head service gives.

What Does a Bookie Do

A bookie ( an informal term for a ‘bookmaker’) is basically someone who facilitates sports betting, horse race betting, or even in live game betting. He earns by charging the players for any transaction associated with placing their bets. Also, they get to earn through the losses of the players while paying the price per head service for a fee based on the number of active players per week.

Being a bookie requires in-depth knowledge of strategies and understanding of player’s betting behavior. These are two of the top ways they can earn in a bookmaking business. In order to boost his chances of earning, the bookie can adjust or set the odds, restrict or limit the amount that a player can bet, and add or delete the features of a price per head sportsbook platform.

Generally, bookmakers do not aim at earning money from betting itself, but they earn by growing their own sheet or by encouraging more players to wager or place their bets. They act as the market makers and earn from any sporting event regardless of the result.

Defining What PPH Sites Offer

Pay Per Head sportsbook service is the concept that every sport better and an agent is familiar with. The provider of PPH site offers a bookmaker with extensive online solutions such as sports betting software. The main difference between a traditional bookie from a modern bookie is the presence of an online platform and other services to facilitate their players in placing bets or wagers.

How Do PPH Sites Help Bookies

A smart bookie would select price per head services in obtaining a platform designed for efficient bookmaking management. The PPH service provider does not only offer a platform, but also provides a bookmaker with a dedicated account manager, customer service care, expert odd workers, and an in-house team of software and system engineers.

When the price per head bookie avails the use of a sportsbook software to assist him with the full operation of the bookmaking service, the company will then supply all the essential tools, resources, and expertise. The PPH company will then charge the bookie ‘per person’ actively using the platform per week. Hence, the name.

Why Should Bookies Take Advantage of the Offerings

There’s a colossal benefit on the end of the bookmaker when using these pay per head sites. For once, he can compete with several other firms offering price per head sportsbook. A cutting-edge tool and software can be accessed by all his players at any time of the day. A reputable company offering such a platform almost never experiences any downtime. So, whether your players wish to wager on a Sunday, during the midweek or while on vacation, they can access the sportsbook and see all the available sports to bet on. Moreover, all the services and features offered are made accessible via any mobile device. Gone are the days, when you have to get stuck in front of the PC to have sports betting fun.

To sum up, bookies should grab the opportunity to find pay per head sites to obtain these advantages without having to spend a huge sum of money. This is due to the fact that firms only charge bookies with a minimal fee for every player using the platform. Another great reason to have other related services that can help you focus on getting more clients.

For instance, the presence of a dedicated and well-trained customer care specialists with advanced knowledge of the betting industry can be extremely advantageous as well. From the bookie’s end, you can immediately contact them to make any adjustments on your sportsbook. From the players’ end, they can simply get in touch via a hotline to place their bet or wager if they prefer to do it over the phone.

Price Per Head Services At A Glance

A full-service price per head sportsbook services includes the use of cutting-edge sportsbook software, Casino Games, Internet Waging, Expert Support, and Call Centers. See how these play a crucial part in the operation of your business.

Top-of-the-Line Sportsbook Software

A top PPH company uses a sportsbook software which provides a platform for the bookmaker to manage the entire wagering operation anywhere in the world as long as he is connected to the Internet. Bookies can also move the wagering lines or even set or restrict the betting limit. There may be times when closing the accounts of players deemed inevitable especially when fishy activities are detected using the given sportsbook software.

The bookmakers can access the back end or front end using a user-friendly interface which makes tweaking and adjustments a breeze. For the beginners, a free trial use of the software is typically offered in order to have a first-hand experience first. Usually, these are offered by pay per head sites for a period of about 2-6 weeks on average. The said platform can also be utilized by the players using their own Web-enabled tablets or mobile phones. They can easily navigate through the wagering menu, list of sports, or even the add-on features.

Online Casino, Racebook, and In-Live Game Wagering

Offering a diverse set of games and services is a big advantage for any bookmaker who dreams of a successful online business. Casino gaming enthusiasts are also welcome to try and use these pay per head services. Traditional table casino games and even live dealing are now possible with the use of the same platform. The live dealer game can give players the feel of Las Vegas-inspired live dealing experience. For players who wish to take a break from sports betting, they can switch to horse race betting. A reputable PPH service has a massive list of racetracks in the book and offers daily rebates.

Aside from these two, in-line game wagering can be offered wherein a particular player can participate before and during the game. Games are streamed live and the bets are updated in real time making it one exciting activity to try. The more offerings a bookie has, the more players he can encourage and keep.

Reliable Call Center

Top-notch Pay Per Head sites offer a feature that lets players call in directly for any preferred action. Most PPH companies have offshore contact centers and a specific direct number is given to bookies and players. The clients can simply dial the number directly to place their bets. There are wagering and betting agents who are highly trained to receive the calls. With this feature, it makes it a lot easier to check disputes and verify claims as each call is recorded for quality assurance and monitoring purposes.

It is important that you take into account certain several another factor such as licensing, legal requirements, a range of services, user terms and conditions, security service for you and your clients, and even the number of years in the industry. When all these requirements are satisfied or met by a specific PPH company, then you can be certain that you have better chances for a profitable sportsbook business. If you are ready to take the first step, then start exploring what we can offer. We have just the right tools for you being one of pay per head sites today.