Pay per head scams

Pay Per Head Scams: How to avoid them

Pay per Head Service provider have been growing in popularity since the day it was introduced to the public. They have been offering bookies and bettors a very unique service that makes setting odds and handling bets easy. However, just like many other online offers, pay per head services can also be abused by scammers.

Scammers, like technology, have been evolving through the years. They are now able to exploit unsuspecting victims into getting informations that they can then use to their advantage. Things like atm skimmers, phishing  sites and other types of scams and hacks are all over the internet.

Even Pay per Head Services are not exempted from these scams.


Pay per Head Scams you need to watch out

Unrealistic Rewards and Signing Bonus – If it’s too good to be true then it probably is. Most of the time, legit Pay per Head service providers like Sports per Head offers a week free demo of their service. Other providers offer the same and if you find someone that offers their service for longer than that then you should probably start suspecting.

Pay per Head scammers will also lure bettors with unbelievable odds and winnings. Those out of this world           offers should instantly raise a red flag.

PPH Provider that doesn’t pay – Another thing to check before signing up for a Pay per Head service is if they are really paying their customers. This can be done by checking online the site’s reviews. If it’s a new website then it is to avoid it in the meantime and wait until it has enough reviews. You can also check the website’s social media. Social media account will be the first one to be bombarded with comments if a website is legit or not so use it to your advantage.

However, you need to know that websites can also fake their reviews. This can be avoided when you do a thorough research about the provider in question.

No clear Address and Contact Information – Google maps can probably be your friend. Make it your routine to check the address stated on the website. If it points to a vacant lot or in the desert then its pretty much a scam.

You can also dial their number and start asking their customer support. One thing to keep in mind is that if the agent who picks up doesnt sound like a local or has a weird accent then you should be vigilant.

Other ways you can get Scammed by Pay per Head Providers

Phishing sites – Some pay per head are more popular than the other and because of this, scammers take advantage of their popularity through phishing. A phishing site works in a way that it imitates a website’s look and lure customers to log into their account. The unsuspecting victim’s info will then be collected by the scammers. To fight this, you need to always check the address of the website you are visiting.

Other security measures are done by website owners to protect their customers. One of it is the SSL security which encrypts your data. This can be checked by looking at the address bar too. Websites that have SSL starts at “https:// “ while the common websites starts at “www” or “http”. It is advisable to use websites that have SSL  but not all websites without an SSL means they are a scam.

Unsolicited Links – There are a thousand of ads online and you need to be very careful in clicking these links. You need to make sure that the link you are visiting is something that you know and trust. There are also tons of these unsolicited links found of spam emails. Most of these emails are proven to be scams. It is good that email clients now have built-in security to block these unsolicited emails. However, not all spams are blocked as spammers have found ways to make your email provider think that it is a valid mail.

What you can do to avoid these scams

  1. Be vigilant. It is always to trust your instint. IF you feel that there is something wrong then be careful. Start asking them questions.
  2. Look at forums. Know what other players have to say. Almost everything now has a community online and people are actively discussing on these kinds of platform. It is to check online for discussions regarding the pay per head service provider that you want to try.
  3. Check their rating. Just like forums, there are websites that rates pph service provider and any other websites out there and it is to read them as they have done their research and they might have even tried the service.
  4. Check their office address. I mentioned earlier that checking their office address will save you from trouble and that you need to make it your routine to check if the company you will be working with is real and not just a scam.
  5. Look for refund option. Legit pph service provider are not afraid to offer full refund if the customer did not like their product. This is because of the fact that they are real and they maintain their good reputation.
  6. Communicate with them. A good pay per head service provider like sports per head has professional customer support that are open 24/7. Scammers cannot offer the same service as they are usually a small operation. Also, remember the saying that “the fish is caught on its mouth”. You will get a hint that your are being scammed when they try to almost force you to join. Reputable pph provider wont force you to join them.

Use the Pay per Head Service that you can trust

At Sports Per Head, your security is our top priority. We not only offer good Pay per Head Software but we also make sure that you can sleep well at night without worrying.  We make it our goal to protect your hard earned money.