Pay per Head Program: The Bookmaker’s Online Betting Solution

Pay per Head Program: The Bookmaker’s Online Betting Solution

Bookmakers who want to increase their profits and grow their online betting business can realize their goals with the help of the pay per head program. The pph software provided solutions to bookies and made their operations better than most pay per head programs.


The Pay per Head Program that is Right for You


Several pph programs sprung up from the internet since authorities of the online gambling community allowed bookmakers to join the wagering industry. Just like any other business,  some pph software intends to make a run for the money of the unsuspecting punter. Beware of these entities and watch out for the red flag warnings of such scammers.


Forced Purchase

A betting site could be a scam when it requires its customers to buy items such as software or a gadget before it before getting started in their pay per head program. A genuine pph software provides its bookies with a free website with options to customize it. When scamming sites ask you to buy the items, forget about this software and look for another, this is a fake website.


Register First, Pay Later

Be wary of a  betting site tempting you to enlist first and allowing you to pay later. Scammers employ this scheme to lure naive players wanting to be bookies to join their group as soon as possible. The site can waive the registration cost after you joined their illegal betting platform. The schemers would rush you to start with their site as soon as possible. The ploy entraps you to pay what they charge you in the future. Stay away from this site.


Unethical Correspondence

Fake sites will be using unethical communication when they make the proposal of joining their betting site. Sites proposing in text language is a bad sign that it is a scam. When the scamming staff of this site sends their proposal, ignore it and go to the next prospect of your genuine betting search list.


Business Website Identity

When betting companies cannot show their website or any information about their entity, your guess may be good as mine. The site is a potential scamming firm. Every time you ask for their contact number and business address, they have nothing to present. Ask them questions like who funds the wagering firm? Who are the bookies involved in the pay per head program? Some companies send their proposal through private email accounts and do not reflect officiality. This is a sign of scheming betting sites. Beware.


Winning Bet Assurances

When a pay per head program provider promises the bettors of sure winnings, be wary of the company. They are out to rip you off with your hard earned money. A winning wager is not an assurance unless it presents unreasonable odds. Stay away from this sort of companies promising false winning wagers.


Rush Closure to Join the Betting Company

Some scamming betting companies instruct their staff to rush potential clients in joining their pph programs. Some bookies and players bite through this trick and actually register their accounts in the scheme. The fake site will rush to let you in on their free trial.


Sleep over these proposals to decide if the offer is a deceitful tactic. This is a sign of a fake wagering site. Scammers take advantage of this ploy because people make foolish decisions under pressure. Do not be hooked by this stratagem and decide without the force of joining the site. Relax and take your time so you can choose the right pay per head program for you and the punters.

Pay per Head Program The Bookmaker’s Online Betting Solution


Sports per Head and its Role to Bookies’ Success


The pay per head program provided by the Sports per head sportsbook is the meaning of working smart against working hard. SPH supports its bookmakers that is continuously on the recruitment job of players for the pay per head program. Sports per head believes that if the bookies succeed in their goals to grow and increase profitability, the sportsbook company will also succeed to increase its profits and revenues.


Former online gamblers realize that it is better to make money on the other side of the fence. By being a bookmaker, the income is more promising than playing with the odds on a pay per head program. From that premise, they begin their search for the right pay per head program provider that could help them in their novice stages of the industry. Sports per head is the answer to your searches.


Why Choose Sports Per Head for your Pay Per Head Program


As bookmaker on sportsbooks, Sports per Head is your trustworthy betting platform. When you aim to become one of the bookies of the SPH pay per head program, your mindset immediately switches to your online betting business. You become a businessman with SPH watching your back and guiding you through the intricacies of the online betting industry.


A Free Pay Per Head Program

SPH will be providing the bookmaker with a pay per head software free of charge. The bookie can have the pay per head program customized according to how he runs his operations. The bookie website will have a simplified yet efficient platform that is easy to navigate for punters. SPH will see to it that the gamblers will not be wasting their time trying to find out how to use the dashboard. Complicated websites will cause the players to abandon the betting platform and look for other sites that can satisfy their needs.


The Latest in Software and Hardware Technology

SPH assures its odds masters and punters that its equipment has state of the art and clear-cut technology. Systems are sure to remain stable especially on peak betting hours of the operation.



The pay per head program provided by SPH takes the menial tasks like the bookie’s accounting and inventory jobs. Bookmakers can focus on the recruitment schemes of new and old online gamblers. The software automates all transaction entries that record the player’s activities under the odds master. The software upgrade assures the preventive systems failure technology works thereby implementing the uninterrupted operations of the online betting business. The pay per head program has the protection of layers upon layers of security firewall that secures the system and personal information from hacking attempts.



SPH hardware equipment complements the capacity of the pay per head program and protects it from the bottleneck effects of data transfers. The software and hardware provide the bookmaker with business tools to control his operations and monitor  the pay per head program if it is earning money or losing funds.


Live Betting Feature

This amenity is the most sought-after feature of punters. In-game betting adds to the thrill and excitement of the betting activity enjoyed by players all over the world. The feature eliminates fraudulent transactions that other sites do not provide the live betting viewership; it delivers sporting events as it happens. Compliments to the SPH hardware providing this technology.


The Sports per head betting platform lets the person understand their role of being bookmakers of the pay per head program. The pph software provider sees to it that its bookies grasp the details of operations of sportsbooks. The in-depth knowledge of sportsbook programs allows odds masters to guide, interpret, or fix glitches concerning the pph operations.


The SPH betting platform lets its bookies work well with the back office support. The sportsbook has a facility that generates reports bookies need to handle the online wagering business efficiently and allows you to stay in the black. The automation of your pay per head program delivers data at the back-end office support.


For all that it is worth, aspiring bookmakers should not miss the chance of trying it out with the Sports per head betting platform. Call us and schedule the pay per head program for a spin. Discover the wonders of how it can help you with your online business.