Pay Per Head Management Software Boosts Bookie Income

Pay Per Head Management Software Boosts Bookie Income

Every bookie pursuing an online business wants to increase profits and revenues. A pay per head management software will do the job and boost the income of a bookmaker. Working with a pph software and operating with right pay per head program is entirely a different thing. Being with the right betting program is a perfect setup for the aspiring bookmaker.


The Right Pay Per Head Management Software for your Business


When punters increase their numbers in your bookie website, manual operations become more challenging and gets difficult to handle. This scenario needs the services of a pay per head management software to put things in order and organize the flow of operations. There are hundreds of online betting sites offering their services to bookmakers and their punters. Choosing for the right pph program services is essential to your success in the online betting business.


To select the bookie software that is right for the bookmaker needs, some factors need consideration in the process. Here are some tips an efficient pph software must possess so the betting business can grow and expand to the next level.


Full Sportsbook

Opt for a sportsbook that has a vast array of local and international sporting events to offer. online sportsbook covers sports competitions within the radar of the cloud connections. Included in the list of sports competitions are the NBA, NFL, NHL, NSL, MLB, Soccer, Golf Boxing, MMA, Tennis, Cricket, and other sports in contention.


The months of October, November, and December 2018 have the following events scheduled for bookmakers for their pay per head management software. Online players will have their hands full with these exciting events for the betting season.


October 2 Major League Baseball Playoffs Begin

3 National Hockey League Begins

         6 UFC – UFC 229

11 Boxing Crawford TBD

17 National Basketball Association Season Begins


November 2 Horse Racing – Breeder’s Cup Begins

    3 UFC 230

    6 NCAAB Men’s College Basketball Starts

    18 NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Championship

    24 Golf – Tiger-Phil Las Vegas 18 hole match


December 15 College Football Bowl Season Begins


A tournament worth the coverage is apt for delivery with the sharpest betting lines to every punter’s fun and enjoyment. Enjoy the sports betting offers from these competitions.  

Pay per Head Management Software

Online Casino and Racebook Betting

Punters prefer sportsbooks that integrate the online casinos and racebook software. One of the reasons why they would rather stay in their choice of the sportsbook is that they can continue their betting activity in the same betting platform without logging out from the pph program.


Players also have the capacity to check if the casino programs over the cloud deliver the provably fair feature. This attribute should be available in internet casinos to ensure the punters that they have the fair playing field when they gamble in these wagering facilities.


Racebooks integrated with sportsbooks are popular with the punters. The players prefer to play on the following international horse racing tournaments:


  • The Kentucky Derby held in Churchill Downs, Kentucky every first Saturday of May. The event is the first leg of the Thoroughbred Racing in the Triple Crown Competition.


  • The Preakness Stakes held in Baltimore, Maryland every third Saturday of May. The horseracing competition is the second leg of the US Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Race Horses.


  • Belmont Stakes held in Elmont, Long Island, New York every first Saturday of June. The Thoroughbred Horse Races is the third leg of the US Triple Crown.


  • The Qatar Paris de L’Arc de Triomphe in Longchamp Racecourse on the Seine riverbanks every first Sunday of October. The event is Europe’s biggest stake in horse racing which has an affiliation with the Qatar Racing and Equestrian CIrcle. The Arc racing tournament has a top prize of €4 million.


  • The Royal Ascot in Ascot, England will take place from June 18 to June 22, 2019, in Ascot, England. The horse racing event has the attention of the British Royalty attended by no less than the Queen of England herself. If you wish to attend this occasion, you have to dress the part; and that is attendees come in a strict dress code for the Royals.


  • The Dubai World Cup held in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates at the Meydan Racecourse. The horse racing event is held on every last Saturday of March with a top purse of $10 million in 2018.


There are more horse racing events happening in the world that will need the services of a pay per head management software to automate and organize the entries of data to your bookie website. The contests include The Grand National in Aintree, England, The Melbourne Cup in Melbourne, Australia, the Breeder’s Cup World Championships in Churchill Downs, Kentucky, and the Nakayama Grand Jump are among the prestigious races in the world.


Call Center Agents

Consider a pay per head management software with a call center manned by experienced and knowledgeable agents available 24/7. The receptionists will be handling all incoming calls from your group of punters; they will assist the players with all relevant inquiries and directions they would be asking the staff. The call center agents will respond to questions and inquiries via telephone as soon as possible when they are through answering a previous call. Chat messages will have its response immediately while emails get their replies within 24 hours.


Mobile Betting

pay per head management software must have the facilities to accommodate mobile betting. Market studies indicate that bet placements through smartphones, tablets, and laptops will be the mode of gambling in the future. The millennials are the new niche of customers consisting the online punters. These punters will boost your online betting business to the next level with more profits and revenues.


The mobile device users only have to download the app to connect to the betting platform. The mass data that will ensue after the influx of mobile bettors will be needing the pay per head management software that will put the operations in a proper organization. With more time devoted to the recruitment plans, bookmakers will be attracting more gamblers to his bookie software. More gamblers mean an increase in gambling activity pushing your business to grow and develop.


Pay per Head Management Software Systematizes Live Betting Placements


Online punters like to place their bets on their teams and athletes when they see them in live action. A pay per head management software will handle the processing of mass information resulting from the live betting actions. The live mileage delivered by the state of the art technology adds to the thrill and excitement experienced by the bettors of the bookie website.


It costs a lot of money for a wagering platform to set up the live betting feature. The pay per head management software allows the bookmakers to equip their betting sites with the sought-after attribute. The crisp high definition videos transmitted to the bookie site is a tool to attract more bettors and increases profitability.   


The last quarter of 2018 brings more anticipated local and international sporting events that will have the bookies hands full. The pay per head management software will be the major player in processing the data entries in full automation.


The Sports per Head sportsbook will provide and assist the odds masters with their pay per head management software. The company is set to give its all-out support to its bookies so they can attain the financial rewards from their bookmaking business. The success of the bookies is essential to the wagering firms for their revenues.


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