Pay per Head Bookies Prosper with the NBA 2018 - 2019 Season

Pay per Head Bookies Prosper with the NBA 2018 – 2019 Season

Bookmakers have their hands full since the NBA started the 2018-2019 season. Basketball enthusiasts pour on betting stations. Wagering websites increased its traffic with players trying to get their wagers on bankrolls. The gambling activities are rainfall for pay per head bookies with reliable betting platforms.


The US Supreme Court is now in the process of legalizing sports betting in the country. Several states have legal laws allowing wagers on sports and the rest of the states are watching for the legal action on their own turf. The states that legalized sports betting are Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Mississipi, Rhode Island, and New York.


The states that are proposing the legalization of sports gambling are Michigan, California, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Kansas. More states joined in the proposal like Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, and South Carolina.


Some states have no action on the proposed legalization proceedings like Washington D.C, Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, and Georgia. Other states without the movement of the bill are Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, and New Mexico. While other states like North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Wisconsin, Washington, and Wyoming chose to prioritize other proposed bills.


The NBA and MBL will raise Sports Betting by $1.7 Billion


Pay per Head Bookies covering the NBA and Major League Baseball will benefit from these two major sports events. The UNLV Gaming Research reported that the total amount staked in basketball tantamount to $18,386,242,000 ($18.4 billion) since 1992. The figure staked on Baseball is estimated at $14,091,018,000 ($14.0 billion) and $28,314,813,000 ($28.3 billion) on the same year.


Pay per head bookies are reaping on this windfall and the rise is exponential that it could raise the NBA and MBL sports betting to another $1.7 billion. The potential growth will wisen up punters to choose the most reliable pay per head bookies and their betting companies. Being in wagering company with your trusted pph odds master allows the gambler to join the bandwagon of earning from your stakes.


Bookmakers can also make a decent living off the benefits the growth of sports betting will bring, especially, that more and more states in the US are moving towards legalizing the sports betting industry in the country.


Pay per Head Bookies: Partnering with Sportsbook Company


The advent of sports betting legalization in the US and the increase in the gambling industry ushers in thousands of pay per head bookie trying to try their skills in the wagering business.

Due to the influx of gamblers, the betting industry invaded the realm of cyberspace to work their online betting business at massive production and convenient management. Thus, the pay per head sportsbook was born.


The birth of the pph online business got into gear not until 2002 when bookmakers got the go-signal to get involved in the pay per head venture. Wagering companies began formulating software the bookmakers will be using to develop their business and recognize the bookies’ involvement as well.


Sportsbook company understands that its pay per head bookies should have the full support of the wagering company so they too can increase their profits and revenues. Here are some of the tools wagering businesses provide for their bookmakers:


Customized Betting Software Solutions

A bookie can have a betting software offered by the sportsbook for free. If the bookmaker prefers to customize his program to suit his online pph management style, he may do so. Sports per Head is pay per head bookie software provider that can cater to your needs. Our company has in-house software engineers and developers that can cater to your preferred software solutions. Tell us what you need and we will design it for you.


Our designs will feature program transitions that will adapt to the changing betting activities and punter performances on the web. Our aim is to deliver for our potential customers in his online betting engagements and provide value for his business.


A User-Friendly Dashboard

The dashboard is what your customers will see when they visit your bookie website. Our software developers design your dashboard shout out to simple yet effective in its function. The menus are as important as the value of satisfying your punters when they engage in the functions of your dashboard and its front office capabilities. A complicated software could result in your players leaving the group and look for a sportsbook that could cater to their needs. An effective dashboard solution can promote the online presence of your betting business and attract more punters to join your group.


Systems Automation

Pay per head bookies enjoy the advantages of having their online betting business process and documentation fully automated. All transactions entered upon by players under your group automatically reflects its entry into the bookmaker’s account. The systems stores the data for analysis and updates the bookies in real-time for any decision to make.


The automated operations allow the bookmaker to implement the strategy of recruiting new players in his group. More punters mean more profit and revenues for your business.


The system’s automation starts with a personal access code provided to the bookmakers. The bookies assign these codes to its players for gaining entry into the sportsbook to begin his gambling pleasure.

Pay per Head Bookies Prosper with the NBA 2018 - 2019 Season1

Pay per Head Bookies How They Make Money


Straight Commissions

Pay per head bookies can make money by taking their commissions off the handle. The handle is the total amount of money placed on the wagers. Bookmakers earn huge commissions on the yearly Superbowl or in the NBA playoff season.


The Vigorish or Juice

The vig is already in the betting lines where the bookies are sure to have as another form of earning from being pay per head bookies. Factoring the vig in the lines is a sure income for the day for the odds master.


Point Spread

Odds makers can make money by using the point spread. Pay per head bookies often makes the adjustment on their point spreads if they see it necessary. Point spreading is applicable to high scoring games like American football or basketball. Bookmakers make the point spread adjustments on a per quarter bases of the game.


Totals: Over and Under

Another way for bookmakers to make money is the over and under outcome in summing up the scores of both teams. A winning wager may be over the final total score or under it. Bettors have to place their bets on the over/under options.


Bet Proposals

Some pay per head bookies gets innovative that they offer anything worth betting on their wagering sites. Odds makers would post their proposals by popping it on the bettors’ screen. Creative proposals would be like the length of time for a singer to render the Star Spangled Banner at the opening of the games. Another bet prop could be who would be the first player to score in the first quarter. The list could go on as long as there are takers of the offerings.


A pay per head bookie makes the money he wants with the support of sportsbook in the market. Sports per Head Sportsbook provides the necessary tools to its bookmakers to help them succeed in their chosen field of business.


If you want to earn more money for your online betting business, join us.


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