Pay Per Head Bookie Software for Winners

Pay Per Head Bookie Software for Winners

Starting with a pay per head bookie software shouldn’t be difficult. The last thing anyone should have to go through is waiting for their bookie site to start. We want our bookies to get started as quickly as possible. Of course, we know that you have a lot of options in choosing a per head sportsbook. That’s why we want to offer our players the most features as possible. You can find them all in our free trial. Other free trials may only show you a few functions; at our site, you’ll get them all. Those are just a few of the advantages to Sports Per Head. We’ll go through some more in the rest of this blog.

Starting with our Pay Per Head Bookie Software

This is the easiest part. First, you have to register using our online form. It’s just as easy as it sounds. You type in a few words and you’re good. Then, you choose from our range of tools, features and websites. We aim to give our bookies as much freedom as possible. You can pick what works for you and what doesn’t. This way, you can always have a site that caters to exactly what you want to offer players. Once you’ve made those choices… you’re done! That’s it. Now it’s your business to just watch your sheet grow and start making profits today.

Easier Tracking

With other sports book sites, it’s a real pain to see how you’re earning. Day by day, week by week and so forth – they tend to obfuscate it, so that you don’t know how much you’re earning when. However, we see our bookies as business partners, so we want to make it as easy as possible for them to see their earnings. We want you to earn as much money as possible, so we make your earnings transparent. At our site, you’ll have real time reports. They’ll show you how much you’re earning when. That way, you can see your finances grow as your sheet does quickly and easily. It’s just one of the many features when you go with Sports Per Head.

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The Most Live Events

Perhaps more than anything else, that’s what players want in a sportsbook: things to bet on. They want games, live events, something to follow and bet on. That’s where we set ourselves apart from the rest: when your players come to Sports Per Head, they’ll see more than 3200 live events per month. That’s not a misprint. It’s not a typo, nor is it an exaggeration. When they come to your site, there will be more than thirty-two hundred live events for them to choose from. That’s how you get players in and keep them there: selection.

Optimization for True Mobility

Another way you can draw players to your site and keep them there is with our mobile optimization. Your players want to have games they can bet on, yes, but they also want a site that’s easy to use. They want a site that can be used simply, quickly and moreover, be used everywhere. That’s what our site can do. It loads easily, quickly and fully on any mobile device, laptop or computer. So, your players can use our site whether they’re on the road, waiting in line, at the store, or even at the game itself. With our mobile optimization, you offer your players a whole new experience that they might not be able to get anywhere else.

This is one thing that you definitely won’t find elsewhere: a truly trained staff that focuses on the bookie’s needs. With us, you get a full staff that speaks English. Moreover, they know what they’re talking about. These aren’t some folks that just watched a few games and are now supposed to be able to talk about being a bookie: they’re actual experts. They’re ready to help you and yours every step of the way. When you sign with Sports Per Head, you get all of this backing you. In fact, you’ll also get a dedicated account manager. This person is here to be your trainer, mentor, head coach, offensive coordinator – whatever you want them to be. They can help you to make your business exactly what you want it to be: successful.

To list all of the benefits of our sports book would take up the space of several blogs. This would go from a “blog” to a “novel” quite quickly. Really, for you to see all of the benefits that this site has, you have to check it out for yourself. That’s what our free trial is for. See all of the functions and test them at real, game speeds when you give us a call at (888) 684-9666 or head to our site.