Major League Baseball 2020 Season

Pay Per Head Betting Platform for the Major League Baseball 2020 Season

Major League Baseball 2020 Season bettors have numerous options of games to bet from. Each team will play a total of 162 games, plus the playoffs. Baseball betting sites are excited for good business in store this season. Sports Per Head is the best pay per head betting platform for the Major League Baseball 2020 Season.

While other sports like the NFL, college football and basketball, and the NHL are taking the time off, MLB season is out in full swing. Baseball is active even during the winter season. The top MLB betting sites offer a lot such as lines on free agency, spring training and World Series futures bets. Sports Per Head spearheads as the best and most trustworthy site available.

Signing Up to an Online Betting Site

First step is to choose a sportsbook ideal for baseball, then you create your account. You just need to wait a few minutes to sign up, but before you know it you’re already betting on baseball. Online sportsbooks offer a lot of bonuses and other wagering options –we’ll discuss more on that later. A wide range of bonuses are offered in different Major League Baseball betting lines.

Betting on Major League Baseball 2020 Season

Knowing the different team stats is essential on baseball bets. Getting information on the teams and players is the key to a winning bet. Accessing MLB odds and free picks offered on Sports Per Head can help you choose the winning bets. There are three basic types of bets you should be aware of. These betting options are available on the regular season, and the World Series. Other sportsbooks offer spring training odds and lines as well.

  • Moneyline Betting

This is a normal option for MLB betting. An outright winner of the game must be chosen. If the Dodgers (+120) are against the Cubs (-130), the Cubs are the favorite and the Dodgers are the underdog. The payout will depend on the odds. The Underdogs are marked with the plus sign (+) and favorites with the minus sign (-).

More money will be won when betting on the Dodgers, but they have a lower chance of winning since they are the underdogs. For example you bet $25 on this game. A winning wager on the Cubs will earn you  $44.23 – you get your $25 back plus an additional$19.23. A winning bet on the Dodgers will earn you $55 – you’d get your $25 back plus an additional $30.

  • Runline

Runline Betting is similar to a point spread in football or basketball. The sportsbook will give the underdog the advantage. The lines will be adjusted. The underdogs will get +1.5 runs and the favorite will get -1.5 runs.

Using the same example earlier, The Dodgers must win by two or more runs or the Cubs must either win or not lose by more than a run.

Major League Baseball 2020 Season

  • Totals

Total betting is a cool addition in the betting scene. When making total bets, you must predict if the total number of runs will be over or under the oddmaker’s number. If the total score of the Cubs vs Dodgers is at 8.5 runs and the final score is 5-3 (combination of 8 runs), then the result is UNDER.

  • Futures

These are bets that take place in a future date. Betting on the World series results is an example of a Future bet. Other examples in other sports are, betting on who will win the NBA Finals. Engaging on future bets early on the regular season will be rewarded handsomely if the bet is correct.

Other MLB Wagering Options

If you want to win more money, or have more fun in betting, then try one of these wagering options. Plenty of options offered by baseball betting sites available almost every game

  • Parlays

Same in every sport your baseball ticket must win to get a payout. If one of your team loses, then your baseball ticket is considered a loss. An MLB 2 team parlay will look like this

Washington Nationals         (-180) over Cincinnati Reds

Detroit Tigers           (-150) over Texas Rangers

Betting $50 on a winning ticket would win you $129.63 – your original $50 plus your winnings of $79.63. Using a Parlay Calculator will help you see your winnings depending on your bet.

You can make a parlay of 10 or more teams depending on your sportsbook. But be careful when going for large tickets. One losing team will result in a loss on the whole ticket.

  • Prop Bets

MLB are popular for the entire season.  They are at their peak during the Playoffs, and the World Series. Player statistics is the main focus for these bets such as, runs, hits, etc.

  • Live Betting

Live betting is becoming popular recently. You can also call it  in-play betting. This type of bet lets you bet on the outcome of an inning. Live betting is the best type of wager for online players

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