Pay Per Head a Step Ahead

The sheer number of pay per head sites on the internet is massive. If you’re looking to get started with an online bookie platform, you have so many to choose from. The point is to pick one. You want online bookie software that gives you the bookie as many features as possible. You also want software that makes it easy on your players. You want them to be able to access it anywhere and use it simply and cleanly. That’s what we built Sports Per Head to do. It’s as good for the bookies as it is for the players. We didn’t stop there, though. With more tools and better services than the rest, our software offers you the most.

Pay Per Head Tools

To give our bookies pay per head site, we realized it had to do many things: it has to be thoroughly comprehensive, with the most games and services available. However, it also has to be convenient for the bookies. The easier our software is for bookies to use, the more the more money they’ll be able to make with it. If it’s a chore, or too complicated, bookies can use one of their other options. So, we made sure to make using Sports Per Head fun and easy. As an online bookie site, it’s simple with the kinds of tools that give our bookies options. You’ll always be in control with Sports Per Head.

One of the most used tools is “Bet Alerts.” That gives you the power to effectively manage the games that are the biggest and hottest. If you’ve ever run a sportsbook or pay per head site before, then you know how quickly things can move. When the big game is imminent, situations can change in a hurry. Or, when a bunch of players bet on a game out of nowhere, you have to be able to respond quickly. That’s what Bet Alerts allow our bookies to do. You can maintain control no matter how hot the action gets, how many players are betting on it, etc. You will be in control no matter what happens.

The “Weekly Balance Tracker” provides you with an “eagle eye” overview of what’s going on with your pay per head site. You can see the weekly better activities of your players as well as their daily activities. You can see all of that information in one place. That way, you can make decisions based off of it. You can see the patterns, what they’re betting on, what they aren’t – and better still, you can track all of this over time. As you know if you’ve ever bet a game yourself, the more information you have on the game, the better a bet you can make. The same goes for your online bookie site, too.

The Bookie Software

In fact, many of our services allow you to get the most out of your players’ betting activity. For example, that’s exactly what the “Hold Percentage” tool was made for. When you utilize it, you can earn from the wagering patterns of your players. With it, you can see your players’ betting activity, and offer more betting lines in response. That way, you can offer the betting lines that your players are going to want for their games. Think of it like any other business: when you know more of what your customers want you can offer more of it to them. This works the same way.

Other pay per head sites make you pay money to get started and all that kind of thing. We don’t believe in that. At Sports Per Head, you pay us based on how many players you have on your platform. That’s it. That’s all you have to worry about. There are no “hidden fees” or that kind of foolishness. We want you to make as much money as possible with Sports Per Head. To that end, we also offer “Settle Alerts.” These alerts can help you to stay in the black financially. We want you to maintain liquidity, always one step ahead of the game. Settle Alerts keep you in control in many different ways.

It’s important to keep in mind that when bookies use Sports Per Head, they choose their own domain. It’s their online bookie site. We’ll be as involved as you want us to be, and we’re always here to help, but it’s your site. In fact, you can present the platform as your own. You can go head to head with the biggest online bookie sites on the planet and come out ahead. With Sports Per Head, you can offer your players everything they’ve been looking for.

Pay Per Head a Step Ahead

Essential Online Bookie Software

One of the most important things for online gamblers is options. If you’ve ever gone to an online bookie site before as a bettor, you probably know the feeling of wanting to bet on a big game – only to find that it’s not available on that site. This can be incredibly frustrating. You’ve done your research, the game’s about to start, and… you can’t get a bet down where you want to make one. This is the kind of thing that turns someone off from going to an online bookie site. So, we make sure that it doesn’t happen to our bookies.

That’s why, when you come to Sports Per Head, you have your choice of games. The biggest games, the smallest games, and plenty of other games in between – they’re all accessible for your bettors, so they can bet on what they want to bet on. We’ll update the lines for you in real time, but remember: you can also manage your lines how you’d like. if you’re looking for yet another advantage you’ll have over the biggest online betting sites, that’s it. You can set the line to be what you want, so that you can offer your players a unique betting experience they (quite literally) can’t get anywhere else. You can control your site as much as you want.

That being said, as we mentioned earlier, our site is also designed to be convenient. If you want to be the kind of bookie that sets your own lines and is totally “hands-on,” that’s great. Our platform is right for you. However, if you’re the kind of bookie who wants us to manage it, that’s great, too. If you only want to check in occasionally, and let us manage all the important aspects of it, we can do that, too. Our platform is also right for you as well. Sports Per Head is built to be the pay per head online bookie site that can accommodate all different kinds of bookies. That way, anyone who wants to get in on this incredible business can do so.

No matter what level of bookie you are, however, you will have your own dedicated account manager. They’ll be there as a resource for you – they can answer any question you might have, so that you can grow your business how you want it to grow. You don’t’ have to wait around for this service, either. You can get started immediately. You can get started today. In fact, in the time it took you to read down to here, you could’ve already gotten started with the platform.

Your Sports Per Head

All you have to do to get started is to go to the first page of our site and then sign up. Fill out a form, and in about a minute, you’ll be ready to go. That’s all it takes. If you have any further questions, don’t’ hesitate to give us a call at (888)684-9666. We take great pride in having tech support in the industry. Our experts are here to answer any of questions. Sign with Sports Per Head and stay a step ahead.