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Online Sportsbooks Anticipating the NBA Trades and Free Agents on the Line

The NBA is up in a frenzy and teams are racing to finalize their rosters before games commence on October 22, 2019. Online sportsbooks anticipate the shuffling of players through trades and free agent contracts available for the 2019-2020 NBA Season. Our Online Bookie Software can help you with everything that you need.

Trades That are Likely to Happen for the Next Season

The trades could happen and will most likely affect how punters will be placing their bets on online sportsbooks. There are also the NBA draft picks to consider on each of the 30 teams participating in this tournament. The betting scenario will have major alterations happening in the online sportsbooks. Some superstars will be up as free agents while others are traded for financial remuneration, and some are in for trading to build up a team. 

Oklahoma City Thunders Could Acquire Power Forward Blake Griffin

The Oklahoma City Thunder has two superstars in its roster namely Small Forward Paul George and Point Guard Russel Westbrook. These two are on their prime and if the Thunder wish to win a Championship ring, this is the right time to reinforce its lineup. Oklahoma City is dangling Center Steven Adams and Small Forward Jerami Grant. OKC hopes it could land a better player on offense and defense in the person of PF Blake Griffin. Having this asset playing for the Thunder will blow online sportsbooks when the team plays on the 2019-2020 NBA season.

Griffin is the best addition to the OKC Thunder if they want to push for the playoffs in the competition. PF Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers is also a contender for the OKC build-up and is better in field goal shooting but Griffin is great with a defensive play on the side. Besides. Griffin would have loved to go for a better team in the prime of his career instead of wasting it away with the Detroit Pistons.

Point Guard Kyrie Irving to the Brooklyn Nets

The next altering bet placements on the online sportsbooks is PG Kyrie Irving’s landing on the Brooklyn Nets roster. With the Nets faring poorly in the playoffs of the previous season, Irvings future with the Boston Celtics is in question. 

Brooklyn has two maximum salary accommodations for a pair of star players to build up their team. Kyrie Irving grew up in the suburbs of Brooklyn and would love to play where his roots came from. A potential max salary player could be in the person of SF Kevin Durant to pair with the All Star point guard from the Celtics. The couple has the supporting cast of talented players like SG Caris LeVert, PG Spencer Dinwiddie, and Center Jarrett Allen that could push Brooklyun to a playoff final showdown opportunity, if the deal pushes through.

Though Durant tore his Achilles tendon in Game 6 of the Finals of the last season and is questionable to play next season, the future is still as bright as ever for the Warriors Small

Forward to dominate the New York basketball scenario until the second year of the pair’s contracts with the Nets. The new setup for the Nets has online sportsbooks listed Kyrie Irving at -550 to land with Brooklyn. Odds for Kevin Durant playing for the Nets is even on online sportsbooks while the small forward is listed at +235 to remain with his present team, the Golden State Warriors.   

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PG Kawhi Leonard of the Toronto Raptors Courted by the LA Clippers and LA Lakers

Another player that is probable to hop to another team is PG Kawhi Leonard who recently helped brought the Champion’s trophy to the Toronto Raptors. Leonard is one of the rare sports heroes of Canada that did not come from the world of hockey. Online sportsbook offer a -130 for Kawhi to stay with the Raptors and win a succeeding ring in 2019-2020 NBA season. The Los Angeles Clippers and the Los Angeles Lakers follow the list at +190 to have Leonard on their team. 

President of the Toronto Raptors basketball operations, Masai Ujiri engineered the entry of its players to the team and is most likely to re-sign Leonard in anticipation for a repeat round of championship performances next season and in the years to follow. It was evident that Kawhi single handedly carried the Raptors to win the 2018-2019 NBA Competition with the help of talented players on the team. Players like PG Kyle Lowry, PF Pascal Siakam, PG Fred VanVleet, SF Danny Green, PF Serge Ibaka, and Center Marc Gasol performed their best with Leonard leading them.

PG Jimmy Butler Listed at +100 to the Houston Rockets

Having PG Jimmy Butler of the Rockets lineup with, PG James Harden and PG Cris Paul makes Houston a favorite to bag the Championship trophy of the 2019-2020 NBA Finals. Butler, a native of Houston has the attention of Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey. In order for Butler to have that chance to transfer to the Space City, a sign-and-trade would be necessary to give order to salary allotment since Houston has no more space in that area.

Butler is a free agent and has the ball to choose which team he would want to play in the next season. His former team  wants him back; but if the Point Guard does not want to play with the Philadelphia 76ers anymore, his former team will have to accommodate the sign-and-trade scheme to get some interesting prospects from the Rockets for Butlers transfer. The Rockets got Center Clint Capel, SG Eric Gorden, and SF PJ Tucker dangling on the line.

The Philadelphia 76ers follow the Rockets and listed Butler at +150 to retain their former point guard. At the age of 29, Butler has the assurance to land a full, handsome, 5-year contract with 76ers on a maximum salary. Besides, he helped his former team in going the distance with the Toronto Raptors to Game 7 at the semi finals round in the East. Another compelling reason why he could stay with Philadelphia is the experience that bonded him with PF Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons.

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The NBA free agents and trade offers brings the fun of side guessing who is going to what team of the 30-strong ball clubs in contention. Some of it are over and done but who knows what could happen along the transition of the games.

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