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Online Bookie Software that’s Always the Favorite

When betting on a game, you have to suss out how much of a favorite the favorite really is. Are they a heavy favorite, or just by a close score? Here at Sports Per Head, our online bookie software has been the favorite of bookies for decades now. That’s because we make our business work for bookies as well as their players. When you’re looking for which online sportsbook to bring into your life, you can go with a heavy underdog, or you can go with a winner.

Online Bookie Software that Lets Bookies Keep Their Money

If you’ve ever been on another online sportsbook, maybe this has happened to you: You have a really great day, and take home quite a bit of profit. You’re excited, and why shouldn’t you be: all of the games broke your way. This is why you got an online sportsbook; these are the days that celebrations are made for. Unfortunately, you were with an online sportsbook that doesn’t really believe in letting bookies keep a lot of their profits. So, they took a big chunk of your winnings, a large percentage. Utterly demoralizing, it can ruin even the most successful day.

This never happens with Sports Per Head. Instead, we make it so that you can keep more of your winnings than ever. You have a great day; you deserve to keep more of your money. After all, you did all of the hard work: you’ve grown your sportsbook; you either set the line or had the confidence in the line that was given. You completed some very difficult actions, so you deserve to be rewarded for them. So, when you have enormous profits, we don’t take a percentage o it or anything like that.

Flat-Rate Fee

Instead, we just charge a flat-rate fee. We do that for every active player that you have on your site that week. That way, you aren’t paying for players that aren’t paying that week. Then, you keep the rest of your players’ losses. We just take our small fee based on who’s playing, so that you can keep what you win. See, at Sports Per Head, our business is designed around making sure that our bookies are as successful as possible. We want you to make the big bucks. We want you to be successful.

It’s genuinely heart-warming when our bookies have big days. When they have the big wins, when they take home the big prize – we want to see more of that. It speaks to how our platform works, that we’ve given these great bookies a foundation from which they can be so successful. We’re always glad to hear stories from our bookies about how well they’re doing. We built Sports Per Head so that more of them could experience that – being a bookie without having to worry about the details that aren’t related to sports.

About a Hundred Live Games a Day

On average, that’s what we can give you at Sports Per Head. Obviously, they’ll be some days with fewer games than that but there will be many days with far more. We get that number because we average, per month, more than 3200 games. Think about how many games that truly is. It means that in the course of a day, you’ll have more than 100 different games to offer your players. Each of those is an opportunity for you to make more money.

Now, obviously, not all of your players are going to play all one hundred games. However, there will be players who will want to play all of those games. Should they come to your site and like t experience, they’re probably going to want to play more games at your site. Then, they can see everything else that’s available, and they’ll plan accordingly.

Your New Favorite Place

Think of it like going to a new restaurant. If you’re like many of us, maybe you hear about a new restaurant in town, so you go to check it out. You might go for one specific dish, or because you like the cuisine or something like that. Then, after you have your favorite dish, and you’ve eaten it for a while there, maybe you decide to try what else they have on the menu. This is how “a new place” becomes “your favorite place.” The same principle applies to an online sportsbook.

We’ve had plenty of bookies tell us a story similar to this: as we offer so many international events, it’s easy to get a bet down on something that there may not be a lot of exposure of in the United States. So, they get some players to bet on something that’s happening overseas. These players like the experience, stick with it, and then, when the NFL season comes around, these players then want to do their NFL betting here. Instead of going to where they usually go for that, they’ve come to enjoy this particular online sportsbook. So, the bookie then has a lifetime player, just from offering some games that other sportsbooks might not have.

Online Bookie Software

Better Record keeping

If you were a bookie in the days before the internet, then you may remember how difficult it was to keep everything straight. Between all of the notebooks and records, half of the job felt like it was simply writing things down, and then putting them in such a place that you could easily find them again. Of course, every moment spent doing that is another moment not spent actually strengthening your sportsbook.

At Sports Per Head, our computerized services make it so you don’t have to worry about any of that. Our real-time reports let you know exactly how you’re doing, earnings-wise, as well as those of your players. Instead of having to keep what seems like dozens of checkbooks, you can just press a few buttons and look at everything, completely up to date. While this gives you back plenty of time, it also gives you plenty of time that you can spend researching. You can use that extra time to further build your sportsbook, get some bets down, or really just any other way that you want. We want to make sure that our sportsbook provides freedom to bookies as well as their players.

A Sportsbook Players can Trust

Today’s online gamblers have more options than ever before. They can choose from so many different sportsbooks. To make sure that they choose yours, you have to give them something extra, something that they can rely on. after all, if one thing goes wrong, or some part of the entire online sportsbook experience is at all subpar, it’s just a press of a couple of buttons for them to find another one. That’s why we make sure that our sportsbook is entirely mobile-optimized.

So, your players can make this site work no matter where they are, provided they have an internet connection. As long as they’re connected, they can see what you have to offer, get a bet down, and so much more. You (and by extension, they) won’t have to worry about the “site being down for maintenance” or anything like that. Instead, they’ll be able to bet whenever and however they’d like.

Call Us To Give You The Good Call

As of this writing, it’s August, which means that football and the MLB playoffs are right around the corner. After that, the NBA gets started as well as the NHL. So, this is one of the best times of the year to find out if an online sportsbook is right for you. At Sports Per Head, our trial period is one week long. That way, you can see everything we have to offer before making your final decision. You can check out our site for yourself and see why we’re the favorite of so many bookies by going to our site or calling (888) 684-9666.