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Online Bookie Platform for Great Offline Success

What starts online doesn’t stay there. That’s the whole point of our online bookie platform. Sure, we give you everything that you need online to be successful. However, that’s just where it starts. We aren’t using play money here. This isn’t just some kind of video game or something like that. Our site can put real money in your pocket. It may take place online, but the games we help you to get your players to bet on are real, and you can make quite a bit of cash using our pph program to power your bookie business.

Online Bookie Platform with All You Need

When we originally started making Sports Per Head, we wanted to build a site that was the best of all things online sportsbook. We started our site over twenty years ago, so when we began, there weren’t a lot of other sites available online. So, we wanted to make an online site that included the best of the bookie experience. It would be a way for a bookie to have their entire business in front of them, in one easy to use platform. We built the site that would serve as a foundation for many years.

Of course, you don’t have our take our word for it. The major books started using our online sportsbook pretty much from the very beginning. We were always incredibly grateful that they recognized the amount of work and functionality we put into our site. The people that run the biggest sports books recognize a winner, thankfully, so they started using our platform as quickly as they could. Now, you can use that same platform in your business.

Evolution of Sportsbook

Over the last twenty years, the online sportsbook world has changed quite a bit. The technology today is so far beyond what we could’ve imagined would be possible twenty years ago. We could’ve just coasted on what we’d done content to keep offering the same services to our bookies. But, that’s not good enough. That’s not being responsive, that’s just collecting a check. So, we keep our site on the forefront of what’s happening. By continually improving our site, we’re offering our bookies a better, more responsive business.

In these decades, we’ve seen many other online sportsbooks rise in our wake. They’ve become more and more prevalent, each basically building on what we did twenty years ago. We don’t just dismiss them; we look at each of them to see ways that we can improve. Frankly, most of them are poorly thought out cash grabs, a fly by night site devised at the last minute to take an honest person’s money.

Sports Per Head Up-to-Date

But, we keep updating our own site with some of the best ideas we’ve seen around the industry. Now, we’ve made a site that truly is the best of all worlds: we have all of the best features that you could want from an online sportsbook with none of the downsides or filler. By refining our product, we’re able to offer our bookies a full online sportsbook with all of the best features and none of the bad.

Our Bookies, Our Partners

We do this for a multitude of reasons, not the least of which is that we actually respect our bookies. They aren’t just a revenue source to us (as they are to too many others in our industry). We see them as business partners. No one wants our bookies to succeed as much as we do. If our bookies are successful, we’re more successful. Indeed, that’s the entire idea behind the “pay per head” phenomenon. The more “heads” you have, the better off everyone is. That way, it’s in our best interest (as well as yours) for you to be as successful as possible.

We aim to foster that success in a multitude of ways: by giving you the best platform for your bookie business, by providing access to more games in an easier way, by removing any potential obstacles that could hold your business back and a variety of other services. A pay per head site is as good as its platform, and there are a lot of reasons that we’ve been voted the number one software by bookies online.

Online Bookie Software

Start a Business Today

The heading to this section of the blog might sound impossible, but it’s not. You really could start your business today with Sports Per Head. That’s not an exaggeration, nor is it just simple sales speak. You can begin today, right now, (although you’re welcome to keep reading this blog). It takes just five minutes to set up our Sports Per Head site, and then you’re ready to go. When we started this company, we wanted to be able to help people as quickly as possible to start making money.

When you compare this to other potential jobs and tasks that you could do for money, Sports Per Head allows you to start faster than all of them. Consider if you decide to start driving for a rideshare service, such as Uber or Lyft. You have to download their app, fill out a bunch of forms, and then you have to get your car checked out to get the insurance. That can take a few days or even a week. Then, you have to pass the test, and after all that, you can start making money. That’s just the example for Uber, but each of them has something similar to that.

Five Minutes to Upgrade Your Betting

Compare that to Sports Per Head. You can go through our site, and be able to start in five minutes. In the amount of time it took you to read this blog, you could have started your new business and opportunity. Really, “five minutes” is just an estimate. It might actually take you less than five minutes, that’s certainly happened before. In those five minutes, all you have to do is fill out a few forms, give a bit of information, and then pick the general overall layout. That’s literally it. You can be done in a very brief period of time and then starting on your business.

That’s why so many people use this as a side gig. The time that you would take away from work on break to look over your fantasy football team, or to check your social media feeds, could be spent actually growing your business and making money. You could take a bit of time each day to check on your lines, make sure they match what you want them to be, and then keep making money. Sports Per Head was designed to be as responsive as possible to the specific bookies themselves. that way, you drive your business, not the other way around.

For Bookies of All Levels

In the prior segment, we mentioned: “bookies that make their own lines.” You can do that with our site. You can change our lines to be what you want them to be, in hopes of bringing in players who might be looking for an alternative. However, you certainly don’t have to do that. We know that some of our bookies may know some sports really well, but might be a bit unclear about some other sports. That’s perfectly OK. So, it’s fine to use the lines that are already on our site, and just offer your players those games.

If you’ve been reading these blogs for any length of time, then you know that there’s so much more than just games available at our site. You’ll be able to offer your players the best of online horse racing action, too. Your players don’t have to be anywhere near a racetrack to get some hot betting down. The same goes for our online casino as well. When you’re ready to take your bookie business to the next level, call us at (888) 684-9666.