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Making Enough Profits for your Online PPH Sportsbook

When you notice an ebbing account of your profits, something must be out of line and you need to find out what causes the decline before your online betting business goes down the drain. As a bookmaker your goal is making enough profits for your online pph sportsbook.

Online PPH Sportsbook: Evaluating your Hold Percentage. 

The most significant method to know the profitability of an online pph sportsbook is to evaluate the bookie’s hold percentage. This tool is an indicator that reports the general win/loss sum of all your players in a specific duration of their betting activities. It could either be a weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly report generation requested by the bookmaker. The superb business instrument for your online betting business allows the odds master to define the future of his wagering entity and how his business is doing.

The Hold Percentage differs from one sport to the other. The HP in horse racing is higher than the hold percentage in wagering on sports. However, your goal is to have a hold percentage at around 5%; anything over this signifies that you are in good company with the best pph provider of your sportsbook. If you fall below this line, it is time to make a move to raise your business.

Analyze your Players

Once your platform is overrun by a handful of skilled players, you might want to consider suspending some of them who can cause serious damage to your revenues.  If not, you can minimize the burden by setting limitations to their activities.

It is true that launching and maintaining a sportsbook yields a productive income.  The business holds endless opportunities for both aspiring and experienced bookies alike. Gives opportunities especially when you put in hard work and a lot of commitment in your operation. The most successful sportsbooks are able to come up with year-round earnings.  Staying on top of the game by taking the necessary measures is one of the key means to establish a lucrative, private online bookie business.


In the bookmaking business, the ability to skillfully handle any situation in each prospect of your platform is one way to produce substantial profits.  You must remain in control of your bookie business. That means preventing any unwanted and unnecessary risk that could damage your available funds as well as your income.

A “steam move” refers to when heavy betting activities are made on a certain line in such a short span of time.  This is one of the things a bookie must continuously keep an eye on. “Wise guys” or sharp players are quite keen to notice bad lines with large wagers and tend to disapprove of them. These forms of line adjustments are usually succeeded by a “betting steam” made by a significant number of regular bettors.

online pph sportsbook


Being a private bookie also means using the appropriate system that can help you identify steam moves as early as possible.  This allows you to stay ahead by buying you time to modify your lines in a way that would minimize your chances of getting entangled in such a situation.  

Your online bookie software must include a built-in feature that can immediately alert you whenever it detects a steam move.  In this area of the industry, it is important to catch undesirable activities before it can cause a damaging impact on your sportsbook.

Monitoring steam moves is one of the features included in’s system.  Once detected, you will instantly receive a notification and you get to decide how to deal with that particular player.

Steam Moves

Once a betting line is opened, an initial move towards that line tends to provoke a flood of betting activities from other players.  This may even result in a heavy flow of money in a single direction.  If this happens, it would be difficult to turn the tables and a lot of bookies simply just ride the storm.

These steam moves are also capable of modifying the spread by two points, at most.  In order to stay acquainted, utilizing live odds tickers are recommendations.  The earlier you make a move, the faster it is for you to mitigate the damaging effects it can cause on your sportsbook.


Assigning individual accounts for your players can help protect your sportsbook business from any potential damages.  You can do this by setting betting limits in order to prevent steam moves.  Having a complete access to the profiles of your players allows you to monitor their betting habits. You can monitor as well as the flow of bets they make.  The instant you notice significant changes occuring in your platform, take the necessary measures and limit the risks.

Take a Close Look at the Betting Odds

Volume and balance are two important elements in the industry. Sharp lines draw interest while the risks are kept at minimum.  On the other hand, loose lines are not fit for profitability in the long run. Although loose lines can cost you, they can also bring in big profits when used correctly.

The main point of this article is to assess your satisfaction with your online bookie business.  You can always improve the way you operate and how you handle your clients so that you can remain on top of the game.

Having the appropriate price per head service also plays a crucial role in building a successful platform.  If your current program does not meet your standard, looking for a better option is highly recommended. 

Bookies usually have realistic expectations when it comes to gauging the services a pay per head company provides.  One of the strengths of is that they are able to offer flexible services compared to other PPH companies.  They pay attention to detail and treat even small- to medium-sized sheets of great importance.  Their packages are designed that meet the needs of their supported agents, rather than the other way around.