Looking for pay per head services company for your Bookmaking business

An online bettor is always looking for the pay per head services that could improve his chances of winning. There are many of these websites offering their services to gamesters with the promise of fast returns and increase the odds of getting more revenues and profits. Online betting sites have scheming propositions that are meant to make a run for your money. Be wary of these websites as they could grab your hard earned cash and leave you hanging with your bets and registration in their pockets.


When scouting for pay per head services, watch out for the red flags that these site manifest. Warning signs can be detected as early as the first meeting when feelings of doubt and suspicious approaches arise. Here are some examples of this fishy schemes and red flags that a gamester should be aware.


  • The invitation promises of significant returns of investments and huge profits. A risk-free set up is also in the offering of a scheming plot to get your money.
  • A hard to refuse visual presentation goes with the sweet talking representative to con you to register with their pay per head services software.
  • The scheming pay per head service company uses technical and financial lingo to make the offer sound impressive and effective bringing you closer to the trap into registration.
  • The fake pay per head service website obliges to buy something from their company to land you a slot in the scheme.
  • Sales representatives of these pay per head syndicates employ pressure selling and gangs in on you to enlist in their programs and get your money for nothing purchased.


Protecting yourself from these illegal schemes

scam scheme

For an online betting player to secure himself, here are some tips to do.

• Just hang up if calls and proposals are depicting wily talk and setups.

• Perform background checks on companies employing such risky offerings. Some sites could help • you identify such illegitimate ploys.

• Pressure selling and sales tactics are prevalent in the offer. Be wary and avoid from engaging with their sales people.

• Avoid premature decisions in the offer, instead seek sound and logical financial advice.

• Be careful and be in the know of any occurring expenses and costs that you will later regret.

• Scheming pay per head services could force you to sign in and pay exorbitant fees later.


What to expect from an effective pay per head service company


A good pay per head service lets you keep track of your bettors, monitor betting options for gamesters, and smoothen your operations efficiently. A stable pay per head service company presents opportunities to online bettors and make your operations profitable.


Mobile devices are now in the system of betting with active pay per head services software. Betting is now as easy as buying items from a store. Smart phones and tablets can access the pay per view services and software. Punters can place wagers on the move or anywhere as long as an internet connection is available.


The availability of pay per head services and software has internet software engineers that are constantly updating the features of the program making the application more fun to use. Digital devices could also access betting reports so you can have more options for your bets.


Three online devices that you can use to place your online bets.

pay per head service

  • The android smart phone – smart phones are available for online bets on the go.
  • Tablets – pay per head business have 128-bit encryption to protect your bettors and manage your pay per head services of your clientele efficiently
  • Desktop computers – bookmaker software should deliver pay per head service beneficial to you and your players. All the bookie has to do is to find betting players.


Essential Features of a pay per head service software


Consider the excellent features that pay per head services has to offer


• There is non-stop action on a good pay per head service offering. Sports Leagues and Horse track contests are always available on an excellent pay per head service that will keep punters busy. Player management is convenient and comfortable with all the betting options available.

• In one of the pay per head services software, a new gaming technology is making strides to improve further the services rendered by this new app. It is called the Digital Gaming Solutions (DGS). DGS is the latest gaming solution for online betting that enables amateur and advanced punters to manage their business efficiently. The app provides the following services:


  • Player summaries are accessible for gamesters and bookmakers
  • Digital Gaming Solutions immediate response
  • Creation gaming hold results for viewing
  • Positions of Agents
  • DGS will provide betting dispositions of your bettors letting you determine the betting habits of your players
  • Advisor Software, Inc (ASI) is also an app available that is useful for bookies and bettors. ASI provides the following services for better business management for pay per head operations.


• Betting limits set for your particular online bettors

• Provides tools for adjustments for betting

• Player control makes the business operations easy with weekly stats on your players and their respective betting habits.

• A full pay per head service should have a horse betting feature in it. International and National horse racing tracks should be in the list of services offered by the pay per head business.

• An effective pay per head service company must have multiple platforms for the bookies and bettors’ convenience. Some websites offer to build your customized website to enhance the betting experience of your gamesters further. Some pay per head services provided have side teaser bets that existing players bet on while enticing new players to join.

• One of the platform services ran by a good pay per head service software is setting your boundaries for parlays, an attraction for bookmaking business. This section is where the gambler makes multiple bets. Parlays is an attraction to new and interested players.

• Flexible line setting for your players is accessible and is also an interest to recruit new players for your business.

• Another service offered by a good pay per head service software is the online casino betting. Revenues and profits increase with the presence of the online casino betting from 15 percent to 30 percent. This another attraction to keep your punters busy offering blackjack, roulette, Baccarat, and casino hold’em.

The service of online betting should be available on a pay per head service company. The company delivers more options for the gamesters to choose. More choices mean more bets equating to more revenues and profits. There is the feature of phone call wagers manned by professionals accepting players’ bets. It is an indication of a good company taking bets negotiated by phone.


The settle alert – the feature that every bookie should have

One of the features that an online book manager should have is the settle alert function. The settle alert mode allows the bookie to collect money from its bettors or pay out accounts for winning wagers. A study shows that most bookies are doing the settling of accounts all wrong. Most bookies have their schedule of collection or settling accounts, but the settle alert mode allows them for more collection and payout accounts owed.

Settle limits are on schedule by the way the settle alerts set. This feature allows enhanced collection or payout efficiency that is beneficial to both bookies and their players. Managing the business of online betting helps the easy manageability of the pay per head service company.

By this system, the business will have easy tracking of balances of players found in the pay per head sportsbook. This feature is a necessity for the firm to prosper when viewing the player’s weekly and monthly figures.

It is imperative for bookies to choose the most efficient pay per head service oriented company for cascading its satisfactory services to the betting gamesters. More satisfied clients means more betting opportunities.