Efficient Online Betting Business

Learn The Efficient Online Betting Business Management

Bookie agents need to be in the know of the different methods on how they can limit exposure, manage the day to day transactions, and monitor their players’ performance standings in their online betting sportsbooks. It is crucial to any wagering entity so bookmakers can identify irregularities or inconsistencies that may result in significant losses and miscalculations. By keeping track of operations, odds masters can make necessary adjustments that will be more beneficial to their wagering platform. Up until now, bookmakers are only able to monitor activities through viewing their betting dashboards, but that is no longer the case. Here comes the latest advancement that will help bookies implement efficient online betting business management.

Efficient Online Betting Business Management:  Real-Time Wager Alert Feature

As someone who is in line with a career in the highly competitive industry, bookmakers are in a constant struggle to stand out amongst their many competitors. It takes skills and extensive knowledge to be a master in the game and be a highly successful bookmaker. A partnership with a reliable sportsbook provider will make this lifelong dream turn into a reality. Though operating a successful and efficient online betting business will take time and determination, working together with excellent partners will make this goal an easy feat for any bookmaker. Acquire a competent right-hand man who will assist you in handling day to day operations working towards a common goal through a company like Sports Per Head.

Every bookie works towards a common goal of elevating their efficient online betting business to be on par with other commercially known entities. That is why they willingly invest in the latest technology to stay in the trend and, at the same time, attend to their players’ demands. With a quality pay per head service like Sports Per Head, bookmakers can deter from a faulty operating system and possess a functional wagering platform that enables them to manage transactions and monitor player behavior. The new wager alert system will let bookmakers have more time to focus on more vital elements of the operating system while the pay per head service takes care of other mundane details.

Features of Wager Alert Notification

The Wager Alert feature is the latest innovation that will keep bookmakers up-to-date with their players’ wagers. They will be able to receive instant notifications through their preferred method, either via text or email, every time a player makes a wager.

Bookies can also set the parameters to match the specified wager from which they want to receive notifications. They can set the minimum threshold at any amount they want, after which; they’ll receive alerts from wagers with that starting amount.  Once a player places a bet, bookmakers will receive the notification instantaneously.

Stay at the top of your game by availing of the latest feature of real-time wagering notifications. With the busiest seasons coming up, meticulously monitor every transaction and supervise player behavior, all made accessible in a bundled package offered by your sportsbook provider. Limit your exposure and maximize profits with this convenient feature that all bookmakers seek.

Efficient Online Betting Business

How Real-Time Wagering Notifications Work

Using the Wager Alert Feature is straightforward and easy. Even a beginner can start setting up this feature with ease. All you have to do is log in with your bookie agent account; click the “Wager Alerts” button. After which, the notification app will automatically be made available. You can then select whether you prefer to receive the notifications via email or text message. Parameters are also available for you to modify the criteria on the types of wagers you want to receive alerts from.

How to Set Up the Wager Alert Feature:
  • Sign in to your agent services account, and select wager alert notifications.
  • Either choose from SMS, Text, or Email for your preferred notification method.
  • For the Email method, enter your current email address for where you’ll receive your notifications. For SMS or Texts, you should input the mobile number that you use. 
  • Bookie agents can also modify their notification settings. Alerts can either be general or detailed, but we recommend you to choose the latter option as it will show your player accounts, types of wagers, the lineup of teams, and the risk or win amounts. On the other hand, general alerts will only show a matching wager based on your previous activities on the web.
  • Once you’ve entered all the needed information, click submit. After which, you can now proceed to set up your notification parameters. Tap on the option “Add Alert” and choose from several options of the amount of wager you wish to be alerted. You also have the alternative to select whether it’s a risk or win type of wager amount. The amount you enter will designate as the minimum threshold. If you place $100 on either field, it means that you want to receive notifications on every wager risking a starting amount of $100. If you input 0 on either text field, you will then receive alerts on every type of bet. You can also opt to receive notifications on all players or a list of selected players only.
  • After you finish all the steps mentioned above, click save, and you’re done! 

Bookie agents have the freedom to edit or delete alerts any time they want. They can also opt to modify the amount specified, and add or delete players from their notification list.

One thing to remember is that the wager alert feature is only applicable for online regular sports bets. Bookmakers will not receive notifications if a player makes a bet via phone call or if it was on VIP live, casino, or horses. This drawback designates that bookies still have the responsibility to check and review the activities on their betting dashboards throughout the day.

The design of the wager alert notification primarily aims for the transparency of betting activities by players. This latest feature allows bookmakers to manage their exposure and maximize their profits. If you are following a player, you need to know your player’s performance standing, the bets he is making, so you can get the same line elsewhere.

As previously stated, bookmakers can select from either two options on what type of notification they want to receive: general or detailed. The latter option will give bookmakers comprehensive and detailed information of a player’s account, the types of bets he makes, the specific amount he wagers, and the team he puts his money on. We recommend this type of option since bookmakers can see the specific details and are more able to supervise their player’s performance. On the other hand, the general alert only entails notifying bookmakers of wagers matching the criterion of their selected parameters.

To set your notification parameters, you must first tick the box containing the “Add Alert” feature. After which, there will be a display of selection options for you to choose from. Designate the amount you prefer in the text field, which will be the minimum threshold for your wager notification. As mentioned, when you input $100 in the text field, you will receive an alert as soon as a player wagers with a starting amount of $100.

Bookmakers can also opt to receive notifications on all players or only on a selected few. Any time, they can modify this feature to fit their management style. They can also receive alerts from any amount of wager if they choose to input $0 on the text field.

If everything is fit to your preference, all you have to do is click “Save”; and everything will be as it is. Bookmakers can always edit these settings and edit or delete alerts any time they want.

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