how to be a sports bookie

Learn How to Be a Sports Bookie and Make Big Time

Learning how to be a sports bookie today is easier than you can imagine. Using a pay per head model like Sports per Head makes it more convenient to run a betting website. In these times of pandemic, you need to be resourceful. You can still earn even in the comfort of our own home.

If you want to learn how to be a sports bookie, you are on the right page. This article will tackle the things you need to know about how to be a sports bookie. It will provide useful information to help you become successful and make it big in the sports betting industry.

Helpful Hints on How to Be a Sports Bookie

Regarding on how to be a sports bookie, of course, requires you to sign up with a credible pay per head company like Sports per Head. You’ll know more about this service provider and its awesome services as you read along. 

After signing up you’ll, of course, need a website to provide to your prospective players. Sports per Head can customize your betting site according to your preference and needs. Here are some helpful tips on how to be a sports bookie:

  • Operate a Bookie Business Where It’s Legal 

Most states in America are now allowing the operation of a sportsbook business. The decision of the US Supreme Court to make it legal opened windows of opportunities for many aspiring bookies. It pays off if you operate legally because credibility is one thing that sports betting fans look for in a bookie’s betting site. 

  • Manage the Lines and Spread

Having a customized bookie website is not enough to make it big time. It’s necessary that you know how to manage the lines and spread well. Moreover, you should also know how to regulate the odds as it makes a valuable asset in running a successful bookie business. 

If you are a newbie, Sports per Head has in-house professionals to set the lines and spreads for you. Additionally, they can change the odds to your advantage. Included in the service provided is the software that does all the miracle. It makes your life as a bookie easier because it handles most of your daily transactions. On your end, you will have more time recruiting more players to expand your client base for increased profits.

  • Taking the Bets Your Players Have Placed

Once you knew how to be a sports bookie you will start taking and placing the bets of your players. As a bookie, you can make profits from the bettors’ losses. However, you can also earn from the transaction fees you charge them called “bookie fee.” Also, it’s commonly known as the “vigorish” or “vig” for short. This transaction fee becomes the bookie’s profit when a player loses.

how to be a sports bookie

  • Dealing with Tipping Points Smartly 

Those who want to know how to be a sports bookie usually start their business from their personal savings or loans. It is recommended that you stash away at least 15% – 20% of your weekly profit. You will find this savings helpful on days where odds are not to your advantage. Remember that not every day is your lucky day. 

  • Work with Other Bookies

Partnering with other bookies may not be a bad idea. For example, if there is a dispute that is difficult to resolve, you and your bookie partner can resolve it together. This eases the burden and makes deciding easier and more confident. If you are in a society of bookies, there is someone who will get you covered. No players can trouble you. 

Fundamentals of a Bookie

Deciding how to be a bookie is one of the best decisions you can make in your lifetime. The notion is to create profits than paying out. It’s a fact that you can’t control the result of sports events. However, you have the power to stand to win or lose on any specific result. You set the odds for all the bets your players place, which eventually enables you to secure a profit.

  • Charging Vig or Juice

Charging vig or juice is the main procedure you can ensure the odds is at your advantage. Vig or juice is also known as the overround or margin. It is integrated into the odds bookies set to help make a profit. Basically, it is a commission charged for placing bets.

  • Establishing a Balanced Book

When you have a balanced book on a specific market, you optimize the exact amount of money whatever is the outcome. An unbalanced book, on the other hand, will impact the amount made and lead to losses. That is why you see odds on sports events shift over time. It might not be a guarantee that adjusting the odds will balance a book. However, it usually helps.   

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