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Keeping your Online Bettors in Your Sportsbook

The Players are your bread and butter in your online betting sportsbook. They are the reasons why you are in business. Your goal as a bookmaker is to keep them and attract new gamblers to your sportsbook. To do this, you have to keep them satisfied with the services you provide. This is your role as a bookmaker in keeping your online bettors in your sportsbook.

Customer Retention is of Vital Importance in Keeping Online Bettors

Attracting the right gamblers to your bookie website is hard work and sometimes pays a high price. It is therefore of vital importance that you keep them satisfied in their gambling indulgence in your betting platform. Deliver the best services and get the best support from Sports Per Head.

Know What Causes Players Stop Playing In your Sportsbook

Players could stop betting for the following reasons.

They can not afford the losses.

Online bettors indulging in online betting on a budget will know well when to stop when they reach their wagering limits. Hey simply stop and wait for the next bus to ride on to. 

They have a gambling addiction and are banned from the site.

Gamblers who abuse their betting entertainment are more likely to be put off the sportsbook until they know how to regulate their gambling problems after treatment.

Issues concerning work, family or health keeps them off from wagering.

Matters that are out of their control can keep them away from the betting site. Demand for work could hinder them from indulging in betting activities; family matters may be on top of the priority list than losing had earned money in betting. Health concerns can be a cause of betting stoppage.

Bettors are not serious gamblers and were out to test the environment.

Some players are only out to test the tide if they can sail away with it. None so serious that they will spend their time and money on this kind of online entertainment.

Delayed Payouts.

One of the most annoying things to happen to a serious gambler is to be held out due to delays from his winning bets. This could cause online bettors to abandon your site if they got wind that the sportsbook does not pay them on time.

Players had an unpleasant betting experience.

When players experience unpleasant delivery of services, obnoxious call center agents, delayed payouts, or software and hardware failures, they opt to get out of your site and look for better services somewhere else than suffer the same unpleasantries from your betting platform.

online bettors

The first four causes of wagering hold outs are beyond your control. But, if you gamblers are abandoning your bookie website because you delayed payments of winning bets, Evaluate your bankroll and payment facilities to detect where the issue emanates and provide the solution to the problem as soon as possible.

Most players abandon the online betting platform because they had an unpleasant experience on the site. All it takes is one bad experience and players start leaving the sportsbook to look for other options especially when it concerns their hard earned money.

Pay Per Head Sportsbook Guarantees for Players 

The betting site should be up most of the time 24/7 throughout the year.

Players want continuous access each time they log in to their betting site. They hate being left out when they are expecting to place their bets on their chosen team or athlete.

Your bookie website should load fast.

You would not want to waste precious time waiting for Christmas on your betting site’s slow loading process. Not in his age of speedy internet connectivity. Improve that slow loading page and keep your players at bay.

Wagering Odds should adjust to your players.

Odds that are sharp or square should be available for your gamblers option. They want these offers in their sportsbook.

Posting of Betting Lines must be on time.

Delayed posts could mean late entry of bets. Late acceptance of bets could lose your players opportunity that might win them their bets

Swift and precise gradings.

Delayed and inaccurate gradings can cause dissent to your group of players and could be a cause of an  exodus off your bookie betting site.

A user friendly betting website is best.

Punters do not want complicated betting platforms. They want to make use of their time deciding on how to place their bets not on figuring out how to navigate an intricate wagering site. 

Mobile Device Compatibility to the Betting Website is a preference.

Mobile betting is the new normal of the millennial generation. They want to place their bets on the go anywhere and anytime they want to.

A huge array of betting options must be available.  

Gamblers want to mix their betting preferences with a number of betting options offered by the sportsbook. 

Design and visual infrastructure attracts bettors.

Online punters want their dashboards designed with pleasant images that provide an aura of luck and reality of being in the betting environment.

Sports Per Head sees to it that the features for customer upkeep are readily available to deliver client satisfaction when you are with us. Visit our site at or you may call us at (888) 684-9666.